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ADAM, WILLIAM, OF BLAIR ADAM (1751-1839). Lord Chief Commissioner of the Jury Court, Scotland (1815-39): Autograph letter signed - 1-page 4to with integral blank, dated Edinburgh Feb. 7th 1820:

Item No. 16403

He writes: "I have had the Honour to receive your Royal Highness' Most Condescending & Obliging letters .......... and have High Satisfaction of your account of His Majesty's Health - for whom I have been under the Greatest anxiety".

The writer identified in an early hand on upper margin. Slightly edge creased. The integral blank pasted in part to part of an album leaf.


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ADELAIDE, QUEEN (Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen; 1792-1849); Consort of WILLIAM IV: Autograph letter signed, "Adelaide" whilst Duchess of Clarence.

Item No. 16397

Autograph letter signed, "Adelaide" whilst Duchess of Clarence. 4-sides 12mo, Bushy Park, Monday n.d. (paper watermarked 1815) to "My dear Madam" [Lady Harcourt]. Excusing herself from accepting an invitation to visit Lady Harcourt, "But as we expect the D'ss of Kent on her way home at the end of the month & the D'ss of Gloucester at the beginning of November we have still a great deal to do before our house is in good order ....." etc.

Slight edge crease, mounting stub to margin of final leaf, contemporary annotations to last side.


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ADOLPHUS FREDERICK, DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE (1774-1850). 10th child of George III and Queen Charlotte: Autograph letter signed "Adolphus Frederick" to "Dearest Frederick" [most likely his brother the Duke of York].

Item No. 16361

1-page 8vo (9-lines) with integral blank. Monday n.d. Mounting stub and some paper adhesion. He requests an order that will admit "a poor woman of the name Elizabeth Walker" to hospital.


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ARDEN, RICHARD PEPPER (1745-1805), LORD ALVANLEY. Judge: Autograph note signed "Alvanley", No place, Wednesday, n.d.

Item No. 13691

To: "Sir" - "I shall be very much obliged to you to let me have your box at the opera on Saturday next if you are not going there".

1-page small 4to, mounting stub to margin on reverse, some dust marking.


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BENNET, CHARLES, 4TH EARL OF TANKERVILLE (1743-1822). Patron of Surrey cricket; agreed a set of rules that included the first mention of "Leg before wicket": Autograph letter signed: "I flatter myself Your Royal Highness will excuse the liberty I take in requesting leave to wait on you for a few minutes any time that you may please to appoint ..." Whitehall May 30th 1815.

Item No. 16392

1-page 4to with integral blank. Mounting stub to reverse, piece cut from margin without loss, dust marked, damage to upper blank fore-corner.


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BENNETT, SIR WILLIAM STERNDALE (1816-1875). Composer: Autograph letter signed to an unnamed woman ('Dear Madam'). 1-page 8vo. 38 Queensborough Terrace, Kensington Gardens, March 14, 1866.

Item No. 16393

Regretting that he is unable to visit before "a quarter to twelve to morrow morning but I shall be very happy to give two hours and a half , if you wish it".

Integral blank removed. Tipped on to part of an album leaf; the ink a little faded. The writer identified in another contemporary hand on upper margin.


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BERRYER, ANTOINE PIERRE (1790-1868); French Advocate & Orator: Autograph letter signed, in French, to [Alexander Baillie] Cochrane (1816-1890), 1-side 8vo with subscription and signature to the reverse; with conjugate blank. Lundi 21 n.y. [but 1861].

Item No. 16422

He writes with reference to the celebrated court case of Patterson v. Bonaparte; Berryer representing the American Elizabeth Patterson in the attempt to have her marriage to the late Prince Jerome declared valid. He regrets that he is unable to obtain tickets for admission to the court for Cochrane, says that he will send him a memo he is to publish about the case and hopes that he will extend his stay in Paris so that they may meet.

The writer identified in another early hand at head of first side; mounting stub to margin of the reverse of the conjugate blank. Very good.


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BROOKE, SIR JAMES (1803-1868) RAJAH OF SARAWAK: Autograph letter signed, J. Brooke, 4-sides 8vo, to [ Alexander ] Baillie Cochrane (1815-1890):

Item No. 16372

Item No. 16372

"I called in the hope of seeing you and asking whether you could get the extracts of my letters printed for the use of the members. There is nothing in them and if it be no breach of privilege (which it can hardly be) I shall publish them with marginal notes. It does not do to appear to shirk any part of the question and we will challenge them to publish the whole correspondence and do the same ourselves. Do not pray think I ask for money from these extracts - I only ask for less than I had expended. The threat which leads the papers shows the adversary to be in dread and it will not deter me & we will get to the bottom of the whole affair and I am confident that I never wrote what I have reason to be ashamed of. Can you get these extracts of letters and send them to me here".

United Service Club, Thursday, n.d. (paper watermarked 1851). Usual fold marks. Some glue marking to extreme left hand margin where once mounted and a little paper adhesion to last side. Overall good.

Brooke became the centre of controversy in 1851 with accusations against him of excessive use of force against natives, under the guise of anti-piracy operations. His correspondent the Conservative M.P. Alexander Baillie Cochrane was the son of Admiral Sir Thomas Cochrane (1789-1872) who had destroyed the pirate base at Marudu in 1845 and in 1846 Brooke had accompanied him on a punitive expedition to Brunei resulting in the cession to Britain of the Island of Labuan. It was, however, his continued campaign against the Dayaks, which caused the controversy, Brooke having arranged for Captain Arthur Farquhar's ships to attack the Dayaks of the Saribas once again, resulting in the battle of Beting Marau at the mouth of the Saribas on 31 July 1849, when more than 1000 Dayaks were killed. The large sums of prize money claimed by Sir Thomas Cochrane for his action against Illanun raiders and Captain Farquhar for his part at Beting Marau were brought to the attention of parliament by and the British public by Richard Cobden - who wrote of Brooke's 'powers of evil' - and Joseph Hume in 1850. Brooke was, however, exonerated of charges of inhumanity and illegality. However, Hume relentlessly kept up the assault on Brooke's character prompting Brooke to publish in 1853, "A Vindication of His Character and Proceedings in Reply to the Statements Privately Printed and Circulated by Joseph Hume, Esq. M.P. by Sir James Brooke, Rajah of Sarawak". Perhaps our letter refers in some way to this controversy or indeed his dispute, as Governor of Labuan, with the Eastern Archipelago Company.


