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BERESFORD, WILLIAM CARR, VISCOUNT (1768-1854) 1st Marquis of Campo Maior. British General and Marshall in the Portuguese Army: A good autograph letter signed, 2 1/2 pages 4to, to Thomas Sydenham, S'ca Oloin [?] 23rd June 1811.

Item No. 16424

"It was today I asked for the pleasure of your company to dinner ....... we shall have plenty of time to talk over the business, indeed as Lord Wellington does not go out early tomorrow morning I will come over & breakfast with him and if not again interrupted we can converse on the changes to be made .... as far as regards the commissariat I really do not see what further can be done but to proceed to organize one on the principle given in by Ld. Wellington & me. In respect to other matters I can mention to you my general objects for the amelioration of the Portuguese army, but the particulars will be best talked over when & where they can be finally arranged at Lisbon where I trust circumstances will permit of our being together...."

Short edge tear, usual fold marks. Mounting stub to margin of last blank. Good.


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DALRYMPLE, CAPTAIN ROBERT, 3rd Foot Guards. Killed at the Battle of Talavera, 28th July 1809: Three autograph letters signed, in all 7-pages 4to with integral address panels, to Thomas Pollard at Livorno.

Item No. 16428

The first dated Naples Jan. 1802 regarding changes to his travel plans and letters of credit.

Item No. 16428

The second, Milan, 12th August 1802 thanking Pollard for his introduction to a Mr. Wollaston at Genoa who had been most helpful.

Item No. 16428

The third, Calais 10th Dec. 1802 as he prepares to embark for England having spent some time in Paris: "It is a very interesting place. But as for News, the commonest Porter in London knows more than what I could possibly do in Paris. I was presented to Bonaparte on Sunday last. His Manners are [.... ....?] & his Court very magnificent. Lord Whitworth was presented at the same time. He is really like an Ambassador. His equipage was very fine & he drove 6 of the most beautiful grey horses I ever saw in my life ..... " etc.

Some paper adhesion to left hand margins, some damage to left hand margin of the first letter, integral address panel holed, mounting stub to margin of last address panel.


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ELPHINSTONE, CHARLES (1774-1840). Admiral: Contemporary copy of a letter addressed to Thomas Pollard, merchant at Leghorn.

Item No. 16430

Written on board H.M.S. Tartar at sea May 10th 1796. 1 1/2 pages 4to with integral blank. "All the Prizes I have sent you I beg you will after a due examination consign such goods as shall appear Neutral to the proper owners - but those you judge otherwise to have appraised and sold ........" etc. Certified as to be "a true and faithful copy taken by us word for word from the original presented in this Consular Office by Mr. Thomas Pollard, British Merchant in this City..."

Signed by John Udny, Consul General, dated 18th November 1797 and with wafer seal attached. Mounting stub to left hand margin; overall good.


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ELPHINSTONE, GEORGE, 1ST VISCOUNT KEITH (1746-1823). Admiral: Autograph note signed, "G. Elphinstone" to Thomas Pollard at Leghorn asking him "to pay Mr. John Jackson or bearer Two Thousand and sixty four Dollars ....." 18th June 1798.

Item No. 16431

(8 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches). Laid down on part of an album leaf. The writer identified, as "Captain Elphinstone" in another contemporary hand on lower margin.


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GAMBIER, JAMES, BARON (1756-1833) Admiral; ELIOT, WILLIAM, 2ND EARL OF ST. GERMANS (1767-1845); & YOUNG, SIR WILLIAM (1751-1821) Admiral: Printed document on vellum filled in by hand:

Item No. 16476

"By the Commissioners for Executing the Office of Lord High Admiral of Great Britain and Ireland etc. And of all His Majesty's Plantations etc. To Capt. Richard Raggett hereby appointed Captain of His Majesty's Ship the Royal Sovereign ...... Given under our hands and the Seal of the Office of Admiralty this Twenty fourth day of January, 1801".

Signed by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty Admiral James Gambier; William Eliot, 2nd Earl of St Germans; & Admiral Sir William Young .Document on vellum, 12 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches, folded. With wafer Admiralty seal and revenue seal.

Following on from the above appointment as Flag-Captain to Vice-Admiral Sir Henry Harvey, in the Royal Sovereign, a 100-gun first rate ship of the line, Raggett later commanded HMS Leopard and the Africaine frigate. Later in his career he took command of HMS Spencer and during the War of 1812-15 sailed her to North America escorting a convoy to Canada, in 1814 patrolling the Gulf of Maine where he managed to extract ransom from the Cape Cod towns of Eastham and Brewster to avoid his bombardment; the Spencer gaining the sobriquet "Terror of the Bay". HMS Royal Sovereign, as the flag ship of Admiral Collingwood, was the first ship of the fleet in action at Trafalgar.


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HUDSON, CHARLES (1732-1803) Captain R.N: Manuscript record of service relating to Richard Raggett signed by Captain Charles Hudson:

Item No. 16475

"These are to Certify The Right Hon'ble The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty or whom else it may Concern That Mr Richard Raggett Served on board His Majesty's late Ship Orpheus under my Command, as Midshipman from the 20th August 1775 to the 5 August 1778 and since that did Duty in the Batteries on Rhode Island and on board of Transports During which time he Conducted himself with Diligence, Sobriety and Obedience to Command, and is a very good Petty Officer. Given under my hand at New York the 16th Sept. 1778. Charles Hudson".

