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ADAM, WILLIAM, OF BLAIR ADAM (1751-1839). Lord Chief Commissioner of the Jury Court, Scotland (1815-39): Autograph letter signed - 1-page 4to with integral blank, dated Edinburgh Feb. 7th 1820:

Item No. 16403

He writes: "I have had the Honour to receive your Royal Highness' Most Condescending & Obliging letters .......... and have High Satisfaction of your account of His Majesty's Health - for whom I have been under the Greatest anxiety".

The writer identified in an early hand on upper margin. Slightly edge creased. The integral blank pasted in part to part of an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 16403

ADELAIDE, QUEEN (Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen; 1792-1849); Consort of WILLIAM IV: Autograph letter signed, "Adelaide" whilst Duchess of Clarence.

Item No. 16397

Autograph letter signed, "Adelaide" whilst Duchess of Clarence. 4-sides 12mo, Bushy Park, Monday n.d. (paper watermarked 1815) to "My dear Madam" [Lady Harcourt]. Excusing herself from accepting an invitation to visit Lady Harcourt, "But as we expect the D'ss of Kent on her way home at the end of the month & the D'ss of Gloucester at the beginning of November we have still a great deal to do before our house is in good order ....." etc.

Slight edge crease, mounting stub to margin of final leaf, contemporary annotations to last side.


Enquire Item No. 16357

AIDE, CHARLES HAMILTON (1826-1906; poet and musician): The first 2-sides of an autograph letter, unsigned, to Miss Burrard:

Item No. 9689

"Do you think your kind & clever Aunt would do me and Leighton a service? By making a careful sketch of a lily in blossom with buds - as nearly as possible in the same position of that in Christ's hand in the photograph of the fresco - (which I dare say you have). He asked me to do this for him, being so pressed".

No place or date. Inscribed at head in another, contemporary, hand, "Hamilton Aide 1863".

Leighton often stayed with his friend Aide whilst painting the fresco of the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins as the altar piece of Lyndhurst Church, for which he asked no fee.


Enquire Item No. 9689

ADOLPHUS FREDERICK, DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE (1774-1850). 10th child of George III and Queen Charlotte: Autograph letter signed "Adolphus Frederick" to "Dearest Frederick" [most likely his brother the Duke of York].

Item No. 16361

1-page 8vo (9-lines) with integral blank. Monday n.d. Mounting stub and some paper adhesion. He requests an order that will admit "a poor woman of the name Elizabeth Walker" to hospital.


Enquire Item No. 16361

ALISON, SIR ARCHIBALD (1792- 1867; historian): Autograph letter signed, 2-sides 8vo regarding the health of his son:

"Lady Alison & I are rather uneasy with the accounts we received on arriving in London of our son Col. Alison's health, particularly his repeated fainting fits … …"

Piece cut from upper left blank corner, integral blank laid down on part of album leaf. Athenaeum; Dec. 30th, 1862.


Enquire Item No. 4808

ALMA-TADEMA, LAURA THERESA (1852-1909). Painter; wife of Lawrence Alma-Tadema: Autograph postcard signed to the Hon. Secretary, Exhibition of Women's Industries, 20 Park St. Bristol.

Item No. 15296

9th May 1885. She writes: "On returning home from the country I find your card and I hasten to tell you that only one of the pictures has yet been returned, Mrs Williams' of a child & cat in a garden. Mine, a garden in Mentone, and one by A. G. Epps-Pratt have not been delivered yet".

This exhibition, the first of its kind, i.e. entirely devoted to the arts and industries of women only, was organised by the Irish suffragist Helen Blackburn (1842-1903).The postcard had been sent to her pre-addressed, attached to the parcel so that she could advise safe delivery.


Enquire Item No. 15296

ANON: Handwritten diary, Odell, Bedfordshire.

Item No. 15558

Item No. 15558

Odell, Bedfordshire, 1836. Handwritten diary in a "Richards's Universal Daily Remembrancer " for 1836. First half unused, diary commences July. The unidentified diarist residing in the village of Odell, Bedforshire. He records journeys, expenses, servants wages, "Old Savage" tends the strawberries & other various agricultural matters etc.

4to (10 x 8 inches), original half-calf. Lacking spine, stitching broken.


Enquire Item No. 15558

ARDEN, RICHARD PEPPER (1745-1805), LORD ALVANLEY. Judge: Autograph note signed "Alvanley", No place, Wednesday, n.d.

Item No. 13691

To: "Sir" - "I shall be very much obliged to you to let me have your box at the opera on Saturday next if you are not going there".

1-page small 4to, mounting stub to margin on reverse, some dust marking.


Enquire Item No. 16391

ARNOLD-FORSTER, HUGH OAKELEY (1855-1909). Politician and author: Autograph letter signed on the letterhead of the London School Board, Educational Exhibits at the Melbourne Centenial Exhibition.

August 4th 1888. To "Dear Madam" informing her that the meeting of the committee will be on August 10th.


Enquire Item No. 15324

AYTOUN, WILLIAM EDMONSTOUNE (1813-1854; Scottish poet): Autograph poem signed commencing:

Item No. 9737

"Open wide the gates of Athol....."

10-lines, 4to. Signed and dated June 1848. Written on the writing paper of the 'Parthenon Club' (small embossed name as such at head). Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9737

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BABINGTON, CHARLES CARDALE (1808-1895). Botanist and archaeologist: Autograph letter signed.

Item No. 15295

To "Dear Sir", he writes thanking the recipient for information that will lead to improvements to a new edition of his manual [Manual of British Botany, the 7th edition corrected throughout published in 1874?] - ".... whorls of 5 is the certainly regular form in Erythraea [?] and I did not know that there was any variation. It is not uncommon to find 'accidental' changes of this kind and thus we see the necessity of always looking at several flowers of plants before deciding that we have the true number of the parts in the speciman before us....." etc.

Cambridge, 17th July 1871. 3-sides 8vo, laid down by reverse of conjugate leaf to part of an album page.


Enquire Item No. 15295

BALLANTINE, JAMES (1807/8-1877; Scottish stained-glass artist and poet): Autograph song, signed, "A Love Song - Air - The Shepherd's Wife".

Item No. 9753

Two verses each of 8-lines commencing: "Oh whaur gat ye that pearly brow? ………"

Dated Edinburgh, May 1848. 1-page 4to, mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9753

BANKS, LESLIE (1890 - 1952; actor): Photograph, half-length, in his role as the Earl of Leicester in the production of 'Fire over England'. Inscribed 'To Leslie with my very best wishes from the other Leslie' [Leslie Howard?].

Item No. 10628

1937. The photograph 10 x 7 inches; small piece torn from each upper corner. With Erich Pommer Productions label and the stamp of Tunbridge photographers to the reverse


Enquire Item No. 10628

BARLOW, SIR THOMAS (1845-1945). Physician, best known for his research into infantile scurvy: Autograph postcard signed to John Sturge, University Hall, Gower St.

Item No. 15330

He regrets not having been at home when Sturge called & stating that he has tea at 9, "& should be very glad if you will come in & have some chat on things in general".

10 Montague St. (postmarked Jan. 11th 1879).


Enquire Item No. 15330

BEHNES, WILLIAM (d. 1864; sculptor): The end of an autograph letter signed to Henry Lucas:

Item No. 9675

"There has been found more work on The Monument than was at first calculated."

Fold marks, laid down on a Victorian album leaf. Dated in another, contemporary, hand 1838.

With on the same page the cut signatures with subscriptions of Francois Rochard (d. 1858; portrait painter) & Henry Gastineau (1791-1876; painter). With, on the reverse of the page, an unidentified autograph letter signed.


Enquire Item No. 9675

BENNET, CHARLES, 4TH EARL OF TANKERVILLE (1743-1822). Patron of Surrey cricket; agreed a set of rules that included the first mention of "Leg before wicket": Autograph letter signed: "I flatter myself Your Royal Highness will excuse the liberty I take in requesting leave to wait on you for a few minutes any time that you may please to appoint ..." Whitehall May 30th 1815.

Item No. 16392

1-page 4to with integral blank. Mounting stub to reverse, piece cut from margin without loss, dust marked, damage to upper blank fore-corner.


Enquire Item No. 16392

BENNETT, SIR WILLIAM STERNDALE (1816-1875). Composer: Autograph letter signed to an unnamed woman ('Dear Madam'). 1-page 8vo. 38 Queensborough Terrace, Kensington Gardens, March 14, 1866.

Item No. 16393

Regretting that he is unable to visit before "a quarter to twelve to morrow morning but I shall be very happy to give two hours and a half , if you wish it".

Integral blank removed. Tipped on to part of an album leaf; the ink a little faded. The writer identified in another contemporary hand on upper margin.


Enquire Item No. 16393

BERESFORD, WILLIAM CARR, VISCOUNT (1768-1854) 1st Marquis of Campo Maior. British General and Marshall in the Portuguese Army: A good autograph letter signed, 2 1/2 pages 4to, to Thomas Sydenham, S'ca Oloin [?] 23rd June 1811.

Item No. 16424

"It was today I asked for the pleasure of your company to dinner ....... we shall have plenty of time to talk over the business, indeed as Lord Wellington does not go out early tomorrow morning I will come over & breakfast with him and if not again interrupted we can converse on the changes to be made .... as far as regards the commissariat I really do not see what further can be done but to proceed to organize one on the principle given in by Ld. Wellington & me. In respect to other matters I can mention to you my general objects for the amelioration of the Portuguese army, but the particulars will be best talked over when & where they can be finally arranged at Lisbon where I trust circumstances will permit of our being together...."

Short edge tear, usual fold marks. Mounting stub to margin of last blank. Good.


Enquire Item No. 16424

BERKELEY, EDMUND [Editor]: Autographs and Manuscripts: a Collector's Manual.

New York: Scribner's, 1978. First edition. Plates. Large 8vo, pp.xviii:565, original cloth in dustwrapper. Puncture to cloth of backstrip, else binding very good; dustwrapper with identical puncture and with a number of creased tears to edges (minor loss); internally excellent.


Enquire Item No. 880

BERKELEY, GRANTLEY FITZHARDING (1800-1881; sportsman, & novelist): Autograph letter signed to Mr. Lucas, Newport Pagnall, Bucks. 2-sides 4to:

Item No. 9704

"Enclosed I send the amount of my stakes, two sovereigns for the cup and the same for the hunters ..... Pray accept my thanks for the trouble you took for me during the races, I do not know what I should have done without you. On Saturday and again yesterday I had brilliant sport with my hounds ...... this gives me 17 out of 20 foxes .... nothing can be better". With postscript: "Mrs. Berkeley bids me say that if Mrs. Lucas will, with you, give us the pleasure of your company .... for the Bedford races ...."

Harrold Hall, Aug. 20th, 1831. Mostly laid down by the address panel to a leaf from a Victorian album, partly folded. Address panel holed. With mounted to the reverse two other pieces including a short autograph letter signed from John Brown (1810-1882; essayist).


Enquire Item No. 9704

BERRYER, ANTOINE PIERRE (1790-1868); French Advocate & Orator: Autograph letter signed, in French, to [Alexander Baillie] Cochrane (1816-1890), 1-side 8vo with subscription and signature to the reverse; with conjugate blank. Lundi 21 n.y. [but 1861].

Item No. 16422

He writes with reference to the celebrated court case of Patterson v. Bonaparte; Berryer representing the American Elizabeth Patterson in the attempt to have her marriage to the late Prince Jerome declared valid. He regrets that he is unable to obtain tickets for admission to the court for Cochrane, says that he will send him a memo he is to publish about the case and hopes that he will extend his stay in Paris so that they may meet.

The writer identified in another early hand at head of first side; mounting stub to margin of the reverse of the conjugate blank. Very good.


Enquire Item No. 16422

BESANT, SIR WALTER (1836-1901). Novelist: A good autograph letter signed on the printed letterhead of "Working Women: Their Present and Their Future. National Conference, Exhibition, and Demonstration" but inscribed as sent from Whitby.

Item No. 15335

He writes: to "Dear Madam" - "Your very encouraging letter has been sent on to me. We shall be very glad of your help and I hope you will be able to come to our conference. There is indeed an awful work before us and unless we all join nothing will be done except the exasperation of the working classes. Thus many questions too which will have to be faced - especially that of reducing dividends - However one must face them".

6th August 1887. 2-pages 8vo.

Perhaps the recipient was the Irish suffragist Helen Blackburn (1842-1903), who had organised the 1885 Exhibition of Women's Industries & to whom other letters were addressed from the same source as the above.


Enquire Item No. 15335

BIGSBY, JOHN JEREMIAH (1792-1881). Geologist; author of "The Shoe and Canoe, or Pictures of Travel in the Canadas" (1850): Autograph letter signed, "J. J. Bigsby" (most likely to the geologist William Pengelly (1812-1894).

Item No. 15291

He writes, "I return you my warmest thanks for your valuable communication .... I have given as little trouble as possible to geological friends - I have however always met with the kindest response - as now".

89 Glou. Pl. 18th January 1872. 1-page 8vo, on mourning paper, conjugate blank removed.


Enquire Item No. 15291

BLACKWOOD, FREDERICK TEMPLE, 1ST MARQUESS OF DUFFERIN AND AVA (1826-1902; diplomatist and administrator): Two autograph letters signed.

Item No. 3048

The first, dated May 28th '96 addressed to "My dear Drummond Wolff" inviting him to a "great entertainment" (2-pages 8vo); the second to the same inviting him to a shoot (1-page 8vo), this undated.

Both laid-down by their integral leaves to an album leaf together with a portrait of Dufferin and Ava.


Enquire Item No. 3048

BLUNT, JOHN HENRY (1823-1884; ecclesiastical historian): Autograph letter signed to a Mrs. Lucas, 1 side 8vo:

Item No. 9719

"I am quite ashamed to have been so long in sending you the information you want: but since my return there have been 400 pages of proofs to correct, I know not how many letters to write & - notwithstanding its microscopic size - my parish to engage our hand..."

Kennington, Oxford, March 25th 1872.


Enquire Item No. 9719

BRIDGES, ROBERT (1844-1930; Poet Laureate).

Item No. 1497

Autograph letter signed, 2-pages 8vo with integral leaf to, "My dear Cust" thanking him for "presenting my enquiries" and wondering "where things go. It reminds me that when I lived in London I illuminated my dining-table with "Palace ends" they were very good wax candles which I could buy at a grocer's shop in Oxford St. ! ! Do come here when you visit Oxford. Perhaps then I shall be able to show you the alternative to the Royal Standard - for I think I have hit on one....."

Chilswell, Oxford, March 14, 1925.


Enquire Item No. 1497

BRIGHT, JOHN (1811-1889). Radical statesman & orator: His signature on an autograph envelope front addressed to a Mrs. Tanner at Bristol.

Item No. 15341

Postmarked Nov. 18th 1874. Laid down on part of an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 15341

BRISTOW, EDMUND (1787 - 1876; painter): Autograph letter signed.