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CASTLEREAGH, ROBERT STEWART, VISCOUNT (1769-1822). Politician: Autograph letter signed, "Castlereagh", to Charles Forbes*

Item No. 16354

1-page 4to with integral address panel. "Adm[iralt]y, Monday", no date."My dear Forbes, Pray put the accompanying cup on your sideboard as a souvenir of me & a small testimony of my great regard and ...... of your frequent kindness. I shall be charmed to form a part of Mr. [?]'s committee. Yrs ever, Castlereagh". Inscribed in ink in an early hand at base, "President of the Board of Control 1805" this just touching the signature.

3-inch tear into the salutation, some browning, address panel, also signed by Castlereagh, dusty and with blank corner cut away. Red wax seal intact. Mounting stub to margin of reverse.

*No doubt Sir Charles Forbes, 1st. Bt (1773-1849) who, interested both as a proprietor and as a private trader, in the anticipated renewal of the East India Company's charter, he successfully contested Beverley in 1812 on a platform of opposition to the Company monopoly.


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CHANTREY, SIR FRANCIS (1781-1841). Sculptor: Autograph letter signed, 1-page 4to with integral address panel, postal markings and seal, Belgrave Place, 23rd Sept. 1837.

Item No. 16411

He writes to Edward Coleridge - in a postscript to the letter he writes after Coleridge's name "Rev? Dr. or Esq? I know not which" - " I wish it were in my power to accept your kind invitation to Eton College on Friday next, and kill a Trout in the Thames, but I can do neither - I have higher games in view! - a Salmon in Wales ....."

Mounted stub to margin of address panel. The writer identified in an early hand on lower margin.


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CHEAPE, GENERAL SIR JOHN (1792-1876). Served with distinction in the 1st & 2nd Anglo-Burmese Wars: Autograph letter signed to a Mrs. Pound regarding rose cuttings. Old Park, 30th Oct. 1873.

Item No. 16401

Mounting stub to reverse of integral blank. Writer identified in an early hand on upper margin.


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CHURTON, EDWARD (1800-1874). Theologian and Spanish Scholar: Autograph letter signed. 1-side 8vo, to "My dear Mr. Pound". Crayke, May 10. 1858.

Item No. 16378

He writes regarding the New Zealand Mission: "Archdeacon Abraham is coming to me next week, and I purpose as I mentioned ..... to invite a little gathering of Friends of the New Zealand Mission to meet him at Luncheon in York ..... with my Host of the Black Swan ...... it may be the means of communicating a little information about the New Zealand & Polynesian Missions ......" etc.

Integral blank removed, some sign of mounting on left-hand margin, small piece torn away affecting the first letter of three words. Usual fold marks. Indentified in another early hand on lower margin: "Archdeacon Churton".


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COUTTS, THOMAS (1735-1822). Banker: Autograph letter signed (perhaps to Frederick Augustus, Duke of York). 1-page 4to, Brighton, 22 August, 1821.

Item No. 16398

"Sir, Having received from The Strand this morning some heavy papers I am to sign & must return - some I can send today & the others on Friday. I presume on your Royal Highness accustomed kindness to give me Two Franks, one of this date & the other on the 25. I am with the most dutiful respect Ever Your Royal Highness most Faithful & Obedient humble servant".

Integral blank/ address panel removed, corner chip else good. Early annotation to the reverse.


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CRANBROOK, GATHORNE GATHORNE-HARDY, EARL OF (1814-1906): Autograph letter signed, 3-sides 8vo, on mourning paper. 12 Grosvenor Crescent, April 6, 1867 to "My dear Mr. Kemler"[?].

Item No. 16369

He writes: "I shall be much indebted to you for help in the selection of nominees - It is most important to have men who will be able to hold their own under circumstances wh. at first will present some difficulty. Two classes are needed one for the local the other for the Metropoltan Bd. which will have charge of the Insane .... & Smallpox patients ....."

Traces of mounting to reverse of last leaf and some creasing and short tears at base of this leaf.


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DE LA MARE, WALTER JOHN (1873-1956), Poet ; THERESA WHISTLER; LADY JULIET DUFF: A small group of autograph and typed letters signed by or relating to Walter de la Mare, all but 2 addressed to Miss Vivien Barton some time with James P. Pinker, London Literary Agents. All with usual folds; in good condition.

Item No. 16550

The first, a T.L.S., "W.J. de la Mare" , Hill House, Taplow, Buckinghamshire 4th. Oct. 1939. He writes that he is, "indeed sorry you have felt compelled to give up your work with Mr. Pinker ..... you have always been so kind to me, and I shall hate to think of your not being there. I should of course be interested to hear what the actual difficulties were, but that, no doubt, is a personal thing ....."

The second letter is dated Oct. 31 1939, also signed, "W.J. de la Mare", typed with autograph correction and addition. He writes that he hopes her application to work at the Admiralty will be successful and adds, "I am glad you have given me such scope in that 'wholly imcompetent' ..."

The third T.L.S. , dated May the 17th & signed, "W.J.dlm" , he writes regarding a cheque he has received from Albert Bonnier,"in respect to the English Continental Zephyr of Miss M." and with autograph postscript, "I hope you havn't been 'Casting any Clouts' - these Winds!".

Together with 3 A.L's S from his son Richard to Miss Barton, in all 4-sides 8vo, Much Haddam Hall, Hertfordshire 20th July 1956, 4 Sept. 1957, & 10 April 1959. He sending cheques for, "your commission & expenses" and other matters, e.g. ".... as to Mr. Lockley - in the circumstances I think we had better agree to his using the poems he asked for, for a reduced fee of ten guineas", etc.