1-page 4to with integral blank; folded. Very good.

*Hudson commanded the "Orpheus" in the New York campaign from 3 July 1776, and in the summer of 1777 at Rhode Island, off Cape Cod, and Cape Ann, where she took several prizes, but on 7 August 1778 she was abandoned and burned at Rhode Island to prevent her capture by the French fleet.In 1801 Raggett was appointed Flag-Captain to Vice-Admiral Sir Henry Harvey, in the Royal Sovereign, a first rate, he later commanded HMS Leopard and the Africaine frigate. Later in his career Captain Raggett took command of HMS Spencer and during the War of 1812-15 sailed her to North America escorting a convoy to Canada, in 1814 patrolling the Gulf of Maine where he managed to extract ransom from the Cape Cod towns of Eastham and Brewster to avoid his bombardment, the Spencer gaining the sobriquet "Terror of the Bay".


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LINZEE, SAMUEL HOOD (1773-1820). Admiral: Autograph letter signed, 1-page 4to with integral blank. On board H.M.S. Nemesis, April 7th 1795. To Thomas Pollard, Merchant at Leghorn.

Item No. 1643

He writes about financial matters, "unless you rather wait my arrival at Leghorn which I hope now will shortly take place; should any ships sail for Smyrna before you hear of our being relieved....." etc.

Usual folds, remains of red wax seal. Paper adhesion to left hand margin where once mounted, some corner creasing.


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LORING, SIR JOHN WENTWORTH (1775-1852). Admiral; best known for his service as a frigate commander during the Napoleonic Wars: Two autograph letters signed, 2-sides 8vo with integral address panel & 1-page 4to, to Thomas Pollard, Merchant at Leghorn.

Item No. 16437

The first, St. George off Cape Corso, April 24th 1795: "As in all probability we shall have no further communication with Leghorn for a long time, you will oblige me much by taking particular care of my letters - If you hear of my falling in action, will thank you to send them under cover to England, directing them to my mother ......... The Captain - 4th & 5th Classes of the St. George's Ships company have signed a Power of Attorney in favour of the three secretaries .... Mr. McThraith will have nothing to do with it ............ We are much distressed for want of Vegetables: if such things are to be got, and your business is not too pressing you will oblige us by sending them........."

Mounting stub to margin of address panel, damage to this leaf where seal opened. Usual folds.

Item No. 16437

The second, HMS St. George, July 15th 1795, St. Fiorenzo Bay: "Knowing of the Friendship that subsisted between you and my uncle, it is likely you may feel an interest in learning his present situation: he is very lately married to a lovely young creature ......." and continues regarding letters for him and for Lt. Prevost of HMS Defense which he requests Pollard to forward.

Tipped on to an album leaf, slight damage to left-hand margin affecting one letter of text. Usual fold marks.

Loring was born in America, the son of Joshua Loring, High Sheriff of Massachusetts, the family fleeing to England at the start of the American War of Independence. John joining the Royal Navy at the age of 13. H.M.S. St. George was the flagship of Sir Hyde Parker.


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NELSON, HORATIO, VISCOUNT (1758-1805). Vice-admiral: Manuscript bill of exchange, signed "Horatio Nelson" (with his right hand).

Item No. 16439

Requesting, "The Hon'ble Commiss'rs for Victualling His Majesty's Navy" to pay Thomas Pollard, his agent at Leghorn, the sum of £60.00, "due to me as Purser of His Majesty's Ship Agamemnon and place the same to the Account of, Gent'n Your most Obd. Hble Serv't, Thomas Fellows" .

With endorsement below "........ three months necessary money is due to Mr. Thomas Fellows Purser of His Majesty's Ship Agamemnon under my command". Signed "Horatio Nelson".

Dated Leghorn, 4th January 1796. 4to, some browning and creasing; holed (burn mark?) affecting several words of the endorsement but not the signature. Partly laid down to part of an album leaf.


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PARKER, SIR HYDE (1739-1807). Admiral; broke the defences of the North River, New York in 1776. In command at the Battle of Copenhagen 1801 with Nelson as his second-in-command: Autograph letter in the third person. 1-page 4to with last two lines and subscription to the reverse, with integral blank. To Mr. Pollard. Leghorn, Sept. 3rd 1794.

Item No. 16441

He writes: "Sir Hyde Parker requests of Mr. Pollard, in case of any [interruption ?] being given by the Tuscan Government against Mr & Mrs Gauthier residing at Leghorn, that he Mr. Pollard will interest himself in their behalf by giving the Government assurances that they are people well affected to the Royal Cause of France and are only residents here to wait Sir Hyde Parker's return to England..." etc.

Mounting stub to reverse of blank; very good.


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TRIGGE, GENERAL SIR THOMAS (1742? - 1814). Commanded the 12th Regiment of Foot during the Great Siege of Gibraltar: Autograph letter signed, 1-page 8vo with integral address panel addressed to Lieut. Colonel Hely (?) Commanding 11. Regiment. Dated Bastia, Nov. 12 n.y.

Item No. 16442

He writes: "May I trouble you to buy me a set of Bedding. The Mattress rather broad above four feet. Blankets sheets quilt pillow and Bolster, te sheets not very coarse".

Numbered in corner. Creased, some staining, splits to address panel and with mounting stub on margin.


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