Item No. 6588

1-page small 4to, stating that he was: "hindered by unforeseen difficulties in procuring models, the first I had was taken from me before I had derived much benefit from it and it was a great while before I could get another, with respect to the treatment of the subject I have taken you at your word and have us'd some licence and the picture may be something larger than you expected but my opinion is that a pheasant painted small will not have a good effect, therefore I painted him as large as life… … I have shown it to several as my custom is to hear their various opinions, amongst them Mr. Edridge the artist … … he expressed himself pleased with it, I showed your letter to Blunt and Ronger [?]. With respect to your caution concerning their keeping company with that drunken fellow Mr. Bacchus it has had the desired effect I believe at least this I can say if they have been much in his company it was when they were out of my sight".

No place, Monday Feb. 13, 1815. Laid-down, small piece torn from left margin affecting 6 letters, these supplied in facsimile on the backing card. Central fold.


Enquire Item No. 6588

BROOKE, SIR JAMES (1803-1868) RAJAH OF SARAWAK: Autograph letter signed, J. Brooke, 4-sides 8vo, to [ Alexander ] Baillie Cochrane (1815-1890):

Item No. 16372

Item No. 16372

"I called in the hope of seeing you and asking whether you could get the extracts of my letters printed for the use of the members. There is nothing in them and if it be no breach of privilege (which it can hardly be) I shall publish them with marginal notes. It does not do to appear to shirk any part of the question and we will challenge them to publish the whole correspondence and do the same ourselves. Do not pray think I ask for money from these extracts - I only ask for less than I had expended. The threat which leads the papers shows the adversary to be in dread and it will not deter me & we will get to the bottom of the whole affair and I am confident that I never wrote what I have reason to be ashamed of. Can you get these extracts of letters and send them to me here".

United Service Club, Thursday, n.d. (paper watermarked 1851). Usual fold marks. Some glue marking to extreme left hand margin where once mounted and a little paper adhesion to last side. Overall good.

Brooke became the centre of controversy in 1851 with accusations against him of excessive use of force against natives, under the guise of anti-piracy operations. His correspondent the Conservative M.P. Alexander Baillie Cochrane was the son of Admiral Sir Thomas Cochrane (1789-1872) who had destroyed the pirate base at Marudu in 1845 and in 1846 Brooke had accompanied him on a punitive expedition to Brunei resulting in the cession to Britain of the Island of Labuan. It was, however, his continued campaign against the Dayaks, which caused the controversy, Brooke having arranged for Captain Arthur Farquhar's ships to attack the Dayaks of the Saribas once again, resulting in the battle of Beting Marau at the mouth of the Saribas on 31 July 1849, when more than 1000 Dayaks were killed. The large sums of prize money claimed by Sir Thomas Cochrane for his action against Illanun raiders and Captain Farquhar for his part at Beting Marau were brought to the attention of parliament by and the British public by Richard Cobden - who wrote of Brooke's 'powers of evil' - and Joseph Hume in 1850. Brooke was, however, exonerated of charges of inhumanity and illegality. However, Hume relentlessly kept up the assault on Brooke's character prompting Brooke to publish in 1853, "A Vindication of His Character and Proceedings in Reply to the Statements Privately Printed and Circulated by Joseph Hume, Esq. M.P. by Sir James Brooke, Rajah of Sarawak". Perhaps our letter refers in some way to this controversy or indeed his dispute, as Governor of Labuan, with the Eastern Archipelago Company.


Enquire Item No. 16372

BROOKS, PHILLIPS (1835-1893; American Episcopal Bishop, consecrated Bishop of Massachusetts in 1891; wrote, "Oh little town of Bethlehem"): Autograph letter signed, 1¼-pages 8vo, to: "My dear Archdeacon Farrar" [Frederick William Farrar, 1831-1903] asking a favour .....

Item No. 4822

"which I know you will not grant if I ought not to have asked It … … Four American friends whom I am Exceedingly anxious to oblige are very desirous of attending the afternoon service at the abbey today. Last Sunday they failed because of the crowd. Is there any way in which they can be admitted to seats? … …"

Usual fold marks; mounted to part of an album leaf. Westminster Palace Hotel; Sunday morning, May 20th, n.y.


Enquire Item No. 4822

BROUGHAM, HENRY PETER, first Baron Brougham and Vaux (1778-1868). Lord Chancellor: Autograph letter, signed with initials "H.B", to the penal reformer Matthew Davenport Hill (1792-1872).

Item No. 15359

He writes: "My dear Hill, I am still anxious to learn of your complete recovery & I hope Miss Hill will favour me with a line ......"etc. A note on the reverse of the conjugate leaf reads, "Private note from Lord Brougham to M. D. Hill Esq. Q. C. given me by Miss F. Hill".

Brougham, Penrith 31st October 1865. 2-pages 8vo on mourning paper.


Enquire Item No. 15359

BURRARD, SIR HARRY (1755-1813; general. Commanded in Portugal 1808): Autograph note, unsigned:

Item No. 9668

"Most people think (& I refer you to the papers) that something sinister has happened to that hitherto dextrous fellow Nap. God grant quiet to this distracted world". Inscribed at head in another, contemporary, hand "General Sir Harry Burrard Bt. Ob.1813".

Creased and browned, slightly holed on margin.


Enquire Item No. 9668

BYRON, ANNE ISABELLA MILBANKE, LADY (1792-1860). Wife of George Gordon Noel, Lord Byron): Autograph letter signed.

Item No. 15283

She writes to John Rule "I was glad to learn that the application made to the persons whom you thought likely to be eligible as Trustees, had not committed you to them, as I was led to fear from the expressions in your first note. I have written a long letter to Mr. Duppa, and shall send to Town tomorrow to endeavour to find out where he is. I have also received some valuable observations from Dr. King, who returns the first printed sketch with some alterations, which appear to me to be judicious. Mr. C. Noel objects to the cow on all accounts. The land that could be appropriated to its keep would be insufficent - and to buy food is a loss - Besides a single cow never answers....." She concludes on the conjugate leaf with details of the rotation of crops "for the 4 acres of land (C. Noel)".

Fordhook [House] August 1st 1833. 2 1/2 sides 4to. Tipped on to part of an album leaf, holed where seal opened.


Enquire Item No. 15283

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CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS. CATCHPOLE, PERCY A. (Author of 'Fifty years with the Cambridge University Press 1882-1932'): Autograph verse 'The Times', 16-stanzas, (68-lines), 4-sides 4to, commencing:

Item No. 9635

"Old times, new times, put to the test! / Old times, new times, which are the best ? / I have known both times, / This is my quest / - In Paternoster Row we started, / Small the premises and dirty; / Bad sanitation, and unworthy / Of the Press's noble prestige; / Counting-house a one man show, Packing bench ditto ditto / - Then to A. M. L. we shifted / To a brand new building gracious, / And the stock when all was lifted / Far from filled the floors so spacious …………" One stanza marked: "cut".

With covering autograph letter signed to R. C. Kebell - "Here's the doggerel screed for better or for worse. If the chief thinks it too long, the managers could be cut, but I would rather not sacrifice the deserved tribute to C. F. C. I had to get it off my chest - otherwise it haunts me…" Barnes, 4th March 1938.


Enquire Item No.9635

CANZIANI, LOUISA STARR (1845-1905). Painter of portraits and genre who studied at the RA Schools, where in 1867 she was the first woman to receive a gold medal for historical painting: Autograph postcard signed, "Louisa Canziani" - "My Picture has reached me quite safely .."

Item No. 15357

14 Russell Square June 5th 1885. Pre-addressed to the Hon. Secretary, Exhibition of Women's Industries, 20 Park St. Bristol. Narrow band of cloth tape affixed to upper margin where once attached to the pictures wrapping.

This exhibition, the first of its kind, i.e. entirely devoted to the arts and industries of women only, was organised by the Irish suffragist Helen Blackburn (1842-1903).


Enquire Item No. 15357

CARPENTER, MARY (1807-1877). Educationist and penal reformer. Founded at Bristol a ragged school, published treatises on education: Autograph letter signed to a Miss Prestman [?]

Item No. 15314

She writes: "I regret that there is a mistake about my being on the committee for the [?], I allowed parcels to be sent to Mr. Grant's care, but nothing further ............... I fully sympathise with your work".

Red Lodge House [Bristol] Sept. 18th, n.y. 1-page 8vo, tipped on to part of an album page (glue marks just showing through on upper corners).


Enquire Item No. 15314

CASTLEREAGH, ROBERT STEWART, VISCOUNT (1769-1822). Politician: Autograph letter signed, "Castlereagh", to Charles Forbes*

Item No. 16354

1-page 4to with integral address panel. "Adm[iralt]y, Monday", no date."My dear Forbes, Pray put the accompanying cup on your sideboard as a souvenir of me & a small testimony of my great regard and ...... of your frequent kindness. I shall be charmed to form a part of Mr. [?]'s committee. Yrs ever, Castlereagh". Inscribed in ink in an early hand at base, "President of the Board of Control 1805" this just touching the signature.

3-inch tear into the salutation, some browning, address panel, also signed by Castlereagh, dusty and with blank corner cut away. Red wax seal intact. Mounting stub to margin of reverse.

*No doubt Sir Charles Forbes, 1st. Bt (1773-1849) who, interested both as a proprietor and as a private trader, in the anticipated renewal of the East India Company's charter, he successfully contested Beverley in 1812 on a platform of opposition to the Company monopoly.


Enquire Item No. 16354

CHANTREY, SIR FRANCIS (1781-1841). Sculptor: Autograph letter signed, 1-page 4to with integral address panel, postal markings and seal, Belgrave Place, 23rd Sept. 1837.

Item No. 16411

He writes to Edward Coleridge - in a postscript to the letter he writes after Coleridge's name "Rev? Dr. or Esq? I know not which" - " I wish it were in my power to accept your kind invitation to Eton College on Friday next, and kill a Trout in the Thames, but I can do neither - I have higher games in view! - a Salmon in Wales ....."

Mounted stub to margin of address panel. The writer identified in an early hand on lower margin.


Enquire Item No. 16411

CHATELAIN, JEAN BAPTISTE ERNEST, CHEVALIER DE (1801-1881; poet & journalist): Autograph letter signed to Laura Compton,

Item No. 9717

in French; with, on the conjugate leaf, autograph verse addressed to her, this also signed. In all 3-sides 8vo. Castelnau Lodge, Warwick Crescent, 15th July 1872. On his crested paper.


Enquire Item No. 9717

CHEAPE, GENERAL SIR JOHN (1792-1876). Served with distinction in the 1st & 2nd Anglo-Burmese Wars: Autograph letter signed to a Mrs. Pound regarding rose cuttings. Old Park, 30th Oct. 1873.

Item No. 16401

Mounting stub to reverse of integral blank. Writer identified in an early hand on upper margin.


Enquire Item No. 16401

CHURTON, EDWARD (1800-1874). Theologian and Spanish Scholar: Autograph letter signed. 1-side 8vo, to "My dear Mr. Pound". Crayke, May 10. 1858.

Item No. 16378

He writes regarding the New Zealand Mission: "Archdeacon Abraham is coming to me next week, and I purpose as I mentioned ..... to invite a little gathering of Friends of the New Zealand Mission to meet him at Luncheon in York ..... with my Host of the Black Swan ...... it may be the means of communicating a little information about the New Zealand & Polynesian Missions ......" etc.

Integral blank removed, some sign of mounting on left-hand margin, small piece torn away affecting the first letter of three words. Usual fold marks. Indentified in another early hand on lower margin: "Archdeacon Churton".


Enquire Item No. 16378

CLARENDON, JOHN CHARLES VILLIERS, 3rd EARL OF (1757-1838): Autograph letter signed to G. Lucas:

Item No. 9711

"After the obliging manner in which you have sent over your pony & the authority which I had given Mr. Smith to purchase him ....." He continues by saying that although he will pay for the pony he would like to return it, "as he is considerably lower than I expected" and wonders whether Lucas can find a buyer amongst "persons in your neighbourhood who have known the pony".

Two sides 8vo, laid down by the blank conjugate leaf to a page from a Victorian album to which is also affixed the signature and subscription of a letter from the Earl of Orkney.


Enquire Item No. 9711

CLARKE, J. ERSKINE (1827-1920; writer for children, founded the "Chatterbox" annuals): Autograph letter signed, 4-sides 12mo to "Dear Madam":

Item No. 9718

"I think 'The Emigrant's last Sunday at home' will do .... I will get the picture from Capells - to which we resort to for such padding out. The Paris poem I return as it is not suited for any of my serials. I have a mass of material & it may be months before I can insert the poem ..... If you do not dislike writing to such pictures I might sometimes be able to send you 2 or 3 similar pictures to write little papers or verses for for Chatterbox or Prize".

St. Andrews, Litchurch, Derby, Jan. 30th 1871. Browning to one corner of first leaf.


Enquire Item No.9718

COBBETT, WILLIAM (1762-1835; Essayist, Politician, and Agriculturist): Autograph free-front signed, addressed to Robert Macfarlane in Edinburgh. Dated and postmarked 6th July, 1834.

Item No. 5933

5 x 3½ inches; laid-down on an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 5933

COOK, ELIZA (1812-1889; poet and journalist): Autograph manuscript signed, 4-lines, with the heading, "On being told the death of my Mother would a scar on my heart":

Item No. 9760

"…………… But oh! It would not leave a scar, / The wound would never heal".

1-page 8vo, pale pink paper. Undated. Fold marks, some creasing and browning.


Enquire Item No. 9760

COOK, ELIZA (1812-1889; poet and journalist): Autograph poem signed, a variant version of her published poem 'Waters, gentle Waters'.

Item No. 9788

16-lines commencing: "Waters, gentle Waters / Beautiful in showers / Ye help to wreathe the arms that breathe / A perfume through the bowers ………"

1-page 8vo, on lavender paper. Undated. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9788

COOK, ELIZA (1812-1889; poet and journalist): Autograph verse signed, the first stanza, of 8-lines, of her poem "The Old Arm Chair":

Item No. 9759

"I love it, I love it and who shall dare / to chide me for loving that old arm chair? ………"

1-page 4to, mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album. Undated.


Enquire Item No. 9759

COTTON, GEORGE EDWARD LYNCH (1813-1866; Bishop of Calcutta, founded schools for poor European and Eurasian children, drowned in the Ganges): Autograph letter signed, "G.E.L .Calcutta".

Item No. 4828

3-sides 8vo, blank side of integral leaf laid-down on part of an album leaf to: "My dear Mr. Smith" - "I am very much obliged to you for the Buchanan. It is a most valuable book, for he was the real founder of the Church of England in India & a man for whom we may all be thankful …… there is only one thing wanting to make the present perfect, that you should write my name in it … … You will think of us at 1.30 p.m. on Sept. 25 & I doubt not that you will pray that God's blessing may be with us, to protect us on our journey & in our new mode of life & that the Spirit may fit & strengthen me for my work ……"

3 Northwich Terrace, N.W.; Sept. 16th [1858]

* Cotton taught for 15 years at Rugby and was "the young master" of "Tom Brown's School Days".


Enquire Item No. 4828

COUTTS, THOMAS (1735-1822). Banker: Autograph letter signed (perhaps to Frederick Augustus, Duke of York). 1-page 4to, Brighton, 22 August, 1821.