Also an A.L.S. from his daughter Florence [Thompson], 2-sides 8vo, Dykes, Henfield, Sussex, June 17th n.y. ".... at the moment we are trying to compile a list of people who have letters from my father & are willing to lend them .... I know how much my father appreciated all you did for him & we too know how much this work involved ...."

Item No. 16550

WHISTLER, THERESA (1927-2007). Biographer of Walter de la Mare. A.L.S. 3-sides 8vo to, "Dear Miss Barton", dated Little Place, Lyme Regis, Dorset, Dec. 3rd 1959 - "I am returning your de la Mare letters under separate cover ....... I have copied passages ..... which I may wish to quote in the biography ........ I should be very grateful if you could tell me the facts of the firm's collapse - & what happened to Eric & Ralph Pinker .... Eric at any rate went to prison & also that Mr. de la Mare suffered some financial losses himself in the affair ...." continuing regarding the Pinkers and her forthcoming biography.

Item No. 16550

DUFF, LADY JULIET (1881-1865). A.L.S. 3-sides 8vo, Bulsbridge House, Wilton, March 11th n.y. Thanking Miss Barton for her letter and, "How very kind of Mr. De La Mare to say that I may have the last 4 lines of 'Trees;' & please forgive my indiotic slip of the pen. I am gradually becoming more & more imbecile....." Together with a T.L.S. and a typed postcard, both dated 1950, requesting permission to use some of Walter de la Mare's verse in an anthology; addressed to Faber & Faber and Constable & Co.

WALKER, JEREMY. A.L.S. 2-sides, 86 Cardington Sq. Hounslow, 5th March n.y, to Miss Barton - "I am compiling an anthology of modern poetry for children and would like to include certain poems by Walter de la Mare. Faber & Faber have told me that you hold the rights of his works ....... the actual poems are ....."


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DISRAELI, BENJAMIN, EARL OF BEACONSFIELD (1804-1881). Prime Minister & Novelist: Autograph note signed "D" to "My dear Cochran" regarding an appointment. Grosvenor Gate, July 25, 1852. 1-page 8vo on mourning paper.

Item No. 16397

Usual fold marks. Annotated in an early hand on lower margin, "Disraeli Lord Beaconsfield. Premier 1879".


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EDWARD AUGUSTUS, DUKE OF KENT (1767-1820); father of Queen Victoria: Autograph letter signed, "Edward" to his brother Frederick, Duke of York at York House, Stable Yard, St. James's. 1-page small 4to (6-lines with footnote). "C. H. T. [Carlton House Terrace] Tuesday morning March 20th" [1810].

Item No. 16359

"Dear Frederick, Should you not intend making use of your box for the Oratorio tomorrow night (the 21st) would you have the goodness to indulge me with an order for it: if you can gain it, only send me the card ....." etc. With footnote, "Pray excuse the paper, as it is the only half sheet I happen to have in my dressing room".

Mounting stub to lower margin, holed where seal removed but not affecting text. With address panel, this signed, "Kent and Strathearn". The writer identified in another early hand and dated 1810 on the reverse.


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ELGIN, THOMAS BRUCE, 7TH EARL OF (1766-1841). Diplomatist and collector of antiquities: Large (9 3/4 x 3 3/4 inches) autograph letter wrapper signed, "Elgin & Kincardine" addressed to, "The Earl Russell K.G. Foreign Office, London". Inscribed, "Private" & "By Hand". n.d.

Item No. 16367

Old tear repaired to reverse. Mounting stub to reverse of upper margin.


Enquire Item No. 16367

EYRE, EDWARD JOHN (1815-1901). Australian Explorer: His signature on an address panel, 4 3/4 x 3 inches, marked "Private" and addressed to Capt. Oliver* R.N. of H.M.S. Fly, Port [?].

Item No. 16383

Trimmed and laid down to part of an old album leaf with armorials to the reverse; foxing and browning. Circa 1850.

* Captain Richard Aldworth Oliver (1811-1889) who in command of HMS Fly carried out surveys in New Zealand and Pacific waters, 1847-51.


Enquire Item No. 16383

FANE, JOHN, 10TH EARL OF WESTMORLAND (1759-1841). Lord Privy Seal: Autograph letter signed, 1-page 4to with integral address panel, to the Duke of York. 2nd April 1809:

Item No. 16390

"I have the honor to enclose [not present] the address of the person who was employed about my stoves, I believe they are called, Swedish Stoves, & can only add, that I think them most excellent ..."

The address panel also signed, remains of red wax seal. Mounting stub to blank margin of address panel. The writer identified & the letter dated in another early hand.


Enquire Item No. 16390

FREDERICK, DUKE OF YORK AND ALBANY (1763-1827); second son of King George III: Autograph letter signed, "Frederick" to "Dear Clayton", 1-page 4to (5-lines) with integral blank. Newmarket, May 1st 1825.

Item No. 16356

"By some mistake I found a box upon my table last night which I did not open and which has been brought down here ............." etc.

Mounting stub to rear margin of integral blank.


Enquire Item No. 16356

GEORGE III (1738-1820). King of England: Mid 19th Century transcript of an apparently unpublished letter to his son the Prince of Wales (later George IV), relating to the Prince's treatment of his wife, Caroline of Brunswick in the period following the birth of their only child, Princess Charlotte Augusta.

Item No. 16385

Item No. 16385

"The Propositions which you have Lately made in your Letters of your Particular Regard to me, are so Contradictory to all your actions, that I cannot suffer my Self to be Imposed on by them. You know well that you did not give the least intimation to me, or to the Queen that the Princess was with Child, or Breeding, until within less than a month of the Birth of the young Princess you removed the Princess twice in a week Immediately proceeding the day of her delivery from the place of my Residence in expectation as you have voluntarily declared of her Labour, and on your Return both times you industriously concealed from the knowledge of me and the Queen, every circumstance relating to this important affair, and you at last without giving any notice to me or to the Queen precipitously hurried the Princess from Hampton Court in condition not to be named; after having thus in execution of your own determined measures exposed both the Princess and her child to the greatest perils, you now plead surprise as your tenderness for the Princess as the only motives that occasioned the repeated indignities offered to me and the Queen your mother. This extravagant and undutyfull behaviour, in so essential a Point, as a Birth of an Heir to my Crown, is such an evidence of your premeditated defiance of me, and such a contempt of my authority and of the natural Right belonging to your Parents as cannot be excused by the pretended innocence of your Intentions or palliates or disguises by the specious words only; But the whole tenor of your Conduct has for a considerable time been so intirely void of all duty to me, that I have long had reason to be highly offended with you, and until you withdraw your regard and confidence from those by whose instigation or advice your are directed and encouraged in unwarrantable Behaviour to me and to the Queen and untill you Return to your Duty, you shall not reside in my Palace, which I will not suffer to be made the Resort of them who under the appearance of an attachment to you, Foment the divisions which you have made in my Family, and thereby weaken the common interest of the whole, In this situation I will Receive no Reply. But when your actions manifest a just sense of your Duty and submission that may induce me to pardon what at present I most fully [crossed out] justly resent. In the mean time its my pleasure that you leave St James's with all your family when it can be done without Prejudice or Inconvenience to the Princess, I shall for the present leave to the Princess the care of my grand-daughter till a proper time call upon me to consider of her education".

3-sides 4to. Usual fold marks, mounting stub to left hand margin. "G R" at head and at end, also at end, "Hampton Court 10th Sept. 1797".


Enquire Item No. 16385

GEORGE III (1738-1820). Queen Charlotte, Nicolas 1 of Russia: End of an autograph letter signed, "George R" to his son, Frederick, Duke of York. 7 1/2 x 6 inches. Queen's House, April 23rd 1784.

Item No. 16368

"... The vague reports which too quickly circulate. She is now in a manner without complaint. Believe me ever My Dear Frederick, Your most Affectionate Father, George R". Laid down on an old album leaf below which is mounted the cut signature, "Charlotte R" of his consort Queen Charlotte (1744-1818).

Item No. 1638

To the reverse of the leaf is mounted a letter address panel addressed, in French, to the Duke of York, signed twice (some dust marking). Identified in an early hand as being the Grand Duke Nicolas 1817 [the year he visited England]. The Grand Duke Nicholas (1796-1855), Nicolas I of Russia, Emperor 1825-1855.


Enquire Item No. 16368

GEORGE, DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE. (1819-1904); grandson of George III, Commander in Chief of the Army: Autograph note, in the 3rd person, Gloucester House, Park Lane, December 26th /65. 1-page small 8vo; integral blank removed.

Item No. 16355

"The Duke of Cambridge begs to forward to the Rector of St. James's his annual Christmas offering of £10.00 to the poor of the Parish".


Enquire Item No. 16355

GLADSTONE, WILLIAM EWART (1809-1898). Prime Minister: Autograph letter signed, 2-sides 8vo with integral blank.

Item No. 16396

He writes: "It was in the middle of March the question of pensions for Colonial Governors first came before the Treasury. I do not see its urgency in comparison with other affairs ....." etc.

11, Carlton-House-Terrace, June 16th 1864. Old annotation at head, "Gladstone - Premier", paper adhesion to reverse of integral blank where once mounted.


Enquire Item No. 16396

HALLE, SIR CHARLES (1819-1895). Pianist & conductor: Autograph letter signed, 1-page 8vo, to "My dear Mrs. Henry". Queen Railway Hotel, Chester, 3 April, no year.

Item No. 16400

He writes to inform her that, "the many claims upon my time have obliged me to increase my terms to one Guinea and a half per lesson" and that unless he hears otherwise he will attend her daughters as arranged.

Integral blank removed. A little corner damage, some glue marks to the reverse.


Enquire Item No. 16400

HOOK, WALTER FARQUHAR (1798-1875). Dean of Chichester: Autograph letter signed, 3-sides 8vo, on mourning paper, to "Dear Mr. Pound", The Deanery, Chichester 28th Oct. 1868.

Item No. 16381

Regarding a child's education and continues regarding a visit to the Isle of Wight which "was my home from 1817 to 1826" - "We spent ten days with Lord Justice & Lady Wood at Freshwater where we staid for the pleasure of being able to pay daily visits to the Poet Laureate ........" etc.

Traces of mounting on left hand margin, last leaf holed with loss of only one letter.


Enquire Item No. 16381

HOWITT, MARY (1799-1888) & WILLIAM ( 1792-1879).Writers: Autograph letter signed from Mary, 2-pages 12mo, to "Dear Mrs. Shadwell". No place, Tuesday morning, no date.

Item No. 16410

"..... We are now busy preparing for our removal tomorrow & hope soon to have the pleasure of welcoming you in our new home ...."

The identity of the writer inscribed in purple ink in an early hand at head of first page. Mounting stub to margin of last blank, a little marginal paper adhesion where once mounted; generally good.

Item No. 16410

Together with a piece of paper inscribed, "William Howitt, written for Mrs. Shadwell in Rome May 10th 1876".


Enquire Item No. 16410

HUXLEY, ALDOUS (1894-1963). Novelist and essayist.: Autograph letter signed 1-page 4to to "Dear Miss Barton" [Vivien Barton working for James P. Pinker & Son, Literary Agents, London]. Cap de La Gorguette, Sanary, (Var) 6. VIII. 30.

Item No. 16555

He writes regarding his review of 'Keeping it Dark or the Censors' Handbook' by Bernard Causton & G . Gordon Young for the Fortnightly Reviews No. 765, 1st Sept. 1930: "Herewith the reviews of 'Keeping it Dark' - a little more than 1000 words I fear but I couldn't keep it shorter".


Enquire Item No. 16555

KARLOFF, BORIS (1887-1969). English actor best known for his role as Frankenstein's monster: Photographic portrait signed, of the actor smoking a pipe. Inscribed, "Sincerely Boris Karloff" across the dark lower portion. Size overall 6 7/8 x 5 inches.