Item No. 16398

"Sir, Having received from The Strand this morning some heavy papers I am to sign & must return - some I can send today & the others on Friday. I presume on your Royal Highness accustomed kindness to give me Two Franks, one of this date & the other on the 25. I am with the most dutiful respect Ever Your Royal Highness most Faithful & Obedient humble servant".

Integral blank/ address panel removed, corner chip else good. Early annotation to the reverse.


Enquire Item No. 16398

CRABB, JAMES (1774 - 1851; Wesleyan Methodist): Autograph sentiment signed.

Item No. 6586

Commencing: " Fifty years this day I have been united to my dear wife in the bonds appointed by a wise and good God. And, I may truly add, that I feel more love to her … … …. May you and your dear wife live long together in happy union and then be translated to heaven".

10-lines on a 4to album leaf, this damp-marked on lower blank margin. Dated Southampton 5th April 1848.

Crabb was a schoolmaster at Romsey, a preacher at Southampton, and missionary to the New Forest gipsies.


Enquire Item No. 6586

CRANBROOK, GATHORNE GATHORNE-HARDY, EARL OF (1814-1906): Autograph letter signed, 3-sides 8vo, on mourning paper. 12 Grosvenor Crescent, April 6, 1867 to "My dear Mr. Kemler"[?].

Item No. 16369

He writes: "I shall be much indebted to you for help in the selection of nominees - It is most important to have men who will be able to hold their own under circumstances wh. at first will present some difficulty. Two classes are needed one for the local the other for the Metropoltan Bd. which will have charge of the Insane .... & Smallpox patients ....."

Traces of mounting to reverse of last leaf and some creasing and short tears at base of this leaf.


Enquire Item No. 16362

CROFTS, FREEMAN WILLS (1879-1957; writer of dectective fiction): The autograph signature of Freeman Wills Crofts, author of Mystery in the Channel; Golden Ashes; Antidote to Venom; Pit Prop Syndicate; Found Floating; Man Overboard; 12.30 from Croydon; Sudden Death; Loss of Jane Vosper, Death of a Train etc.

Item No. 11825

Circa 1930. Freeman Wills Crofts signature, "Freeman W. Crofts" on a card 4 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches; very good.


Enquire Item No. 11825

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--- D --- D --- D ---

DALZIEL, EDWARD (1817-1905; engraver): Autograph note signed to an unamed recipient requesting that something should be handed to the bearer.

Item No. 13297

1 side small 8vo, no place, no date; conjugate blank removed, a little dusty, smudged word at head.


Enquire Item No. 13297

DAVIDSON, THOMAS (1817-1885). Natural history artist & palaeontologist; especially fossil brachiopods: Autograph letter signed to "My dear Sir", most likely the geologist William Pengelly (1812-1894).

Item No. 15345

33 Park Crescent, Brighton, 25th Nov. 1863. 3-sides 12mo. "It is truly kind in you to take so much trouble for me & my monographs - I thank much for your valuable papers but which I have not yet had time to peruse, as I am writing a line in greate haste & by return of post - to send you one of the extracts I made from some of your letters relative to the localities. As the sheet is going through the press will you kindly return me as soon as you can this page with any alterations or corrections you may think desirable ..... It is my intention after I have gone through the description of all the species to touch a little on the age of devonian formation ...." etc.


Enquire Item No. 15345

DE LABILLIERE, PAUL (1879-1946; Dean of Westminster): Autograph letter signed, 2-sides oblong 8vo, to 'My dear Douglas' [Smith] thanking him for his letter and continuing:

Item No. 2552

"I am sure in days to come you will look back on this strange experience which has come to you with gratitude that is certainly my feeling about the last war. I am glad that you miss the Abbey ...... we miss you and the other members of the Brotherhood [of St. Edward the Confessor] .... I hope you like Plymouth Sound. It is one of the best approaches to England ..."

The Deanery, Westminster SW1, Nov. 30. 1942; central fold mark.


Enquire Item No. 2552

DE LA MARE, WALTER JOHN (1873-1956), Poet ; THERESA WHISTLER; LADY JULIET DUFF: A small group of autograph and typed letters signed by or relating to Walter de la Mare, all but 2 addressed to Miss Vivien Barton some time with James P. Pinker, London Literary Agents. All with usual folds; in good condition.

Item No. 16550

The first, a T.L.S., "W.J. de la Mare" , Hill House, Taplow, Buckinghamshire 4th. Oct. 1939. He writes that he is, "indeed sorry you have felt compelled to give up your work with Mr. Pinker ..... you have always been so kind to me, and I shall hate to think of your not being there. I should of course be interested to hear what the actual difficulties were, but that, no doubt, is a personal thing ....."

The second letter is dated Oct. 31 1939, also signed, "W.J. de la Mare", typed with autograph correction and addition. He writes that he hopes her application to work at the Admiralty will be successful and adds, "I am glad you have given me such scope in that 'wholly imcompetent' ..."

The third T.L.S. , dated May the 17th & signed, "W.J.dlm" , he writes regarding a cheque he has received from Albert Bonnier,"in respect to the English Continental Zephyr of Miss M." and with autograph postscript, "I hope you havn't been 'Casting any Clouts' - these Winds!".

Together with 3 A.L's S from his son Richard to Miss Barton, in all 4-sides 8vo, Much Haddam Hall, Hertfordshire 20th July 1956, 4 Sept. 1957, & 10 April 1959. He sending cheques for, "your commission & expenses" and other matters, e.g. ".... as to Mr. Lockley - in the circumstances I think we had better agree to his using the poems he asked for, for a reduced fee of ten guineas", etc.

Also an A.L.S. from his daughter Florence [Thompson], 2-sides 8vo, Dykes, Henfield, Sussex, June 17th n.y. ".... at the moment we are trying to compile a list of people who have letters from my father & are willing to lend them .... I know how much my father appreciated all you did for him & we too know how much this work involved ...."

Item No. 16550

WHISTLER, THERESA (1927-2007). Biographer of Walter de la Mare. A.L.S. 3-sides 8vo to, "Dear Miss Barton", dated Little Place, Lyme Regis, Dorset, Dec. 3rd 1959 - "I am returning your de la Mare letters under separate cover ....... I have copied passages ..... which I may wish to quote in the biography ........ I should be very grateful if you could tell me the facts of the firm's collapse - & what happened to Eric & Ralph Pinker .... Eric at any rate went to prison & also that Mr. de la Mare suffered some financial losses himself in the affair ...." continuing regarding the Pinkers and her forthcoming biography.

Item No. 16550

DUFF, LADY JULIET (1881-1865). A.L.S. 3-sides 8vo, Bulsbridge House, Wilton, March 11th n.y. Thanking Miss Barton for her letter and, "How very kind of Mr. De La Mare to say that I may have the last 4 lines of 'Trees;' & please forgive my indiotic slip of the pen. I am gradually becoming more & more imbecile....." Together with a T.L.S. and a typed postcard, both dated 1950, requesting permission to use some of Walter de la Mare's verse in an anthology; addressed to Faber & Faber and Constable & Co.

WALKER, JEREMY. A.L.S. 2-sides, 86 Cardington Sq. Hounslow, 5th March n.y, to Miss Barton - "I am compiling an anthology of modern poetry for children and would like to include certain poems by Walter de la Mare. Faber & Faber have told me that you hold the rights of his works ....... the actual poems are ....."


Enquire Item No. 16550

DE QUINCEY, THOMAS (1785-1859; Author of “Confessions of an Opium Eater”): Autograph manuscript of part of his “Autobiographic Sketches. Selections Grave and Gay from Writings published and Unpublished”.

Item No. 5936

Written on both sides of a single leaf cut from the middle of a larger sheet, the text commences on one side: “of the case, and would have been executed in a summary way, upon the prima facie evidence against him, that he did not appear to be in the condition of a prisoner; and, if his name had ever again reached his country, it would have been in some sad list of ruffians, murderers, traitors to their country …………”

and finishes; “…… roused from their slumbers by the glare of conflagration, reflected from gleaming cutlasses and from the faces of demons. This fear it was--a fear like this, as I have often thought …” The second side commences: “I have said that he would not have appeared to any capturing ship as standing in the situation of prisoner amongst the pirates, nor was he such in the sense of being confined. He moved about, when on board ship, in freedom ……………” and finishes: “… Much, therefore, it was that he owed to this accomplishment. Still, there is no good thing without its alloy; and this great blessing brought along with it something worse than a dull duty - the necessity, in fact, of facing fears and trials to which the sailor's heart is preeminently …”

Both the above forming part of Chapter XII, “My Brother” of “Autobiographic Sketches” first published in 1853. Approximately 500 words with much crossing out, alterations and revisions. The leaf 4 x 7½ inches.


Enquire Item No. 5936

DISRAELI, BENJAMIN, EARL OF BEACONSFIELD (1804-1881). Prime Minister & Novelist: Autograph note signed "D" to "My dear Cochran" regarding an appointment. Grosvenor Gate, July 25, 1852. 1-page 8vo on mourning paper.

Item No. 16397

Usual fold marks. Annotated in an early hand on lower margin, "Disraeli Lord Beaconsfield. Premier 1879".


Enquire Item No. 16397

DREW, JOHN (1809 - 1857; astronomer): Autograph verse signed, addressed (on the occasion of their marriage) "To Mr. And Mrs Sheppard".

Item No. 6587

12-lines on a 4to album leaf commencing: "Learn to expect, through life's wide lea, The shock of rude commotion; You'll not escape all cheerily, While sailing on its ocean… …." Some marking a light marginal damp staining. Dated Southampton, Feb. 20th 1848. Drew was schoolmaster at Southampton, and one of the founders of the Meteorological Society.


Enquire Item No. 6587

DU MAURIER, GERALD (1873 - 1934; actor manager): Typed letter signed

1-page 8vo to Miss Jane Savile: "Nothing is settled regarding my next production here, but if I have anything I can offer you in it, I will let you know."

Wyndham's Theatre, May 2nd 1912. Tipped on to an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 2189

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--- E --- E --- E ---

EDWARD AUGUSTUS, DUKE OF KENT (1767-1820); father of Queen Victoria: Autograph letter signed, "Edward" to his brother Frederick, Duke of York at York House, Stable Yard, St. James's. 1-page small 4to (6-lines with footnote). "C. H. T. [Carlton House Terrace] Tuesday morning March 20th" [1810].

Item No. 16359

"Dear Frederick, Should you not intend making use of your box for the Oratorio tomorrow night (the 21st) would you have the goodness to indulge me with an order for it: if you can gain it, only send me the card ....." etc. With footnote, "Pray excuse the paper, as it is the only half sheet I happen to have in my dressing room".

Mounting stub to lower margin, holed where seal removed but not affecting text. With address panel, this signed, "Kent and Strathearn". The writer identified in another early hand and dated 1810 on the reverse.


Enquire Item No. 16359

ELGIN, THOMAS BRUCE, 7TH EARL OF (1766-1841). Diplomatist and collector of antiquities: Large (9 3/4 x 3 3/4 inches) autograph letter wrapper signed, "Elgin & Kincardine" addressed to, "The Earl Russell K.G. Foreign Office, London". Inscribed, "Private" & "By Hand". n.d.

Item No. 16367

Old tear repaired to reverse. Mounting stub to reverse of upper margin.


Enquire Item No. 16367

ENGLAND - AUSTRALIA AUTOGRAPHS 1ST TEST TRENT BRIDGE 1934: Two leaves from an autograph album bearing on the two facing leaves the signatures of all 16 of the Australian squad for the first test at Trent Bridge , 8th-12th June 1934 which Australia won by 238 runs.

And on the reverse of the 2nd leaf the signatures of members of the English Team.

The Australian signatories are: Woodfall (Captain); Bradman (Vice Captain); Ponsford; Kippax; McCabe; Oldfield; Grimmett; Wall; Brown; Chipperfield; O'Reilly; Darling; Barnet; Bromley; Ebeling; & Fleet-Smith.

The English Signatories are: 1st Innings: Walters (Captain deputising for Wyatt ); Sutcliffe; Hammond; Leyland; Hendren; Ames; Geary; Verity; & Farnes. And 2nd Innings: Wyatt & Bowers. I have been unable to decipher one other signature.

The album leaves are pink paper. There is an unrelated watercolour drawing to the reverse of the first leaf (with no show through). The leaves each 4 5/8 x 3 7/8 inches.

In the second Test of the series at Lord's, known as Verity's Match, left-arm spinner Hedley Verity took 15 wickets in the match to hand England their only victory in a Lord's Ashes Test in the twentieth century. The last two Tests of the series were notable for the prodigious runscoring of Bill Ponsford and Donald Bradman, who shared partnerships of at 388 at Headingley (scoring 181 and 304 respectively) and 451 at the Oval (scoring 266 and 244 respectively) in Ponsford's final Test.


Enquire Item No. 16662

EVERSLEY, CHARLES SHAW-LEFEVRE, VISCOUNT (1794-1888; public official): Autograph letter signed, 2-sides 8vo, to "My dear Compton":

Item No. 9709

"I shall be at Winchester tomorrow and ready to attend your committee ..... But what a bad disaster! You appear to have done all that could be done on the spire of the monument, but how the Discipline of the Reformatory is to be maintained thro the winter I do not exactly see .... I hope Mr. Castleman has insured the buildings".

Beckfield Place, Winchfield, Hants. 13th Oct. 1867. Inscribed at head of first side in another, contemporary, hand, "Lord Eversley".


Enquire Item No. 9709

EVES, DOUGLAS (born 1922) [with a reference to MASEFIELD, JOHN]: His manuscript diaries and commonplace books for the years 1941 (January-June) & 1949-1956.

The first diary commences whilst he is at Corpus Christie, Cambridge, reading Classics, but his studies are interrupted by the war, he being severely injured in combat. They recommence in 1949 and continue through, with occasional gaps, to 1956. During this period he studies law at Lincolns Inn, becoming a member of Middle Temple, teaches at Repton, and takes up an appointment as deputy chairman of the family firm, the Ibstock Brick & Tile Co. near Leicester. He has ambitions as a poet, visiting JOHN MASEFIELD (see fuller description) and also contemplates the stage but, from a limited perusal of the diaries he appears to suffer much from depression and lacks direction; he certainly finds no joy in working for the family firm nor does he find law or his role as a schoolmaster terribly rewarding. His diaries are generally descriptive narratives of particular events or very observant pen portraits of people he encounters. Included with these diaries are a photograph of Eves and a copy of his privately printed, 'Reflections at Random - The Story of a Life' from which we learn that he taught not only at Repton, but also at St. Peter's, Weston-super-Mare, and the Dragon School, Oxford, and that he was a friend of Sir John Betjeman.

The following extracts, chosen at random, will we hope give an indication of the diaries as a whole, but the bulk of them remain unread and may produce more of interest. Written in ten 8vo and 4to notebooks. £425.00

Enquire Item No. 4861
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--- F --- F --- F ---

FAIRHOLT, FREDERICK W. (1814-1866; Engraver and Antiquarian): Autograph letter signed, 3-sides 8vo, to the painter, J. Noel Paton.

Item No. 5937

“Mon Cher Vieux Garcon, In plain English, Dear old boy …… here I am in this wicked Metropolitan City. My dark superstitions got the better of me; I did not like to risk an unlucky day by traveling at night I hope that is quite clear, and not at all Irish. So I did not stay at Newcastle and have been traveling since 8 a.m. …… I send you some game if you care for it and which Lord Londesborough made me pay ………” etc.

Clarendon Hotel, Princess St. [Edinburgh], n.d.


Enquire Item No.5937

FANE, JOHN, 10TH EARL OF WESTMORLAND (1759-1841). Lord Privy Seal: Autograph letter signed, 1-page 4to with integral address panel, to the Duke of York. 2nd April 1809:

Item No. 16390

"I have the honor to enclose [not present] the address of the person who was employed about my stoves, I believe they are called, Swedish Stoves, & can only add, that I think them most excellent ..."

The address panel also signed, remains of red wax seal. Mounting stub to blank margin of address panel. The writer identified & the letter dated in another early hand.


Enquire Item No. 16390

FARNOLL, JEFFERY (1878 - 1952, novelist): His signature on a slip of paper 3 3/4 x 1 1/2 inches.

Item No. 12579

Cut from a letter & laid down on part of an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 12579

FIELDS, GRACIE (1898 - 1979; actress): Photograph, head and shoulders with dog.

Item No. 10629

Inscribed, "My best wishes to Stanley" and signed. ca. 1938. The photograph 10 x 8 inches, edge worn and with 4 1/2 inch corner crease lower left.


Enquire Item No.10629

FIRTH, JOSEPH FIRTH BOTTOMLEY (1842–1889) Politician and municipal reformer: Autograph letter signed to "My dear Sopley"[?]

Item No. 15368

New Court, Temple, 30th Oct. 1880. 1-side 8vo. "I have asked Mr. Seaton, a Cambridge man of much legal and academical knowledge and skill whether in case the Leeds Ladies Association still are in want of a lecturer to give them four lectures on the Legal Disabilities of Women. He is willing to do so on the terms you mentioned to me and I believe he has much interest in the subject and the Ladies would do well to secure his services......" He then gives Seaton's address on the conjugate leaf.


Enquire Item No. 15368

FORSTER, WILLIAM EDWARD (1818-1886). Statesman: Autograph note signed.

Item No. 15284

80 Eccleston Square, S. W. Sunday morning, no date. 1 1/4 sides 8vo, tipped on to part of an album leaf. He writes to a Mr. Levy regarding "the Congo Question".


Enquire Item No. 15284

FREDERICK, DUKE OF YORK AND ALBANY (1763-1827); second son of King George III: Autograph letter signed, "Frederick" to "Dear Clayton", 1-page 4to (5-lines) with integral blank. Newmarket, May 1st 1825.

Item No. 16356

"By some mistake I found a box upon my table last night which I did not open and which has been brought down here ............." etc.

Mounting stub to rear margin of integral blank.


Enquire Item No. 16356

FROUDE, J.A. (1818-1894; historian) author of 'Oceana, or England and her Colonies' 1886, etc.

Item No. 1522

Autograph letter signed, 2-pages 8vo, to Lady Lyttelton: "... I hope that I have arrived back all the better for my expedition "down under" as the gardener in the Square puts it to me with an exclamation of "Well Well" as if he hardly believes in the possibility!"

5 Onslow Gardens, May 28th n.y. Integral leaf removed.


Enquire Item No. 1522

FROUDE, WILLIAM (1810-1879). Naval architect & engineer: Autograph letter signed to "My dear Pengelly" (the geologist William Pengelly, 1812-1894).

Item No. 15302

Chelton Cross, 25th June 1869. 1-page 8vo on mourning paper, tipped on to part of an album leaf. He writes: "I am much obliged for your kind letter which I received today - But today there also comes a telegram from Capt. Noble informing me that the party cannot come as they intended. Till I hear from Capt.N I cannot tell whether to ask you to renew your consent..." etc.


Enquire Item No. 15302

FRY, HENRIETTA JOAN (c.1799-1860; poet & translator): Autograph letter signed to Caroline Southey

Item No. 9676

"May I be permitted, whilst quite a stranger, in this manner, to address Caroline Southey, in her character as an author. She will perceive that the lady who takes this liberty is a 'Quaker' & she will I hope forgive the introduction of this unasked [?]. Allow me to say I have lately amused myself in making some sketches of characters in verse, in wh number I have included many bright names, those of the wise & the good ….. and belle lettres , as Felicia Hemans …. Jane Taylor. I have not yet concluded on sending them to the press …… .May I ask if those would object ……." etc. concluding by mentioning friends in the Lakes.

No place or date. 3-sides 8vo, mounted to a stub on the inner margin.

*Perhaps referring to her 'Portraits in miniature; or Tableaux du coeur' published in 1848. From an album compiled by Maria Burrard, a second cousin of Caroline Southey.


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GAMBIER, JAMES, BARON (1756-1833) Admiral; ELIOT, WILLIAM, 2ND EARL OF ST. GERMANS (1767-1845); & YOUNG, SIR WILLIAM (1751-1821) Admiral: Printed document on vellum filled in by hand:

"By the Commissioners for Executing the Office of Lord High Admiral of Great Britain and Ireland etc. And of all His Majesty's Plantations etc. To Capt. Richard Raggett hereby appointed Captain of His Majesty's Ship the Royal Sovereign......Given under our hands and the Seal of the Office of Admiralty this Twenty fourth day of January, 1801". Signed by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty Admiral James Gambier; William Eliot, 2nd Earl of St Germans; & Admiral Sir William Young .

Document on vellum, 12 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches, folded. With wafer Admiralty seal and revenue seal.

Following on from the above appointment as Flag-Captain to Vice-Admiral Sir Henry Harvey, in the Royal Sovereign, a 100-gun first rate ship of the line, Raggett later commanded HMS Leopard and the Africaine frigate. Later in his career he took command of HMS Spencer and during the War of 1812-15 sailed her to North America escorting a convoy to Canada, in 1814 patrolling the Gulf of Maine where he managed to extract ransom from the Cape Cod towns of Eastham and Brewster to avoid his bombardment; the Spencer gaining the sobriquet "Terror of the Bay". HMS Royal Sovereign, as the flag ship of Admiral Collingwood, was the first ship of the fleet in action at Trafalgar.


Enquire Item No. 16476

GARTSHORE, MRS. MURRAY (d.1851; musical composer): Part of an autograph letter ......

Item No. 9672

Laid down in three pieces on a Victorian album leaf: "Dearest Mrs. Southey, I look upon his lines and note as two of the most precious gifts I ever received. I say this from my heart and I know you believe me…." Mrs. Gartshore and Caroline Southey collaborated on a piece of music, published ca. 1850, titled 'River, River'; Caroline Southey writing the words and Mrs. Gartshore the music (which she dedicated to Caroline).

Also laid down on the same leaf the autographs of other women writers, i.e. an envelope addressed in the hand Dinah Maria Mulock (afterwards Mrs. Craik), the cut signatures, with subscriptions, of Anna Eliza Bray, Rebecca Hey, Sarah Gordon, & Anna Mary Howitt. Also autograph note signed, with initials, from Elizabeth M. Sewell (the recipients name excised); with cut full signature pasted on. From an album compiled by Maria Burrard, a second cousin of Caroline Southey.


Enquire Item No. 9672

GEORGE III (1738-1820). Queen Charlotte, Nicolas 1 of Russia: End of an autograph letter signed, "George R" to his son, Frederick, Duke of York. 7 1/2 x 6 inches. Queen's House, April 23rd 1784.

Item No. 16368

"... The vague reports which too quickly circulate. She is now in a manner without complaint. Believe me ever My Dear Frederick, Your most Affectionate Father, George R". Laid down on an old album leaf below which is mounted the cut signature, "Charlotte R" of his consort Queen Charlotte (1744-1818).

Item No. 1638

To the reverse of the leaf is mounted a letter address panel addressed, in French, to the Duke of York, signed twice (some dust marking). Identified in an early hand as being the Grand Duke Nicolas 1817 [the year he visited England]. The Grand Duke Nicholas (1796-1855), Nicolas I of Russia, Emperor 1825-1855.


Enquire Item No. 16368

GEORGE V (1865-1936) King of Great Britain: Autograph Letter signed, "George" as Duke of York.

Item No. 16472

Item No. 16472

2-sides 8vo, on his crested mourning paper, with integral blank. Written on board H.M.S. Melampus at Portsmouth, June 29th, [18]92, the date he took command of the vessel. He writes a letter of thanks to, "Dear Mrs. Ramsen" - "It was most kind of you & Miss Ramsen having made that silk pennant for the 'Melampus' which I have hoisted this morning at 9 o'clock, I don't know how to thank you enough for all the trouble you have had in making it & I am afraid it kept you up very late last night...."

First side and last blank very soiled, second side with some spotting. Short tear on central fold.


Enquire Item No. 16472

1890’s GERMAN ARTISTS: A collection of 40 autograph letters signed and autograph correspondence cards signed.

Item No. 3861

All addressed to H. Lewis in Dusseldorf who was apparently making arrangements for an exhibition at the Crystal Palace; all, apart from the last, in German. 1894-1899. Together with 11 letters and 10 correspondence cards of which we have been unable to decipher the signatures. 40 pieces in all.

Eberhard Stammel (1833-1906); Auguste Splitgerber (1844-1918); Fritz Sonderland (1836-1896); Eduard Sporer (1841-1898); Carl Saltzman (1847-1923: 2 C.C.S & 3 A.L.S.): Emanuel Spitzer (1844-1919); Nathaniel Sichel (1843-1907); Theodore Schuz (1830-1900); Friedrich Schwinge (1852-1913); and Heinrich Schnabel, 3 A.L’s.S. in English discussing his British Columbian and Alaskan paintings “for the Exhibition of the Glasspalace London.”


Enquire Item No. 3861

GIBBS, SIR PHILIP (1877-1962; writer): Autograph letter signed, 2-sides 8vo, to ARTHUR PAUL BOISSIER (1882-1953; senior master Royal Naval College, Osborne 1905-1919; headmaster of Harrow School 1940-1942; & Director of Public Relations, Ministry of Fuel & Power, 1943-45).

Item No. 3849

“I am so glad that article of mine was the right kind of thing …… I am desperately finishing a novel and as soon as that deed is done I have to go to Geneva …… ”

Slight edge tears. Overponds, Shackleford, Surrey, Aug. 11, n.y.


Enquire Item No. 3849

GIELGUD, SIR JOHN (1907-2000; actor).

Signature and 'best wishes 1943' on a slip of paper.


Enquire Item No. 1431

GILFILLAN, GEORGE (1813-1878; minister of the United Presbyterian church and author): Autograph letter signed to Charles G. Kincaid who had requested his autograph and "according to your desire a few sentences of my composition".

Item No. 9779

1-page 8vo, Dundee, 10th Dec. 1847. On the conjugate leaf Gilfillan has transcribed, on both sides, 35-lines on, "Poetry and Religion"; this also signed. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9779

GILFILLAN, ROBERT (1798-1850; Scottish poet & songwriter): Autograph song, signed, 2-stanzas each of 8-lines, commencing:

Item No. 9734

"The grave it holds my fairest now / The loved one of my heart; / Ah! Little thought I we so soon, / So, Sadly soon, should part! ........"

Signed and dated Leith, 3rd July 1845. Written on both sides of a single sheet, 4to, tipped-onto a leaf from a Victorian album on the inner margin.


Enquire Item No. 9734

GILFILLAN, ROBERT (1798-1850; Scottish poet & songwriter): Autograph song, signed, 4-stanzas, each of 8-lines, commencing:

Item No. 9765

"O! this were a bright world / Most pleasant and gay, / Did love never languish, / Nor friendship decay………"

2-sides 8vo. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album. Undated.


Enquire Item No. 9765

GILFILLAN, ROBERT (1798-1850; Scottish poet & songwriter): Printed poem, 'Lines upon a Mother's death'. 1-page large 8vo. Inscribed:

Item No. 9781

"To Mr. Alex. Kincaid with the author's respects" and further inscribed by Gilifillan: "Mrs. Gilfillan died 8th Jan'y 1844 a woman of superior intellect ……… her memory deserves a far higher tribute than these feeble lines convey".

Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9781

GLADSTONE, WILLIAM EWART (1809-1898). Prime Minister: Autograph letter signed, 2-sides 8vo with integral blank.

Item No. 16396

He writes: "It was in the middle of March the question of pensions for Colonial Governors first came before the Treasury. I do not see its urgency in comparison with other affairs ....." etc.

11, Carlton-House-Terrace, June 16th 1864. Old annotation at head, "Gladstone - Premier", paper adhesion to reverse of integral blank where once mounted.


Enquire Item No. 16396

GODFREY, WALTER HINDES (1881-1961). Architect and antiquary: Autograph letter signed.

Item No. 15322

Kingsdown, Radlet, Hertfordshire, 27th July 1911. 2-pages 8vo. A letter of condolence to Miss Sturge upon the death of her brother, "he lived to initiate several valuable works which will continue now that they have been succesfully begun ..."


Enquire Item No. 15322

GOOSSENS, SIR EUGENE (1893 - 1962; conductor and composer): Typed letter signed, 1-page 4to, to Sir Ronald Storrs:

Item No. 2151

'Your charming card written .... after hearing my "Five Impressions of a Holiday" arrived at my Connecticut retreat and gave me immense pleasure. Not only was I glad you liked my very juvenile efforts written some thirty years ago, but also that you remembered an old friend ......'

Office of the Conductor, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Sept. 28, 1944. Usual fold marks, a little creased. Annotated by Storrs in pencil.


Enquire Item No. 2151

GRANT, JAMES (1822-1887; novelist and writer on history): Autograph transcription signed, 6-lines:

Item No. 9761

"He spoke of the alliances between the Houses of Stuart and Bourbon, and of the many years of exile which the descendants from these marriages had spent in each others territories. Vol. IV".

Stockbridge, Edinburgh, 17th Nov. 1847. 1-page 8vo, mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album. Perhaps from his novel 'The Romance of War' (4 volumes, 1845).


Enquire Item No. 9761

GREENWELL, DORA (1821-1882). Poet & essayist: Autograph letter signed.

ItemNo. 15290

11 Clifton Park Road, October 26th n.y. 1-page 8vo laid down by the blank conjugate leaf to part of an album page. To "My dear Madam" writing that she hopes to attend a meeting.


Enquire Item No. 15290

GURNEY, JOSEPH JOHN (1788-1847; Quaker philanthropist, brother of Elizabeth Fry): Autograph letter signed, 1-page 4to, to 'My dear Friend' [the Rev. Edwin Sidney] agreeing to attend a meeting of the Bible Society at Acle:

Item No. 2503

"....& if agreeable to thee, beg to propose the Evening of fifth day (Thursday) the 29th Inst. - but if the absence of a moon is sufficient to prevent it, thou canst fix any subsequent day which may suit thee ......", with postscript.

Norwich, June 7, 1831. Usual fold marks, sealing wax mounting spots to corners on reverse with paper adhesion, integral leaf removed, some age marking.


Enquire Item No. 2503

GUTHRIE, THOMAS (1803-1873; preacher & philanthropist): Autograph note in the third person:

Item No. 9707

"The Editor of the Sunday Magazine begs to apologise to Miss Royle [?] .... He believes the Epistles will be published ..... Mr Strahan .... is the proper party to apply to".