Item No. 16552

Laid down on an album leaf. Short corner crease, slightly oxidised when viewed at a certain angle. With, to the reverse of the leaf, a signed photograph of the actor Barry Sinclair (1911-1983), dated 1937.


Item No. 16552

Item No. 16552

Enquire Item No. 16552

KINGSLEY, CHARLES (1819-1875). Author of 'The Water Babies', etc: Autograph letter signed, 3-sides 12mo, to "Dear Sir". Eversley Rectory, Winchfield, July 20th [18] 68.

Item No. 16376

Regretting that he is unable to accept an invitation to preach as, "this spring is my time for work at Cambridge, so that my time is fully occupied ...." but suggesting a future date.

Some light creasing to fore-margin, tipped on to part of an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 16376

LANSDOWNE, HENRY, third Marquis of (1780-1863). Statesman: Autograph letter in the third person, 1-page 8vo with integral blank, on mourning paper. London, 18th April 1856:

Item No. 16365

"Lord Lansdowne presents his compliments to Mr. Pound and desires to acknowledge his letter of the 9th instant, accompanying his work on the Ecclesiastical Disciplines Bill" [Church Discipline Bill].

Remains of mounting stub on left-hand margin.


Enquire Item No. 16365

LAUGHTON, CHARLES (1899-1962). English actor: Photographic postcard portrait signed.

Item No. 16553

5 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.

Laid down on an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 16553

LESLEY, JAMES - NORTH RIDING MILITIA 1793: Autograph letter signed to the commanding officer of the North Riding Militia explaining that having been drunk he had enlisted in the wrong company. 1-page small 4to. Browned, usual fold marks, laid down on part of an old album leaf.

Item No. 16526

No place. Feb. 23d, 1793. "May it please your Lordship, that the Bearer Jas. Lesley through the deceitfulness of Liquor, enlisted on the 4th inst. at Whitby, into the Independent Company , when at the same time expected (which I did intend to do, and is still in the same mind) to enlist into the North Riding Militia. If your Honour please to think proper to interest in this affair to get me into your Regiment I shall think myself happy because I am your Lordships most obedient and humble Serv't, James Lesley". With postscript, "The Bearer is waiting".


Enquire Item No. 16526

LISTON, SIR ROBERT (1742-1836). Second British Minister to the United States 1796-1802: Manuscript expenses claim signed:

Item No. 16388

"Robert Liston Esq. His Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the United States of America, humbly craves Allowance of his extraordinary Disbursements in that Service from the 5th Day of April 1798 to the 5th Day of July following, viz. For Stationary Postage of Letters & Packets, Intelligence, Memorials etc. £100".

Signed by Liston and counter-signed by the Foreign Secretary William Grenville, "I allow this Bill, Grenville" & dated Downing Street, Feb. 9th 1799. 1-page 4to .

Paper adhesion and glue marks to left hand blank margin where once mounted. Good.


Enquire Item No. 16388

LYTTON, EDWARD GEORGE BULWER, 1ST BARON (1803-1873). Novelist: Autograph letter signed with initials, 4-sides 8vo, to "My dear B. Cochrane"*. 21 Park Lane, April 29th 1864.

Item 16408

He writes: "Your book reached me while still suffering from a severe bronchial attack ....... I have read your volume with much ... pleasure - it is a genuine [?] to find one self led thro' a picture by a hand so accomplished ....." etc. etc.

Small piece torn from one corner, short split to central fold, glue marks on blank margin on last side where once mounted.Inscribed in an early hand, "Bulwer Lytton 1864" at head of the first page.

*Alexander Baillie-Cochrane whose book "A Young Artist's Life" was published this year.


Enquire Item No. 16408

MAITLAND, JAMES, EARL OF LAUDERDALE (1759-1839): Autograph letter signed, 2-sides 8vo; integral blank removed.

Item No. 16389

No place, February 15th no year: "Sir, I am most anxious to hear how Her Royal Highness is. Hope in God your Royal Highness' accounts are good today. I am with the highest sense of duty your Royal Highness' most sincerely, Lauderdale".


Enquire Item No. 16389

MALLESON, [WILLIAM] MILES (1888-1969). English film actor and dramatist.: Autograph letter signed, "Miles", 2-sides 4to, to "My dear Viv" [Vivien Barton working for James P. Pinker & Son, Literary Agents, London]. The White House, Little Missenden, Amersham, Bucks. March 9th '41.

Item No 16556

"Ever since I read Nocturn, many years ago, I've wanted to dramtise it; & I do still. The difficulty continually has been that I have not been able to give up the time & concentrate on it when I didn't know whether it would be performed at the end. Before Alex Korda went to Hollywood I gave him a copy to read as a film subject for his wife Merle Oberon; he was intersted but work on the Thief of Bagdhad & the war ....... and yesterday I had a cable from Hollywood asking if I had any film stories ready. Would Frank Swinnerton consider letting me make a film 'treatment' of the book, setting it in 1941 & wartime London ....... I have always felt that the 'commercial' angle of the book ...... is that every woman in the audience would see herself as Jenny, or Emm ......"


Enquire Item No. 16556

MANNERS-SUTTON, CHARLES (1755-1828). Archbishop of Canterbury 1805-1828: Autograph letter signed "C. Cantuar". Lambeth Palace, June 17th 1815.

Item No. 16386

"I humbly thank your Royal Highness, & shall have great satisfaction in obeying your command. From your Royal Highness' dutiful & humble Servant".

1-page 4to with integral blank; usual fold marks, Traces of mounting on left-hand margin. Very good.


Enquire Item No. 16386

MARRYAT, FREDERICK (1792-1848). Novelist and Captain in the Royal Navy: Autograph letter signed, 1-side 8vo (12-lines) with signature and subscription to the reverse. Sladeland, near Petworth, Wednesday, n.d.

Item No. 16374

He writes to: "My dear Stephens" - "Your letter did not reach me till this day down at General Wyndhams where I am staying at present. I have written to Mr. Sorby [?] but do not know exactly where to find him, as he went off to seek employment ...... & I have not heard of him since ........." etc.