Edinburgh, 16th March 1868. Inscribed in another, contemporary, hand at bottom "Dr. Guthrie" . Laid down, browned & marked.


Enquire Item No. 9707

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--- H --- H --- H ---

HALL, ANNA MARIA (1800-1881; miscellaneous writer): A good autograph letter signed, 4-sides 8vo, to "Madam":

Item No. 9699

"Although my name may be known to you - I feel I owe you an apology for this intrusion which I trust the subject will render excusable - It has been proposed to me to undertake the editorship of a monthly magazine designed more especially for Ladies - and I am willing to undertake the task (although I feel it is one of no ordinary responsibility) - if I continue to meet with the promise of support, which support, alone can ensure success, there are three or four 'Ladies Magazines', but it cannot be wrong to say, that they are in all respects unworthy -

I expect to produce a work which will be an acquisition to the Drawing Room table, and do no discredit to the Library - I hope that the aid I shall obtain will enable me to produce a Magazine that will elevate the position of women in this Country and direct young minds into their best and proper, as well as happiest channel - I do not enter upon this duty without as much as possible securing the elements of success. The Proprietor commands ample funds, and the remuneration I beg on his part to offer - is from 10 to 12 gns a sheet - paid the first week in every month ........................... If you Madam, will give me the advantage of your valuable support ............................ I should require your aid (either in Prose, or Verse, or in both) in March, and believe me you would not find yourself companioned unworthily .............. I have a pledge that the magazine be carried on for two years & the price will be half a crown. Mr Hall begs his best respects ....." The Rosery, Old Brompton, n.d. Inscribed at head of first leaf in another, contemporary, hand, "Mrs S. C. Hall 1844". 2 small pieces of old paper adhered to surface of first page not obscuring text.


Enquire Item No. 9699

HALL, ANNA MARIA (1800-1881; writer): Autograph transcript, 9-lines, signed, from "The White Boy".

Item No. 9738

Single sheet of green paper, 8vo. Dated The Rosery, Old Brompton, Sept. 29th 1845. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9738

HALLE, SIR CHARLES (1819-1895). Pianist & conductor: Autograph letter signed, 1-page 8vo, to "My dear Mrs. Henry". Queen Railway Hotel, Chester, 3 April, no year.

Item No. 16400

He writes to inform her that, "the many claims upon my time have obliged me to increase my terms to one Guinea and a half per lesson" and that unless he hears otherwise he will attend her daughters as arranged.

Integral blank removed. A little corner damage, some glue marks to the reverse.


Enquire Item No. 16400

HALL, RADCLYFFE (1880-1943; English poet and author, best known for the lesbian classic The Well of Loneliness.): Autograph letter signed, Radclyffe Hall, to a Miss Stitch regarding an invitation from the Writer's Circle to speak on her novel "Adam's Breed"..

Item No. 12573

Item No. 12573b

She writes that she is: "greatly honoured that the Circle would care to hear me, and will do my best to give some idea as to how I evolved 'Adam's Breed'. I could speak on Monday October 18th at 6.45, if that will do, but I should like you to let me know for how long you would like me to speak ....." 37 Holland Street, Kensington, W.8. 28th June 1926. 1 1/4 sides 8vo on 2 conjoined leaves, on cream paper; remains of an album leaf on the blank reverse of the second side. Very good.


Enquire Item No.12573

HALL, SAMUEL CARTER (1800-1889; journal editor and writer): Autograph poem signed, 8-lines commencing:

Item No. 9736

"Where, at his loom, the artisan / Feels that his skill is worthy man ......." Signed, "S.C. Hall" and dated The Rosery, Old Brompton, Sept. 29th 1845. On a single 8vo sheet of yellow paper mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9736

HALL, SAMUEL CARTER (1800-1889). Author & editor: Autograph letter signed to "Dear Madam" [perhaps Helen Blackburn].

Item No. 15318

24 Stamford Rd. Kensington, 1st January 1885. 1page 8vo. Slight damage to margin, a little light foxing. He writes: ".....I shall await your instructions as to where I should send the.....small drawings of Mrs. Hemans, Miss Mitford and Mrs. Loudon (L.E.L.)" Most likely refering to the the Exhibition of Women's Industries held at Bristol early this year. This exhibition, the first of its kind, i.e. entirely devoted to the arts and industries of women only, was organised by the Irish suffragist Helen Blackburn (1842-1903).


Enquire Item No. 15318

HALLAM, HENRY (1777-1859; historian).

Item No. 1557

Autograph letter signed to 'Dear Mrs Clive', 2-pages 12mo, declining an invitation '... but hope to accompany my daughter & son-in-law the next following day as I believe she has already mentioned to you'. Pickhurst, Nov. 17, n.y. Fold marks, integral leaf removed.


Enquire Item No. 1557

HALLAM, HENRY (1777-1859; historian): Autograph letter signed.

Item No. 4848

1-page 12mo, inviting the unidentified recipient to breakfast. With integral leaf; mounted to part of an album page. 24 Wilton Crescent; Friday, April 22, n.y.


Enquire Item No. 4848

HAMILTON, GENERAL SIR IAN (1853-1947): His signature, Ian Hamilton ...

Item No. 12580

beneath the typed subscription "Believe me, Yours very truly". Cut from a letter. Overall 3 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches. Laid-down on part of an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 12580

HART, SOLOMON ALEXANDER (1806 - 1881; painter): Autograph envelope signed.

Postmarked 20th May 1878 and addressed to Mrs. Maurice Davis, 11 Brunswick Square; some foxing.


Enquire Item No. 10667

HASSALL, CHRISTOPHER (1912-1963; poet, biographer, playwright, librettist to Ivor Novello and William Walton): A good wartime letter to Katharine Munday of the Salisbury Poetry Circle.

1¼ -pages 4to, "It's ages since you wrote, but the world has been shaken and I have been shaken with it. Now, gatherings are prohibited, so no doubt if you still intend to have a meeting it will have to be a 'fire-side' one, an intimate clustering round a cup of coffee after dinner …… I shall be game … I'll write a week before to assure you I'm not lying face downwards in a French ditch…" Highgate; no date.


Enquire Item No. 4849

HAYTER, CHARLES (1761-1835; miniature painter).

An old manuscript label from the back of a painting, age stained, browned and chipped: 'This portrait was executed by Mr Hayter, father of the present Sir George Hayter for the late Mr Samuel Bagster of Paternoster Row....' Laid-down.


Enquire Item No. 2223

HENWOOD, WILLIAM JORY (1805-1875). Mining surveyor: Autograph letter signed to "My dear Sir", most likely the geologist William Pengelly (1812-1894).

Item No. 15344

3 Clarence Place, Penzance, 2nd Jan. 1867. 1-side 12mo; conjugate blank removed. "I do not posess Dr. Smith's book nor is it in the Library of the Geological Society. I had an opportunity of looking at it .... I thought the work the most bungling and illogical piece of rubbish I ever saw ....."


Enquire Item No. 15344

HERBERT, A.P. [Sir Alan Patrick] (1890-1971; Humorous poet & novelist): Unusual (to say the least) autograph poem signed with initials. Undated. Two-pages folio (8 verses, each of 4-lines). Fold marks, a few slight edge chips.

Item No. 15595

The first leaf is headed, "The Professor's Rebuke" against the layman's use of an uncouth 4-letter word for a part of the female anatomy: "The portions of a woman that appeal to Man's depravity / Are fashioned with considerable care / And what at first appears to be a simple little cavity / Is really an elaborate affair / And Doctors who have troubled to examine the phenomena / In various experimental dames / Have made a list of all the things in feminine abdomena / And given them delightful Latin names / [etc. etc. another verse] / Why it it then that when we common people chatter / Of the mystery to which I have refered / We use of such a delicate and complicated matter / Such a very short and unattractive word".

The second leaf is headed, "The Layman's Defence of his Vocabulary" the verse commencing: The Erudite and Others who have studied the geography / Of that obscure but interesting land / Are able to indulge a taste for topography / And view the scenic details close at hand / But the ordinary person, though aware of the existence / Of complexities beneath that pleasant knoll / Are normally contented to survey them from a distance / And to treat them, roughly speaking, as a whole / [etc. etc. - another 2 verses] ".


Enquire Item No. 15595

HEDDERWICK, JAMES (1814-1897; Scottish journalist and poet): Autograph poem signe.

Item No. 9773

14-lines commencing " The bard who woos misjudging flattery, / And only sings that partial friends may praise ………" 1-page 8vo on mauve paper. Dated Oct. 13, 1845. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9773

HICKS BEACH, MRS. SUSAN (writer): Two long autograph letters signed, 16-sides 8vo, to C.E. Carrington of the Cambridge University Press, who had published her 'A Cardinal of the Medici' in 1937, seeking a publisher for a play:

Item No. 9634

"I ought not to waste y'r time with this, for I don't believe you can tell me of any publisher who wd. have sufficient courage for it. Mr. Roberts says it is a 'period piece' - but I of course feel it is for all time! It is St. John XII 27 - I (curiously) wrote it before the war, in February 1914. In 1916 I had it typed & sent to Mr. du Maurier. My husband had just taken his nephew's…place in parliament & we were in London. Mr du Maurier rang up…& said he could not put in on at Wyndhams for the stage was too narrow, but that he was going to persuade someone or another to do so……..Mr Harrison at the Haymarket was a sweety - & then at the last moment courage failed - his letter to me said 'the public would never stand it'. A queer little Mr Hay who leased several theatres peered at me over the top of his desk & said ' and all the time I feel this is a gold mine if only I had the guts'……….." etc. Feb. 25th & March 2nd, 1938.

Together with two other autograph pieces. Also a retained carbon copy of a letter from C.E. Carrington to G.I. Whitham: "It was a most unusual event for the Cambridge University Press to publish an historical novel, and it only took place because of the extraordinary display of original research which was shown in Mrs. Hicks Beach: Cardinal of the Medici…." 30th June 1937.


Enquire Item No.9634

HILL, FLORENCE DAVENPORT (1828/9-1919). Prison reformer; particularly concerned with improving the lives of pauper children. A promoter of women's suffrage: A good autograph letter signed, Florence Hill, to "My dear Mr. Compton" [Herbert Compton of Winscombe, Nr. Weston].

Item No. 15336

Heath House, Stapleton, Bristol. August 10th, 1872. 6 1/2 sides 8vo, on mourning paper. She writes concerning the death of her father and other family matters and continues: ".... I wonder if your attention has been drawn to a movement which during the last few years has made much progress, & which I am very desirous to promote:- I mean the 'Boarding-out' of pauper orphans, that is transfering them from the large Workhouse School to the home influence of the best class of Cottage-life? There are several placed with foster parents in this neighburhood and some (from Bristol Workhouse) in rural parishes not far from Winscombe ........" etc.


Enquire Item No. 15336

HIRST, ELIZA JANE: A manuscript account of Surnames and from whence they are derived.

Item No. 16647

Item No. 16647

Not published. An extraordinary work, the surnames collected and arranged by the compiler over a period of 34-years, she finishing it in 1905. She resided at Lywood House, Ardingly, Haywards Heath, Sussex. Manuscript on 348-pages 4to (9 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches), contemporary half roan, marbled boards.

Surnames relating to The Body (i.e. Handsomebody, Littlebody, Lightbody, Freebody, Truebody, Leebody, Peabody....etc.etc.) Also surnames relating to Dress Materials, Crops, Farming, Garden, Trees, Flowers, Vegetables, Herbs, Birds, Animals, Water, Rivers, Sea, Betting & Gambling, Music, House, Fire, etc. etc. Also curious Christian names e.g. Not-wanted James, & One Too Many . A curious work.


Enquire Item No. 16647

HODGSON, WILLIAM BALLANTYNE (1815-1880). Educationist and economist: Autograph letter signed to the geologist William Pengelly (1812-1894).

Item No. 15354

41 Grove End Rd. London 14th July 1868. 4-sides 12mo. Writing in his difficult hand apparently about suitable subjects for him to address a geological meeting. He suggests economics, "I have heard of Economic Geology whatever that may mean - a paper on 'What is Capital ?'..... I would gladly write one that might occupy half an hour in reading ..... How would something on Education do? ......" etc.


Enquire Item No. 15354

HOOK, WALTER FARQUHAR (1798-1875). Dean of Chichester: Autograph letter signed, 3-sides 8vo, on mourning paper, to "Dear Mr. Pound", The Deanery, Chichester 28th Oct. 1868.

Item No. 16381

Regarding a child's education and continues regarding a visit to the Isle of Wight which "was my home from 1817 to 1826" - "We spent ten days with Lord Justice & Lady Wood at Freshwater where we staid for the pleasure of being able to pay daily visits to the Poet Laureate ........" etc.

Traces of mounting on left hand margin, last leaf holed with loss of only one letter.


Enquire Item No. 16381

HOOKER, JEREMY (b. 1941; poet): Two autograph letters, 1½-sides 8vo and 1½-sides 4to, the first to Katharine Munday, the second to "Kit", both of the Salisbury Poetry Circle.

The first letter discussing his fee and the assistance they may get in paying it from the National Poetry Secretariat, the second suggesting that he give a talk on Seamus Heaney, "but I don't want to impose myself on the circle" etc. The second letter annotated by recipient at end. Winchester; 12.2.'82 and Frome; 18th April, 1996.


Enquire Item No.4852

HOPE, ALEXANDER JAMES BERESFORD BERESFORD (1820-1887; architectural patron): Autograph letter signed, 1-side 8vo to "My dear W", in a virtually illegible hand. Hedgebury Park, Cranbrook, 1873.

Item No. 9720

Some smudging, laid down on a leaf from a Victorian album. Inscribed at head in another, contemporary, hand "Beresford Hope".


Enquire Item No.9720

HOUSMAN, LAURENCE (1865-1959; Novelist & Dramatist): Autograph Letter Signed to a Mr. Williamson. Two-pages, 4to. 1941. Regarding the German Empress Frederick's 2nd marriage.

Item No. 15594

He writes: "My answer to you about the Empress Frederick's second marriage ..... As far as I know, it never found its way into the press. How I came by it was that I had two English friends, living in Germany, in the year following the Emperor Frederick's death, and they had friends among the German aristocracy, who spoke of the marriage as an accepted fact; it was not regarded in any way as a scandal - morganatic marriages being so usual among German royalties - quite sympathetically ..... "

He continues that he has forgotten the husband's name, but remembers, "he was a baron. The only suggestion of 'scandal' was that certain ill natured people had begun talking, and that the Kaiser himself advised her to marry..." and he further suggests that the Empress would have prefered to move back to England but that her husband would not have been approved of by Queen Victoria, he says that he would have found the story less credible if it had been "regarded as an improper thing for her to have done ... but there was nothing of that sort about it ...." He ends tha,t "as you are an admirer of my Victorian plays it may interest you to know that a black-mailing attempt was made to claim that I stole them from a man who had submitted a play of his own to a certain stage manager ...."

Longmeadow, 20th October. 1941. 2-pages 4to.


Enquire Item No. 15594

HOWITT, MARY (1799-1888) & WILLIAM ( 1792-1879).Writers: Autograph letter signed from Mary, 2-pages 12mo, to "Dear Mrs. Shadwell". No place, Tuesday morning, no date.

Item No. 16410

"..... We are now busy preparing for our removal tomorrow & hope soon to have the pleasure of welcoming you in our new home ...."

The identity of the writer inscribed in purple ink in an early hand at head of first page. Mounting stub to margin of last blank, a little marginal paper adhesion where once mounted; generally good.

Item No. 16410

Together with a piece of paper inscribed, "William Howitt, written for Mrs. Shadwell in Rome May 10th 1876".


Enquire Item No. 16410

HOWITT, MARY (1799-1888; Quaker writer and translator): Autograph poem, signed, 6-stanzas each of 2-lines, commencing:

Item No. 9752

"They dread no pining sickness, no anxious night or day, / No disappointment mocks them, no idol turns to day ……" 1-page, 4to, mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album. Undated.


Enquire Item No. 9752

HOWITT, MARY (1799-1888; writer and translator): Autograph transcription, signed, "Translated from the Danish & transcribed by Mary Howitt", being a translation from Hans Christian Andersen, 6-lines commencing:

Item No. 9767

"We are no citizens of the earth but citizens of heaven ……" 1-page 8vo, on lilac paper. Dated The Elms, Lower Clapton, November 6th, 1845. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9767

HOWITT, WILLIAM (1792-1879; writer): Autograph transcription, signed, from page 208 of his 'Rural Life of England', 16-lines commencing:

Item No. 9766

"It is truly reviving to see the awakening of mind in the common people ……" One page 8vo, on lilac paper. Dated Clapton, Nov. 7th 1845. Mounted on a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9766

HUGHES, THOMAS MCKENNY (1832-1917). Welsh geologist & archaeologist: Autograph letter signed to the geologist William Pengelly (1812-1894).

Item No. 15343

Trin. Coll. Camb. 8th December, 1873. 1-side 8vo. "The box has arrived all right. I will write again to you and also Lady Burdett Coutts when we have opened it".

McKenny Hughes's fieldwork, which broke new ground in the understanding of the mountain limestone country, was of considerable importance and caused Sir Charles Lyell to revise several sections of his 'Elements of Geology'. Lyell and McKenny Hughes went on many geological expeditions together. [see ODNB]


Enquire Item No. 15343

HUNT (JAMES HENRY) LEIGH (1784-1859; poet, journalist, and literary critic): Autograph transcription, signed, from his poem "Captain Sword and Captain Pen" (first published in 1835):

Item No. 9764

"The Sun" - - "The great, sweet, warm Angel with golden rod, / Bright with the smile of the distance of God". On a piece of yellow paper, 3 ½ x 2 ½ inches with narrow ink border. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album. Undated. Attractively presented.


Enquire Item No. 9764

HUXLEY, ALDOUS (1894-1963). Novelist and essayist.: Autograph letter signed 1-page 4to to "Dear Miss Barton" [Vivien Barton working for James P. Pinker & Son, Literary Agents, London]. Cap de La Gorguette, Sanary, (Var) 6. VIII. 30.

Item No. 16555

He writes regarding his review of 'Keeping it Dark or the Censors' Handbook' by Bernard Causton & G . Gordon Young for the Fortnightly Reviews No. 765, 1st Sept. 1930: "Herewith the reviews of 'Keeping it Dark' - a little more than 1000 words I fear but I couldn't keep it shorter".


Enquire Item No. 16555

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--- I --- I --- I ---

IBRAHIM EDHEM PASHA (1919 - 1893; Greek born Turkish Statesman, Grand Vizier 1878): Autograph letter signed, in French.

Item No. 10664

To an unnamed recipient, mentioning a Mme. M. Neville, her interest in Egypt, and acknowledging receipt of a parcel. 2 1/2 sides 8vo, no place or date but dated 1839 to the reverse; usual fold marks. Born on the Greek island of Chios, orphaned and captured as a prisoner of war during the Ottoman assault on the island in 1822. Sold into slavery and taken to Constantinople he was adopted by Koca Mehmed Hüsrev Pasha, himself later to be Grand Vizier. Educated in Paris at the École des Mines he became Turkey's first mining engineer.


Enquire Item No. 10664

INGE, WILLIAM RALPH (1860-1954). Dean of St. Paul's: Autograph letter signed.

Item No. 15325

St. Paul's, 31st July, n.y. 1-page 8vo with conjugate blank; ink mark at head of blank margin, some light foxing. To "Dear Sir" - "The Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's accept gratefully the engraving of Bishop Heber bequethed by the late Mr. Sturge".


Enquire Item No. 15325

INGE, W.R. (1860-1954): Dean of St. Pauls.

Item No. 1532

An autograph correspondence card signed to the Rev. A.V. Lyttelton: "I have never heard of the book. I do not think it is by my grand-father. From the title I guess that it may be only a published sermon, perhaps by my great-uncle Whittaker Churton". St.Pauls, n.d. Inscribed on the address panel in another hand 'Dean (Inge) of S.Pauls'.


Enquire Item No. 1532

INGRAM, GRACE ( author of "Red Adam's Lady" 1973): Autograph letter signed regarding her book Red Adam's Lady (Collins, 1973).

Item No. 11847

Autograph letter signed 1 1/2 sides 8vo, to a Miss Turner regarding teaching and continuing: "At present I am working on another book set in the reign of Stephen. History has fascinated me since I was at College and the twelth century is my favourite. Red Adam's Lady was great fun to write, as you probably guessed, and I particularly enjoyed going to town on the medieval kitchen ...." 36, Westdown Drive, Thurmeston, Leicester, 19. 1. 75. Usual fold mark, some brown spotting.


Enquire Item No. 11847

INNES, RALPH HAMMOND (1913-1998): Autograph letter signed, "Ralph", 2-sides 8vo (8 1/4 x 5 3/4 inches). Ayres End, Kersey, Suffolk 16th April 1997.

Item No. 16207.jpg

Item No. 16207

To "Dear Sue" - "....... Diane always seemed essentially indestructable, her build always reminding me of the ... goddess of Greek myth. A very determined lady and I can just imagine her making up her mind that she had had enough and willing herself to go. I am myself now reached the point in life when I can understand a decision like that but as far as I am concerned - not yet. There is so much of words and excitement in life, and always the next book, the fire of creation. I am afraid I have also reached the point in life when so many of my fires are turning up thin too. That it is not just a case of the end of an era, but of eras! Alas the book world has also had its era terminations - after 50 years with Collins I walked out, not liking where they were going...... I am now with Macmillan. Ok, but the book world is not the fun it used to be ......... Lloyds and the Inland Revenue are a constant plague ........ My dog is calling me now so at least there is a occasional gleam of sanity! ................" Usual fold marks; very good.


Enquire Item No. 16207

IRVING, DAVID (1778-1860; Scottish literary scholar and librarian): Two autograph transcriptions, signed.

Item No. 9776

The first, 11-lines, in Latin, from the preface to Thomas Dempster's 'Historia ecclesiastica gentis Scotorum' (which Irving edited 1828 & 1829), the second, 10-lines, from his 'Introduction to the Study of the Civil Law' (1837). 1-page 8vo, mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9776

IRVING, SIR HENRY (1838 - 1905; actor) & TOOLE, JOHN LAWRENCE (1830 - 1906; actor & theatrical manager): Signed photograph,

Item No. 2200

a studio cabinet portrait by Barraud of Oxford Street, Irving seated, Toole stading to his right, signed by both on the mount. Size overall 6 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches; a trifle faded.


Enquire Item No. 2200

ISAACS, RUFUS DANIEL, MARQUESS OF READING (1860-1935): Short autograph letter signed, Rufus Isaacs, 1-side 8vo.

Item No. 12574

"Dear [? illegible] Many thanks! I know you are pleasant for old friendship's sake". Fox Hill, Reading, Oct. 12. 1910. Mailing folds, some soiling. Partly laid down on an album leaf, corner crease.

With autograph and musical notation to the reverse by the conductor, B. Walton O'Donnell.


Enquire Item No. 12574

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JANNI, JOSEPH (1916-1994; Italian born film producer, "Billy Liar", "Modesty Blaise", "Far from the Madding Crowd", "Sunday Bloody Sunday" & "Yanks"): Typed letter signed, to Douglas Eves, The Dragon School, Oxford, congratulating him on his production of "St. Joan":

"...... I found your sets very imaginative and suggestive and I thought the lighting excellent …" 1-page 4to, edge dusty and file punched. Vic Films Ltd. 33 Bruton Street, London W.1. 5th July 1966.


Enquire Item No. 4339

JEFFERY, FRANCIS, LORD (1773-1850; Scottish writer and judge): Autograph letter signed to Charles G. Kincaid at Glasgow, 2-sides 8vo,

Item No. 9792

"I am sure I should be very ungrateful, as well as very ill bred - if I could hesitate about complying with a request made in so flattering and polite a manner …… I beg leave therefore to say that this is my genuine handwriting and that I wish it were better both for my own credit and for that of your collection ……………" 24 Moray Place, Edinburgh, 24 Nov. 1847. Laid-down by the blank conjugate leaf to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9792

JENNER, SIR WILLIAM (1815-1898). Physician: Autograph letter signed to "Dear Sturge".

Item No. 15299

63 Brook St. Grosvenor Sq. 24th June 1874. 2-sides 8vo, affixed by the conjugate blank to part of an album page. He writes: "I cannot advise you to remain after your letter - I fear the supervision of a man like Rydon having other occupation would [?] be enough - of course a man must come down to take charge & if Mr. Lucas is kept without money he cannot very well be off anywhere".


Enquire Item No. 15299

JESSE, EDWARD (1780-1868; writer on natural history): Autograph transcript, signed, from page 283 of his book "Favourite Haunts and Rural Studies; Including Visits to Spots of Interest in the vicinity of Windsor and Eton" (John Murray 1847) ......

Item No. 9732

being his reflections on country churchyards; the extract commencing, "The grave of a child has, indeed, something peculiarly affecting in it. So young - so promising - so pretty - (for what is so pretty as a child ?) the delight of a fond mother - perhaps her only one ........." 13-lines on a single 8vo sheet, signed and dated Dec. 2nd, 1847. Mounted on a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9732

JOACHIM, JOSEPH (1831 1907; Hungarian violinist and composer): Autograph letter signed, in English.

Item No. 2192

4-pages 8vo to, "My Dear Mr Donkin!" stating that although flattered by his sister, "... I am afraid there will be some difficulty in finding suitable time for carrying out her wish..... I shall be out of town a good deal, and busy with rehearsals and performances in London. This week I go to Edinburgh, and rehearse twice at the Crystal Palace besides playing at Camberwell on Friday evening!" and going on that he might, "..... talk the matter over with her, and try to arrange suitable hours....."

The printed address, 14 Hyde Park Gate, crossed through and substituted with '13 Kensington Gore ' and with autograph note running vertically down left margin of first leaf: "There is Scarlatina at my brother's house (in a mild form I am happy to add) therefore the change of address". 22nd [Feb. 1880 added in another hand in pencil].


Enquire Item No. 2192

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--- K --- K --- K ---

KARLOFF, BORIS (1887-1969). English actor best known for his role as Frankenstein's monster: Photographic portrait signed, of the actor smoking a pipe. Inscribed, "Sincerely Boris Karloff" across the dark lower portion. Size overall 6 7/8 x 5 inches.

Item No. 16552

Laid down on an album leaf. Short corner crease, slightly oxidised when viewed at a certain angle. With, to the reverse of the leaf, a signed photograph of the actor Barry Sinclair (1911-1983), dated 1937.


Item No. 16552

Item No. 16552

Enquire Item No. 16552

KELLY, SIR FITZROY (1796-1880; Lord Chief Baron): Autograph letter signed, 3-sides 8vo, marked "Strictly Private" to Henry Lucas:

Item No. 9702

"I very much regret to say that I have now ascertained that P------- will not obtain the appointment he solicited. I have no reason to think that if he were to apply for one, in which he would not be at once chief, but where he would for a time be under command & acquire expejrience & confidence he would be equally unsuccessful ..." 6th Dec. '42.

Inscribed at head in another, contemporary hand, "Fitzroy Kelly 1842".

Laid down on a leaf from a Victorian album, on the same page the signature and subscription of the judge Sir John Barnard Byles (1801-1884) and on the reverse a short letter from Sir David Dundas (1799-1877).


Enquire Item No.9702

KEMBLE, FANNY (1809-1893; actress): Her signature .....

Item No. 9658

and subscription cut from a letter; laid down.


Enquire Item No.9658

KENT AND STRATHERN, EDWARD AUGUSTUS, DUKE OF. (1767 - 1820; fourth son of George III, father of Queen Victoria): Autograph letter front signed, "Kent and Strathern". Dated Windsor, March 26th 1815.

Item No. 7858

Addressed to W. De Soyn, 33 Park, Bristol. Two short edge tears. £20.00

Enquire Item No. 7858

KINGSLEY, CHARLES (1819-1875). Author of 'The Water Babies', etc: Autograph letter signed, 3-sides 12mo, to "Dear Sir". Eversley Rectory, Winchfield, July 20th [18] 68.

Item No. 16376

Regretting that he is unable to accept an invitation to preach as, "this spring is my time for work at Cambridge, so that my time is fully occupied ...." but suggesting a future date.

Some light creasing to fore-margin, tipped on to part of an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 16376

KRUGER, OTTO (1885 - 1974; American actor): Photograph, half-length, signed and inscribed, "To Stella, Best Wishes".

Item No. 10627

ca. 1938. The photograph 10 x 8 inches, tipped onto an album leaf. ca. 1938. Inscribed to the actress Stella Lang who doubled and stood in for Vivien Leigh in the production 'A Yank at Oxford' and for Mary Maguire in 'Piccadilly Circus'.


Enquire Item No. 10627

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--- L --- L --- L ---

LAING, ALEXANDER (1787-1857; Scottish poet): Autograph letter and poem signed.

Item No. 9744

The letter, to Charles Kincaid at Glasgow explaining that ill health had prevented him from complying with Kincaid's request for his autograph earlier. 1-side 8vo. Dated Brechin June 11th, 1848. With on the conjugate leaf his autograph poem "The Wayside Flower" - "There's a moral, my child, / In the wayside flower; / There's an emblem of life / In its short liv'd life ......" 3-stanzas, each of 8-lines. Signed and inscribed,<em> "To Charles G. Kincaid Esq. With the respectful and best wishes of the author. 1848".

Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album. Laing 'the Brechin poet' was the son of an agricultural labourer. He received only two years schooling and became a cowherd at the age of eight.


Enquire Item No. 9744

LANDSEER, SIR EDWIN (1802-1873; painter): Autograph letter signed, 2-sides 8vo, conjugate leaf removed, [to the portrait painter John Partridge (1790-1872); recipient's name however removed with conjugate leaf]

Item No. 7251

"The only dress I have was sent me by Her Majesty's order, at this moment I am attempting to paint from it, being obliged to go to Windsor Castle tomorrow, half an hour ago I received your first note - if I had had time I would have sent to beg you not to trouble yourself to send here - as I conceive you are under some mistake - I have no Lace but that which is attached to the Dress". No place, Aug. 11th 1842.