Integral blank removed, some damage to right-hand blank margin where removed from an album, usual fold marks, one of which has a short tear without loss.An uncommon autograph.


Enquire Item No. 16374

MORESBY, ADMIRAL SIR FAIRFAX (1786-1877). Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, named after him: Autograph letter signed, "Grandfather" to his grandson, also Fairfax. 4-sides 8vo. No place, October 3rd 1860.

Item No. 16382

"We have been travelling from place to place, this is the reason your letters have not been answered. It is very curious how the first found me at Linmouth in North Devon, for it was directed to one admiral Morsley-Brownhill-Exmouth and as on the seal the English and French flags were united with a lovers knot. When the Post Master's Clerk suggested it might be for me, the Post Master who is my friend, and knows me well was near kicking the clerk out of the office". He continues by admonishing his grandson over his spelling and gives advice: "as a loving Grand Papa must advise you to work ... .how to use the many advantages you will possess when the time comes to see the world ....." etc.

Traces of mounting to left-hand margin of first side, mounting stub to right-hand margin of last side obscuring a few letters. Short split to central fold. Identified in another early hand at head of first leaf.


Enquire Item No. 16382

NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY, CARDINAL (1801-1890). Leader of the Oxford movement; beatified 2010: Autograph letter in the 3rd person. Birmingham, May 13th 1881. 2-sides 12mo.

Item No. 16418

He writes: "Cardinal Newman begs to thank the Revision Editor of Public Opinion for his courteous letter. He is sorry to have to answer that he never has made the text of the N. Testament his special study, and, feeling sure that the revision will be of high value and importance, viewed as a whole he would not venture to attempt any lengthened criticism upon it ...." and continuing to say that even if he was qualified to do so he does not presently have the time.

Creasing and chipping to left-hand margin, some light staining to other margins, tipped by the head of the second side to part of an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 16418

PAGET, SIR JAMES, 1ST BARONET (1814-1899). Surgeon and pathologist: Autograph letter signed to "My dear Monro". 1-side 8vo. 1 Harewod Place, Hanover Square. Oct. 23 1871.

Item No. 16420

Arranging a meeting: " Any morning any time. But if I am to name one let me say tomorrow at 9 1/2 or 10 ........"

Integral blank removed, traces of mounting on reverse.


Enquire Item No.16420

PALMERSTON, HENRY TEMPLE, VISCOUNT (1784-1865). Prime Minister 1855-1858 and 1859-1865: Autograph letter signed, 3-sides 8vo, to the Earl of Lichfield. Carlton Terrace, 5 Jany. 1840.

Item No. 16366

"Pray allow me to recommend to your favourable consideration a memorial which you have received from the Town of Sligo, praying that the Winter speed of the Mail between that Town & Dublin may be made equal to its Summer speed, in order that the Sligo People may have a little more time for answering their Letters ......... Sligo is a thriving and improving Town, with an increasing commerce ....."

Glue marks and some paper adhesion to left hand margin where once mounted. The writer identified in an early hand on upper margin of first leaf.


Enquire Item No. 16366

PEACOCK, GEORGE (1791-1858). Mathematician, founder, with Charles Babbage and John Herschel, of the Analytical Society: Autograph letter signed to the Rev. W. Pound. Deanery, Ely, April 21, 1856. 2-sides 8vo; integral blank removed.

Item No. 16384

He thanks the Rev. Pound for sending, "numbers of the Synodicon" and continues on other matters and the Discipline of the Clergy.

The writer identified in another early hand on lower margin.


Enquire Item No. 16384

PEEL, SIR ROBERT (1788-1850); Prime Minister: Autograph note signed:

Item No. 16395

"The following laconic communication has taken place between Croker & myself - Q. Is the Agincourt ordered round to Harwich. A. Yes."

Downing St. Oct. 18th no year. Integral address panel holed where seal removed, annotated. Some glue marking.


Enquire Item No. 16395

PORTAL [nee BUTLER], IRIS (1905 - 2002); biographer, author, as Iris Butler, of the acclaimed "The Eldest Brother: the Marquess Wellesley 1760-1842" (Hodder & Stoughton,1973).: Typed letter signed, Iris Portal, 2-sides 4to, to Prof. [Cyril] Philips.

Marshbanks Cottage, Morston Road, Blakeney, Norfolk, November 20th. 1972. She writes regarding a lecture, on Wellington, given by Philips which she had attended, "I had thought of founding a Society called 'Friends of Richard Wellesley', of whom there seemed to me to be only three possible members, myself, Hugh Farmar, and the Vice-Chancellor of London University. I was sad to find at your lecture that the membership might now have to be reduced to two!". She writes regarding her forthcoming biography of Wellesley, disagrees with much of what Philips said in his lecture, much on Wellesley's character and attitudes and concludes "I do see all of this does not come into a Wellington lecture, I just felt sad that you did not put Richard forward in the understanding way you talked about him to me last year ........ Please don't answer this, you probably won't read it but I had to write it !". Usual folds, some damage to blank margin.


Enquire Item No. 16515

ROCK, DANIEL (1799-1871). Roman Catholic priest & antiquarian: Autograph letter signed 3-pages 4to. Alton Towers, Staffordshire, Eve of Feast of the Epiphany [1839].

Item No. 16404

He writes to Joseph Stevenson in London thanking him for, "the prompt attention which you have been so kind as to give to my literary wants" and continues regarding Anglo-Saxon literature at some length.

Inscribed at head in contemporary hand, "Daniel Rock, Ans. 8 Jany. 1839". Address panel holed, Mounting stub to margin of address panel.


Enquire Item No. 16404

RUSKIN, JOHN (1819-1900). Art critic: Signature and a few words cut from the end of a letter, "Ever faithfully yrs, J Ruskin";

Item No 16414

on a slip of paper 4 x 1 3/4 inches, mounted to part of an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 16414

RUSSELL, LORD JOHN, 1st Earl Russell (1792-1878); Prime Minister: Autograph letter signed, 1-page 4to. Tunbridge Wells, May 25th 1836.