Enquire Item No. 7251

LANG, ANDREW (1844-1912; poet, folklorist, and a founder of the Psychical Research Society).

Item No. 1548

Autograph letter signed, 2-pages 8vo, to: "My dear Sir" returning some photographs and with a long postscript: "Any details of how spirits annoyed the living would be useful to my new book ..... Do they rap or appear or move objects ......." 1 Marloes Rd. Kensington, July 31, n.y. Integral leaf removed; glue mark to lower blank margin of second side.


Enquire Item No. 1548

LANKESTER, SIR EDWIN RAY (1847-1929). Zoologist; most distinguished as Morphologist: Admission ticket signed.

Item No. 15304

Admission ticked, on card, admitting John P. Sturge to the Class of Zoology, University College, London, Session 1878-79. Printed 8vo ticket filled-in by hand, signed by Lankester. pasted on the reverse at corners to part of an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 15304

LANSDOWNE, HENRY, third Marquis of (1780-1863). Statesman: Autograph letter in the third person, 1-page 8vo with integral blank, on mourning paper. London, 18th April 1856:

Item No. 16365

"Lord Lansdowne presents his compliments to Mr. Pound and desires to acknowledge his letter of the 9th instant, accompanying his work on the Ecclesiastical Disciplines Bill" [Church Discipline Bill].

Remains of mounting stub on left-hand margin.


Enquire Item No. 16365

LARKEN, SIR FRANK (1875-1953) Vice Admiral: Autograph letter signed, 7-sides 4to, to "Dear Barnard" [T.H. Barnard]. Written whilst in command of H.M.S. Doris and "a patrol with ten sizable vessels under my orders" during the Gallipoli campaign.

Item No. 16771

[Mudros]: 15. IX. 15. "............. the soldiers have had and are having desperately hard times and we sailors live in luxury by comparison with our house over our backs. Our submarines have done splendidly and are the envy of the French who have had only misfortune: Boyle who got a VC was in the St. Vincent with your friend the OC or autocrat; when Boyle returned from the Marmora for the first time, the then French Rear Admiral Guipratte who everyone is fond of went on board the mother ship and embraced Boyle saying 'Oh you Beautiful Boy!' ............."

and much else including a transport full of Australian troops hit by a torpedo, the captain of which was "a rotten fellow ......... cracking off his revolver 'To steady the boys'! ...."

The Aquitania was a hospital ship, a coal ballast fire and 7 of his men gassed whilst dealing with it, etc etc.


Enquire Item No. 16771

LAUDER, SIR THOMAS DICK (1784-1848; Scottish author): Autograph letter and transcript signed to "Sir" [Charles Kincaid]:

Item No. 9749

"Yours of the 30th ultimo came by so circuitous route that it is only now that I am made acquainted with your wish to possess my autograph, together with a short extract from one of my works …" With, beneath the signature, the extract mentioned, 5-lines commencing: "Ha! Cried the wolf recovering himself ……" Dated The Grange House, Edinburgh, 4th Nov. 1845. 1-page small 4to, mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9749

LAUDER, SIR THOMAS DICK (1784-1848; Scottish author): Signature and subscription cut from a letter, 4 ½ x 1 ¼ inches.

Item No. 9772

Laid down and mounted to part of a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9772

LAUGHTON, CHARLES (1899-1962). English actor: Photographic postcard portrait signed.

Item No. 16553

5 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.

Laid down on an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 16553

LEIGH, VIVIEN (1913 - 1967): Autograph card signed and inscribed ca. 1938.

Item No. 10624

Autograph card signed and inscribed, "Stella dear with best wishes". The card 3 x 1 3/4 inches enclosed in the original envelope inscribed by Vivien Leigh, "Miss Stella Lang". Some damage to envelope flap. Inscribed to the actress Stella Lang who doubled and stood in for Vivien Leigh in the production 'A Yank at Oxford' directed by Jack Conway.


Enquire Item No. 10624

LEIGHTON, FREDERICK, BARON LEIGHTON OF STRETTON. (1830-1896; painter, President of the Royal Academy): Autograph letter signed, 3½ sides 8vo, to Miss Burrard:

Item No. 9621

"I should have written already yesterday to beg you to make my most sincere thanks to Miss Burrard for the excellent study of a lily she has so kindly drawn for me, it is capitally done & will answer my purpose to a nicety & If I were not afraid of being indiscreet I should like to ask a second from her & draw me a wreath of roses for the head of the Saviour- but this would be perhaps encroaching on time & kindness. My return to Lyndhurst will depend a good deal on Aide's movements, if he returns for the winter, as I hope he may, I shall probably go down in November ...... Shall you be at Lyndhurst then?"

Saturday, no place or date. Inscribed in another, contemporary, hand at head of first leaf, "F. Leighton 1863". Remains of mounting stub on inner margin.


Leighton was engaged at this time in painting the altar piece fresco, of the Wise and Foolish Virgins, for the newly built church at Lyndhurst. Miss Burrard was a resident of Lyndhurst, as was his friend Hamilton Aide (1826-1906).

Enquire Item No. 9691

LEININGEN, PRINCE ERNEST LEOPOLD (1830-1904; Admiral, Comander-in-Chief at the Nore 1885-7): Printed document signed, filled out by hand being a "Reference Sheet" addressed to the Captain Superintendent , H.M. Dockyard Sheerness.

Item No. 6162

1-page folio, folded. Sheerness 22 April 1887.


Enquire Item No. 6162

LETHEBY, HENRY (1816-1876; analytical chemist, analyst of foods for the City of London): Autograph letter signed, 2-pages 12mo, to the Rev. Edwin Sidney stating that he has been:

Item No. 2492

"making enquiries about my diagrams and find that they will not be returned for some time" and that therefore he will not be able to send them to Sidney. Dec. 3rd 1844.


Enquire Item No. 2492

LEWIS, CECIL DAY (1904-1972; poet): Autograph letter signed, 1-page 8vo, to Katharine Munday of the Salisbury Poetry Circle .....

Item No. 4854

giving thanks for an invitation but declining because, "I'm pegged down here too thoroughly - except for an occasional weekend, when I go home to Devon". Ministry of Information, London; 25th July, n.y. but 1941-45.


Enquire Item No. 4854

LININGTON, ELIZABETH (1921-1988; American crime writer. Also wrote under the pseuds. Anne Blaisdell; Lesley Egan; Egan O'Neill; & Dell Shannon ): Autograph letter signed, to a Mrs. Turner, regarding her character Luis Mondoza "Knave of Hearts" etc.

Item No. 11848

p> "It's always good to hear from a fan of Mendoza's" and continues by giving publication details and saying that she will send her a book. 1/2 page 4to; some creasing. 721 South St. Glendale, Calif. April 5, n.y.


Enquire Item No. 11848

LISTON, SIR ROBERT (1742-1836). Second British Minister to the United States 1796-1802: Manuscript expenses claim signed:

Item No. 16388

"Robert Liston Esq. His Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the United States of America, humbly craves Allowance of his extraordinary Disbursements in that Service from the 5th Day of April 1798 to the 5th Day of July following, viz. For Stationary Postage of Letters & Packets, Intelligence, Memorials etc. £100".

Signed by Liston and counter-signed by the Foreign Secretary William Grenville, "I allow this Bill, Grenville" & dated Downing Street, Feb. 9th 1799. 1-page 4to .

Paper adhesion and glue marks to left hand blank margin where once mounted. Good.


Enquire Item No. 16388

LIVEING, GEORGE DOWNING (1827-1924; chemist, professor of chemistry at Cambridge 1861-1908, carried out spectroscopic investigations): Autograph letter signed, 3-sides 8vo, to an un-named correspondent, perhaps the Rev. Edwin Sidney:

Item No. 2490

"...... I understand you have kindly offered to write in my behalf with respect to the Chemical Professorship at Woolwich - Should you happen to be acquainted with Col. Portlock, Inspector of the Royal Mil. Academy, your recommendation of me to him would be of service to me ..... Col. Portlock wishes to make his recommendation to the Master General of the Ordnance on Tuesday next ..." St. John's College [Cambridge], 20 Feb. 1852. Sealing wax mounting marks to blank verso of integral leaf; neat repair to lower blank fore-corner of third side.


Enquire Item No. 2490

LLOYD, JOHN HORATIO (1798–1884) Barrister; originator in the early 1860s of Lloyd's bonds for the construction of the railways: Autograph letter signed to William Sturge.

Item No. 15364

100 Lancaster Gate, 9th November 1868. 1 page 8vo tipped on to part of an album page; some foxing, usual folds. Accepting an invitation to dinner "and to be introduced to your home & its inmates".


Enquire Item No. 15364

LUCY, SIR HENRY WILLIAM (1843-1924; journalist): Autograph letter signed, 2-sides 8vo [to Lord Inchape]:

Item No. 7247

commencing, "Good Lord!" thanking him for a case of oranges, asking him whether he remembers, "those delightful outings, invariably cheered by the presence of dear old Zarnikow in his flame coloured suit, & his pockets crammed with choice cigars?" and continuing, "We hear that Lord & Lady Swaythling will shortly be your guests. I would not like to introduce a note of discord … but I should, perhaps, suggest that during their stay Lady Inchcape should keep an eye on her husband. Lady Swaythling is as charming as she is pretty, and as good as she is both ……" Whitethorn, Sept. 1922, File punched, brown tape along upper edge.


Enquire Item No. 7247

LYELL, SIR CHARLES (1797-1875). Geologist: Autograph letter signed to the geologist William Pengelly (1812-1894).

Item No. 15306

53 Harley St., London, 9th June 1860. 2-sides 8vo; traces of mounting on left hand margin. He writes: "I am much obliged to you for the corrigenda at pp. 54 & 178 both of which already attended to ..... . I mean to give 2 months of the vacation in Germany to the finishing of this edition & shall start the first week of next month ..... I was sorry you had left home as we had Herschell, De la Rive and several other scientific men here ..... I trust that the investigation of the Bovey coal will lead to an original paper on that formation by you".


Enquire Item No. 15306

LYTTON, EDWARD GEORGE BULWER, 1ST BARON (1803-1873). Novelist: Autograph letter signed with initials, 4-sides 8vo, to "My dear B. Cochrane"*. 21 Park Lane, April 29th 1864.

Item 16408

He writes: "Your book reached me while still suffering from a severe bronchial attack ....... I have read your volume with much ... pleasure - it is a genuine [?] to find one self led thro' a picture by a hand so accomplished ....." etc. etc.

Small piece torn from one corner, short split to central fold, glue marks on blank margin on last side where once mounted.Inscribed in an early hand, "Bulwer Lytton 1864" at head of the first page.

*Alexander Baillie-Cochrane whose book "A Young Artist's Life" was published this year.


Enquire Item No. 16408

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--- M --- M --- M ---

MACDONALD, WALLACE (1891-1978). Canadian silent film actor and producer: Sepia toned photograph, head and shoulders, Inscribed and signed, "To 'You' from 'Me' Sincerely Wallace Macdonald".

Item No. 16779

9 1/2 x 6 1/4 inches. Undated. Packard Studios, New York, Chicago, & Los Angeles stamp to reverse.


Enquire Item No. 16779

MACKAY, CHARLES (1812-1889; poet and writer): Autograph transcription, signed, from his poem, "The Salamandrine"; 9-lines commencing:

Item No. 9763

"It stood upon the mountain side / Its porch with honey-suckle shaded, Its windows screened from summer suns / by clustering ivy, bird invaded ………" Dated October 3rd 1845. 1-page 8vo, of pale yellow paper. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9763

MAITLAND, JAMES, EARL OF LAUDERDALE (1759-1839): Autograph letter signed, 2-sides 8vo; integral blank removed.

Item No. 16389

No place, February 15th no year: "Sir, I am most anxious to hear how Her Royal Highness is. Hope in God your Royal Highness' accounts are good today. I am with the highest sense of duty your Royal Highness' most sincerely, Lauderdale".


Enquire Item No. 16389

MAITLAND, JULIA CHARLOTTE (1808-1865; writer): Her signature ....

Item No. 9670

and subscription cut from a letter; laid down.


Enquire Item No. 9670

MANNERS-SUTTON, CHARLES (1755-1828). Archbishop of Canterbury 1805-1828: Autograph letter signed "C. Cantuar". Lambeth Palace, June 17th 1815.

Item No. 16386

"I humbly thank your Royal Highness, & shall have great satisfaction in obeying your command. From your Royal Highness' dutiful & humble Servant".

1-page 4to with integral blank; usual fold marks, Traces of mounting on left-hand margin. Very good.


Enquire Item No. 16386

MANNING, HENRY EDWARD, CARDINAL (1808-1892; Archbishop of Westminster): Autograph letter signed, "Henry E. Card: Manning" to "My dear Mr Smith"......

thanking him for, "the Memorial of Bp. Moberly …… We ought to pray for this election, for our Christian Schools will be the first attack …… 1-page 8vo with integral blank; glue marks and traces of album leaf to reverse of blank leaf, some light foxing, slightly marked. Archbishop's House, Westminster; Nov. 23, 1885.


Enquire Item No.4860

MANNING, HENRY EDWARD, CARDINAL (1808-1892). Archbishop of Westminster: Autograph letter signed.

Item No.15288

Archbishop's House, Westminster, November 21st, 1882. 1-page 8vo. to "My dear Sir" - "I fear I can do little with the inclosed. It is a summary in other words. The Pall Mall Gazette has gone wrong & I fear the Saturday Review. I am afraid the Gov't will want courage".


Enquire Item No. 15288

MARTIN, JOHN (1789-1854; English painter): Autograph letter signed, 1-side 8vo, to the Secretary of the Whittington Club.

Item No. 13295

Dated Lindsey House, Chelsea, April 8th 1850, forwarding copies (not here present) of his pamphlet, "Outline of a Comprehensive Plan for diverting the Sewage of London" for the library and reading room. With conjugate leaf which shows traces of mounting; usual folds.
*Outline of a comprehensive plan for diverting the sewage of London and Westminster from the Thames and applying it to agricultural purposes, for improving the navigation of the river, and for establishing a supply of pure water to the metropolis. Published by E. Wison, 1850.


Enquire Item No. 13295

MARTINEAU, JAMES (1805-1900). Unitarian divine.: Autograph note signed, as Principal of Manchester New College.

Item No. 15311

March 15th 1878. 1-page oblong 8vo, partially laid down on part of an album page. He writes: "Manchester New College. The Easter Vacation will begin on Thursday April 18 and end on Monday 29 ....."


Enquire Item No. 15311

MARY (of Teck, 1867-1953; Queen, consort of George V): Christmas card signed & inscribed, 1939.

Item No. 12926

Printed Christmas & New Year card inscribed to Lady Pembroke, signed and dated, "Mary R 1939" and inscribed by the Queen, "grateful thanks for the charming little bed-jacket you hae kindly worked for me". 6 x 5 inches with conjugate blank. Some foxing.


Enquire Item No. 12926

MARY (of Teck, 1867-1953; Queen, consort of George V): Letter signed.