Item No. 16364

He writes: "My dear Lord, I have received so satisfactory a letter in favour of Mr. Palmer, from Mr. Austin, to whom I had offered the Recordership of Yarmouth, that I shall now have great pleasure in complying with your wishes in favour of Mr. Palmer".

Inscribed in another hand, "Mr. Palmer written to 30 May 1836" and the writer identified in another early hand on lower margin. Mounting stub to left margin.


Enquire Item No. 16364

SCOTT, JOHN, 1ST EARL OF ELDON (1751-1838). Lord Chancellor: Letter signed"Eldon", one page 4to with integral blank. House of Lords, 3rd Nov. 1810.

Item No. 16419

He writes: "Sir, I am commanded by The House of Lords to acquaint your Royal Highness, that your Presence is desired at The House on Thursday the 15th Day of this Instant November, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon".

Traces of mounting to margin of blank.


Enquire Item No. 16419

SCOTT, SIR WALTER (1771-1832). Novelist & poet: Autograph letter wrapper addressed in Scott's hand to, "The Lady Shelley, Belgrave Street, Belgrave Square".

Item No. 16412

Postal markings and red wax seal. Usual fold marks, partly laid down on part of an album leaf. Inscribed in ink in an early hand, "Handwriting of Sir Walter Scott".


Enquire Item No. 16412

SOPHIA, PRINCESS (1777-1848); the 12th child of King George III and Queen Charlotte: Autograph letter in the third person. 1-page 12mo (12-lines). April 17th n.d. (paper watermarked 1813); integral blank removed, a little creased.

Item No. 16538

"Princess Sophia will be much obliged to Mr Dighton if he will still further take the trouble of disbursing the enclosed bills for which purpose Her Royal Highness orders the sum of £400 ....." etc.


Enquire Item No. 16358

STANLEY, ARTHUR PENRHYN (1815-1881). Dean of Westminster: Autograph letter signed 1-side 8vo (5-lines) in his execrable hand. 1868.

Item No. 13679

On mourning paper, one short blank corner torn away, usual folds. Identified in another early hand on lower margin, "Dean Stanley".


Enquire Item No. 16379

STRICKLAND, AGNES (1796-1874). Historian & novelist: Autograph letter signed, 4-sides 8vo. Reydon Hall, Wangford, Suffolk, 8th Nov. 1860 to "Dear Mr. Leary".

Item No. 16405

She writes about sending, " a volume of my poetry, of course a youthful production, having been written seven years before the publication of the first volume of the 'Lives of the Queens of England', a very small impression was printed, and I believe it would be very difficult to obtain a copy anywhere ............ I have got a first rate sketch of William Rufus for my frontispiece ......" and continues regarding illustrations.

Indentified as "Miss Strickland" in a contemporary hand at head of first page, 2 small ink smudges. Mounting stub and some paper adhesion to margin of last page obscuring a few letters of text.


Enquire Item No. 16405

STUART-WORTLEY, LADY EMMELINE (1806-1855). Poet & author of 'Travels in the United States, during 1849 and 1850': Autograph verse, 8-lines, commencing, "Whither the sun illumes thy laughing bowers"; unsigned but inscribed in another early hand, "Lady Emmeline Stuart-Wortley her own writing".

Item No. 16369

With pasted on below another piece signed, "Emmelina ....." [not legible] & dated Belvoir Castle April 26th 1827.

Laid down on part of an album leaf with numerous cut signatures of the nobility pasted to the reverse.


Enquire Item No. 16369

SWINNERTON, FRANK (1884-1982). Novelist.: Autograph letter signed, 1 1/4-pages 8vo, 34-lines in his miniscule hand, to "Dear Miss Barton" [Vivien Barton working for James P. Pinker & Son, Literary Agents, London]. Old Tokefield, Cranleigh, Surrey, October 26th 1930.

Item No. 16557

"..... Miles Malleson, I am sure, should make a splendid job of 'The Two Wives' especially as he has so much first-hand experience of the theatre, which would enable him to correct my mistakes and probably to heighten the theatrical effects. The only qualm I have about him is the thought that although we made an arrangement for him to dramatise 'Nocturn' and 'September' several years ago he has never, as far as I know, begun either play ........" etc.


Enquire Item No. 16557

TENNYSON, ALFRED, LORD (1809-1892). Poet Laureate: A good autograph letter signed to "Dear Sir", 2-pages 8vo, Farringford, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, Oct. 3rd 1875.

Item No. 16394

He writes regarding his, "Queen Mary, a Drama" published that year: "Pray accept my thanks for the critique which you have so kindly sent me. The Quarterly abuses me ...... & would not carp less at me had I written a Lear or an Othello. I never read it. You are right I think in most that you say but wrong where you talk of the [?] coincidence of Cranmer's speech ......... I have only put into verse what Cranmer is reported to have said on the occasion - & the same with the Queen's address to the Lord Mayor".

Tipped on to part of an album leaf. Inscribed in ink at head in a contemporary hand, "Tennyson. Poet Laureate". Good.


Enquire Item No. 16394

TORRENS, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR HENRY (1779-1828). Adjutant-General to the Forces: Autograph letter signed 1-page 8vo with integral blank. H. Guards, Jan. 10th 1822.

Item No. 16417

He writes: "Sir, Should yr R.H. not go to the play on Saturday may I request that your box at Covent Garden for Lady Torrens."

The writer identified in ink in an early hand at upper margin, traces of mounting to blank.


Enquire Item No. 16417

TUPPER, MARTIN F. (1810-1889). Writer and poet, the author of "Proverbial Philosophy": Autograph letter signed, 3-sides 8vo, Albury, Guildford, 8th Jan. 1870 to "My dear Dr. Leary" .

Item No. 16406

He writes: "I made a blunder as to Aaron's Calf, - which I here correct: Let the first line stand. When Israel after many days not 'forty' ......... the Aaron's calf incident occurred before the 2nd ascent & return as I now remember......" etc. etc.

The writer indentified in a contemporary hand at head of first leaf. Tipped on to part of an album leaf by the final blank. Very good.


Enquire Item No. 16406

VICTORIA MARY LOUISA, DUCHESS OF KENT (1786-1861); mother of Queen Victoria: Autograph letter signed, "Victoria" to "My dear Lady Harcourt". Kensington Palace, 21st May, 1829.

Item No. 16360

1 1/2 sides 8vo (11-lines). On embossed green paper with integral blank. Fold marks, mounting stub to margin of blank. The writer identified in another, early hand, at base of first leaf and further inscribed on the second side, again in an early hand, "Handwriting of the Duchess of Kent. The Mother of Queen Victoria - Given by the Rev. Griesbach". The Duchess writes: "Hearing that you called here yesterday, I cannot allow your vicinity to me to pass away, without expressing my anxiety to have the pleasure of seeing you" and continues by suggesting they meet at another time.


Enquire Item No. 16360

WELLINGTON, ARTHUR WELLESLEY, DUKE OF (1769-1852); victor of Waterloo: Autograph letter signed, 2 sides 8vo with integral blank. London June 18th 1830.

Item No. 16363

Item No. 16363

Without doubt addressed to Lady Harcourt whose husband, the 3rd Earl Harcourt, had died the previous day. He writes: "I have received your Ladyship's Note; and beg return you my thanks for having been so kind as to write to me at such a moment. I heard yesterday of the loss which you, His Majesty, and we all have sustained. I condole with you most sincerely; and I beg you to believe me your most faithful servant, Wellington"

The writer identified in an early hand on the blank leaf; mounting stub on left hand margin, half inch clean edge tear on one fold.


Enquire Item No. 16363

WILLIAMS, ISAAC (1802-1865).Theologian & Poet; a prominent member of the Oxford Movement: Autograph letter signed, 2 1/4 pages 12mo.

Item No. 16399

To: "My dear Sir" "I return you by this post your Book with many thanks for all the interesting occupation it has afforded me. I think I have seen a long time since that Book of Drexelius which you mention and perhaps at some future time I should be glad to avail myself of your kind offer to let me see it again, but just at present I happen to have a good deal on hand ......." etc. Stinchcombe, March 17th 1847.

Identified on last page in an early hand, "Divine & Poet Isaac Williams". Mounting stub on margin of last blank. Very good. An uncommon autograph.


Enquire Item No. 16399

WOLF, JOSEPH (1795-1862). Missionary & Traveller: An extraordinary autograph letter signed, 15-sides 8vo, to "My dear Skelton". East Brent, near Weston Super Mare, Sept. 7th 1857.

Item No. 16375

An extraordinary autograph letter signed, 15-sides 8vo, to "My dear Skelton". East Brent, near Weston Super Mare, Sept. 7th 1857. Descriptive of his travels round England (the first six sides) "with our beloved friends Archdeacon & Mrs. Denison .... a few months with Captain Drake R.N. & Mrs Drake .... but as neither Archd. Denison nor Drake are rich we paid £2 every week our board and lodging".

He then launches into a lengthy diatribe against the British Government: "The infamous conduct of England against the Emperor Nikolas who is now certainly in heaven - has provoked the wrath of God against England and the moment a part of Sebastopol was taken I wrote to Lord Grey that this will be the downfall of England and that England will lose India not by invasion but by internal commotions! .............. England has joined France or rather allied herself to that crafty Napoleon who shall soon appear with an army in Great Britain! and I would the Ministers of Her Majesty would advise Her Majesty not to reside now at Osborne nor near any sea coast for on one fine summer's day she may be carried off to France!......." and much else of a similar nature.


Enquire Item No. 16375

WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM (1770-1850). Poet: Autograph letter signed. 1-side 8vo (14-lines) with postscript (4-lines). Rydal Mount, Oct. 2nd 1833.

Item No. 16370

To "My dear Sir". He writes: "Accept my sincere thanks united with those of Mrs. Wordsworth for the trouble you have taken upon our Nephew's account and for your two kind letters. We are truly grateful for your zealous exertions on his behalf ........... With kind remembrance to Mrs Dixon in which this we cordially unite. I remain my dear sir faithfully your much obliged Wm Wordsworth".

With 4-line postscript to the reverse. Tipped, by the bottom corners, to part of an album leaf; split on lower right corner just affecting the end of the signature but with no loss. Inscribed in ink on lower margin in an early hand "(Poet)" to the left of the signature.

We have been unable to establish exactly what Dixon's " zealous exertions" on behalf of Wordsworth's nephew were.


Enquire Item No. 16370

WRANGEL, FRIEDRICH GRAF VON (1784-1877). Generalfeldmarschall in the Prussian army: His signature, "GrWrangel" & "feldmarschall" on a card, 3 3/4 x 1 3/4 inches, laid down on part of an album leaf.

Item No. 16446

Identified, and dated 1870, in another early hand on lower margin.


Enquire Item No. 16446

YONGE, CHARLOTTE MARY (1823-1901). Novelist and writer for children: Autograph letter signed to "Dear Madam". 3-sides 8vo. Elderfield, July 30th 1885.

Item No. 16416

She writes: "I am much obliged for the Outline - I do not think the figure can possibly be Mary of Scotland ..... Zucchero did paint Queen Mary while she was in France. I should think most likely she was the child in the picture ........ I have not the last edition of Miss Strickland's life of Mary, where I think it would almost certainly be mentioned".

Tipped on to part of an album leaf by final blank. Inscrbed in an early hand "Miss Yonge Novelist" at head of first page. Good.


Enquire Item No. 16416

YONGE, CHARLOTTE MARY (1823-1901). Novelist and writer for children: Autograph letter signed, 4-sides 12mo, to "My dear Mrs Harrison". Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester, July 27th 1868.

Item No. 16377

On blue paper, she writes: " If you will accept of a proxy, I shall have great pleasure in considering myself your new little daughter's godmother, and will think of her with all my heart on her Christening day ....." etc.

Some paper adhesion to right hand margin of last side where once mounted obscuring just a few letters of text. Usual folds marks.


Enquire Item No. 16377

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