Item No. 12927

Letter printed in facsimile of script: "To those who have kindly united in giving me the Silver Jubilee Tapestry, It falls to me alone to return the thanks in which I know the late king would have joined so warmly; and this I do with a very full sense of gratitude for so beautiful a token of many long and precious friendships. My dear husband took a great intertest in the preparatory sketches and designs ........" etc. 2-sides 4to, black edged Buckingham Palace paper with conjugate blank, embossed royal arms at head.


Although the body of the letter is in facsimile it is actually boldly signed by the Queen, "Mary R" at end. In the original envelope addressed to The Dowager Countess of Pembroke & Montgomery, Knoyle House, Salisbury, Wiltshire with the ink stamp of Edward VIII (ERI VIII) lower left. June 1936.

Enquire Item No. 12927

MARY (of Teck, 1867-1953; Queen, consort of George V): Photograph signed & dated as Queen, "Mary R 1932" on the mount below the image.

Item No. 12924

Photograph by Hay Wrighton, half-length. The photograph 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches on the photograpers mount , 10 x 8 inches overall; mount browned and spotted and chipped on one corner.


Enquire Item No. 12924

MARY, QUEEN (1867-1953; Consort of George V).

Item No. 1541

Autograph letter on printed Balmoral memorandum paper, inscribed from "the Queen" in her hand at head, 2-pages oblong 8vo, [to Sir Lionel Cust, Surveyor of the King's pictures]:

'"When I was at Newburgh Abbey in Yorkshire ...... I came across a picture of a Lady Bellasyse - now there is a picture at Hampton Ct. of a very handsome Ly. Bellasyse (I don't know whether I have spelt it right) & I wonder whether you can tell me who she was and why her picture is at Hampton Ct.? I remember your telling me that the artist who painted it is the same who painted Catherine of Braganza with the Lamb - any information you can send me to Buck.P. will be gratefully received". 5th Oct. 1923.


Enquire Item No. 1541

[MASEFIELD, JOHN] - Description of JOHN MASEFIELD in the diary of EVES, DOUGLAS (born 1922): His manuscript diaries and commonplace books for the years 1941 (January-June) & 1949-1956.

The first diary commences whilst he is at Corpus Christie, Cambridge, reading Classics, but his studies are interrupted by the war, he being severely injured in combat. They recommence in 1949 and continue through, with occasional gaps, to 1956. During this period he studies law at Lincolns Inn, becoming a member of Middle Temple, teaches at Repton, and takes up an appointment as deputy chairman of the family firm, the Ibstock Brick & Tile Co. near Leicester. He has ambitions as a poet, visiting JOHN MASEFIELD (see fuller description) and also contemplates the stage but, from a limited perusal of the diaries he appears to suffer much from depression and lacks direction; he certainly finds no joy in working for the family firm nor does he find law or his role as a schoolmaster terribly rewarding. His diaries are generally descriptive narratives of particular events or very observant pen portraits of people he encounters. Included with these diaries are a photograph of Eves and a copy of his privately printed, 'Reflections at Random - The Story of a Life' from which we learn that he taught not only at Repton, but also at St. Peter's, Weston-super-Mare, and the Dragon School, Oxford, and that he was a friend of Sir John Betjeman.
The following extracts, chosen at random, will we hope give an indication of the diaries as a whole, but the bulk of them remain unread and may produce more of interest. Written in ten 8vo and 4to notebooks.


Enquire Item No. 4861
For a fuller description click here

MASEFIELD, JOHN (1878-1967; Poet Laureate).

His signature and subscription; trimmed rather close to subscription, signature unaffected.


Enquire Item No. 1444

MASKELYNE, JASPER (1902-1973; British stage magician ): Typed Letter Signed.

Item No. 15623

On the letterhead of "Jasper Maskelyne, The Royal Command Magician and Company" printed in red and black with playing cards to each corner. He writes to a lady in London, "...... I too regret that I could not perform any big illusions at the Odeon Theatre the other night, but I hope one day to appear there and give a proper performance". With exclamation marks added in ink. Usual fold marks, rust mark from paperclip upper left otherwise excellent. Theatre Royal, Norwich, 15th December, 1937.

Note: in the photograph of the letter we have blanked out the lady's name and address to preserve her anonymity.


Enquire Item No. 15623

MASSINE, LEONIDE (1895 - 1979; Russian-born choreographer and ballet dancer): His signature and date, London 1919

Item No. 2119

On a small green tinted album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 2119

MAUDSLEY, HENRY (1835-1918). Pioneering British psychiatrist: Autograph letter signed. 3-sides 12mo on mauve paper. 9 Hanover Square, June 25th 1874. To, "Dear Sir".

"At the request of Mrs. Lucas' friends I have sent you down a skilled attendant who will place himself at your orders - He will send a messenger with this note so that you may have an interviews with him away from the house and give him instructions".


Enquire Item No. 16483

MEYER, FRIDEL: A portrait of Fridel Meyer "the famous long-distance girl canoeist" sitting in a canoe with her Chow dog "Wuffles". Signed.

Item No. 12686

Printed in blue, perhaps cut from a programme and laid-down on an album leaf. The album leaf inscribed "Lulworth Cove 10/9/34". Signed by Fridel Meyer.


Enquire Item No. 12686

MIALL, LOUIS COMPTON (1842-1921). Geologist & palaeontologist: Autograph letter signed on the letterhead of the Bradford Philosophical Society to the geologist William Pengelly (1812-1894).

Item No. 15331

March 25th 1871. 1-page 8vo, conjugate blank removed. He writes: "I am much obliged to you for your kind letter, which I have printed among my testimonials. It cannot fail to tell much in my favour".


Enquire Item No. 15331

MILNES, RICHARD MONKTON, 1ST BARON HOUGHTON (1809-1885; author and politician): Autograph poem signed ......

Item No. 9774

2 stanzas of 4-lines each commencing: "Father! If we may well endure / The ill that with our lives begins ……" 1-page 8vo, on green paper; undated. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9774

MOIR, DAVID MACBETH (1798-1851; Scottish physician & author, known as 'Delta'): Autograph letter signed, 3-sides 8vo, to Caroline Southey (1786-1854; poet. Wife of the poet Robert Southey).

Item No. 9713

Sending, " a little collection of verse commemorative of domestic bereavements" and continuing by praising her work " I must also apologise for the intrusion - but really I can not look upon one - the thoughts of whose mind I have though so many years known, so well and admired so much, as a mere stranger and feel that on this score you will forgive me. I have just read ' The young grey head' and allow me to say that it is perhaps the most touching and effective of all you compositions, not even excepting 'The Evening Walk' which moved me, even to tears ....... Would to God, I could convey through you to your illustrious husband my high admiration ......... that your own health may remain improved and that you may long be spared to adorn the female literature of England ....." Musselburgh, 2nd Feb. 1843. Laid down by the blank conjugate leaf to a page from an album compiled by Maria Burrard, a 2nd cousin of Caroline Southey.


Enquire Item No. 9713

MONTGOMERY, ROBERT (1807-1855; poet and Church of England clergyman): Autograph poem signed, "A Thought", 6-lines commencing:

Item No. 9756

"I love the present, - but the past / Hath such a spell around it cast ……" Inscribed in another hand on lower margin, "Robert Montgomery, Author of Luther". 1-page 8vo on blue paper, mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album. Undated. 'Luther', his last long poem, appeared in 1842.


Enquire Item No. 9756

MOORE, THOMAS (1779-1852; Irish born poet): His signature ....

Item No. 9727

and "Sloperton Cottage, October 1845", central on a single sheet of pink paper, 8vo. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9727

MORRIS, LEWIS (1833-1907; Welsh poet): The end of an autograph letter signed.

Item No. 9662

9-lines with subscription: "…. it is more than probable that they will forget all about it, & I shall not remind them if they do….." Inscribed in purple ink in another early hand on lower margin, "Author of Epic of Hades". Laid-down.


Enquire Item No. 9662

MORESBY, ADMIRAL SIR FAIRFAX (1786-1877). Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, named after him: Autograph letter signed, "Grandfather" to his grandson, also Fairfax. 4-sides 8vo. No place, October 3rd 1860.

Item No. 16382

"We have been travelling from place to place, this is the reason your letters have not been answered. It is very curious how the first found me at Linmouth in North Devon, for it was directed to one admiral Morsley-Brownhill-Exmouth and as on the seal the English and French flags were united with a lovers knot. When the Post Master's Clerk suggested it might be for me, the Post Master who is my friend, and knows me well was near kicking the clerk out of the office". He continues by admonishing his grandson over his spelling and gives advice: "as a loving Grand Papa must advise you to work ... .how to use the many advantages you will possess when the time comes to see the world ....." etc.

Traces of mounting to left-hand margin of first side, mounting stub to right-hand margin of last side obscuring a few letters. Short split to central fold. Identified in another early hand at head of first leaf.


Enquire Item No. 16382

MOTHERWELL, WILLIAM (1797-1835; Scottish poet and ballad editor): His signature ......

Item No. 9770

on a slip of paper 31/2 inches sq. Some foxing. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album. Undated.


Enquire Item No. 9770

MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP (1814-1877): historian.

Autograph letter signed, 1-page 8vo with integral leaf, complying to a request. 31 Hertford Street, Mayfair, Dec. 20. 1860.


Enquire Item No. 2220

MUNICH CORPS OF CADETS: A curious item relating to the Corps of Cadets in Munich comprising a calligraphic pen & ink title leaf:

Item No. 16660

Not Published: Corps des Cadets Munchen1822 - 1825. "DENKE AN GROSSHESELO he Fur Erinnerung an deinen Freund" which I believe translates as "Remember Grossheselo he. - In memory of your friend". This signed and dated Max Waydtmann, Cadet. Munchen 3rd February 1823. Within each letter of this inscription is another word inscribed, these would appear to be the names of other Cadets although some contain other words, i.e. (translated) "The Magnificent Court Theatre in the Year 1817 Wieseroffriet".

Item No. 16660_3

Item No.16660

Item No. 16660

Item No. 16660

There then follows 34 individual leaves inscribed by indivdual cadets, these are dated 1822-1825 (mostly 1823), one with attractive affixed black paper "box" with lift up flaps, one flap inscribed "Sey Treulos" with "nie deinen Freund" revealed below; another flap inscribed "Verachte Alle" with " die dire bases Zutrauen" revealed below, & "Liebe Niemand" with "als dein Madeben" revealed below. The whole "box" covers an engraving of a cherub. A translation of the leaf that accompanies the "box" is given below.

The title leaf and the 34 other leaves all gilt edged and enclosed in a full crimson grained morocco book box, decorative gilt border to sides, all edges gilt, spine gilt and gilt lettered " DER FREUNDSCHAFE GEWEIHET". The box measures 6 1/2 x 3 7/8 x 1 inch. Box & contents very good. A curious and very attractive item.

The translation of the handwritten leaf accompanying the "box" leaf is as follows: God wanted to make the people happy, so He created love. Gratefully they received this heavenly gift; He wanted to reward them, and He created friendship. When reading these few lines, dear George, remember your devoted friend and brother F.M. Baunach Cadet au Corps des CadetsMunich, 3rd December 1822. Remember sometimes the romance we played with Nany Kreiterer in Rosenheim in the month of October in the year 1822, the happy hours we spent in her company, the tender squeezes of hands and our delight at the two bouquets of flowers she gave us when we said farewell. Don't forget the blissful hours on the eve of our departure when we were floating on air, dancing with her in turns. How because of this lovely creature we spent two whole hours devoutly in church only to be near her heavenly presence. Think of the night in Grafing, where we enjoyed a very pleasant bottle of Forster's from the Corps' crates, and we then ranted and raved at the night watchman who had the audacity to disturb our sleep.


Enquire Item No.16660

MURCHISON, SIR RODERICK IMPEY (1792-1871). Scottish Geologist: Autograph letter signed to "Dear Pengelly" (the geologist William Pengelly, 1812-1894).

Item No. 15298

1864. 4-sides 8vo on the blindstamped letterhead of the Geological Survey of Great Britain, November 21st 1864. Mounting stub on the left hand margin. He writes: "Miss Coutts may have you at dinner on Thursday if she wishes it; for there is no Royal Society Club on that day. You must pardon my slip - but being a very old member of that Club I was thinking of times past when the Club met every Thursday. Now it has a rival the Philosophical which meets next Thursday & although I am one of that too I cannot invite any Englishman - the guest must be a foreigner. I have ...... invited Mr. Gladstone to dine as my guest with the Geologists & if he accepts you can come ......." etc.


Enquire Item No. 15298

MUTRIE, MARTHA DARLEY (1824-1885). Still-life painter: Autograph postcard signed: "The pictures have I hear been safely received at 36 Palace Yard ...."

Item No. 15356

Tenby, May 16th 1885. Pre-addressed to the Hon. Secretary, Exhibition of Women's Industries, 20 Park St. Bristol. Narrow band of cloth tape affixed to upper margin where once attached to the pictures wrapping.

This exhibition, the first of its kind, i.e. entirely devoted to the arts and industries of women only, was organised by the Irish suffragist Helen Blackburn (1842-1903).


Enquire Item No. 15356

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--- N --- N --- N ---

NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY, CARDINAL (1801-1890). Leader of the Oxford movement; beatified 2010: Autograph letter in the 3rd person. Birmingham, May 13th 1881. 2-sides 12mo.

Item No. 16418

He writes: "Cardinal Newman begs to thank the Revision Editor of Public Opinion for his courteous letter. He is sorry to have to answer that he never has made the text of the N. Testament his special study, and, feeling sure that the revision will be of high value and importance, viewed as a whole he would not venture to attempt any lengthened criticism upon it ...." and continuing to say that even if he was qualified to do so he does not presently have the time.

Creasing and chipping to left-hand margin, some light staining to other margins, tipped by the head of the second side to part of an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 16418

NORRIS, [GEORGE] LESLIE (1921-2006; prize winning Welsh poet; Christiansen Professor of Poetry, Brigham Young University 1984-2000): Autograph poem signed. Undated.

Item No. 14081

Titled: "Cardigan Bay (for Kitty*)" and commencing: "The buzzard hung crossed / On the air and we came / Down from the hills under.....". 25-lines. 1 page folio with two light fold marks.

*Kitty, his wife Catherine.


Enquire Item No. 14081

NORRIS, [GEORGE] LESLIE (1921-2006; prize winning Welsh poet; Christiansen Professor of Poetry, Brigham Young University 1984-2000): Autograph poem signed. Undated.

Item No. 14082

Item No. 14082a

Titled: "Water" and commencing: "On hot summer mornings my aunt set glasses / On a low wall outside the farmhouse / With some jugs of cold water ....." 48-lines. 2 pages folio with three light fold marks. With on the last leaf a pen & ink drawing of the farmhouse. The two leaves stapled together on the upper left blank margin


Enquire Item No. 14082

NORRIS, [GEORGE] LESLIE (1921-2006; prize winning Welsh poet; Christiansen Professor of Poetry, Brigham Young University 1984-2000): Autograph poem signed. Undated.

Item No. 14078

Titled: "Alert" and commencing: "Rain mutters on the roof. I am alert / For God knows what unseemliness ...." 9-lines. 1 page 4to with two light fold marks.


Enquire Item No. 14078

NORRIS, [GEORGE] LESLIE (1921-2006; prize winning Welsh poet; Christiansen Professor of Poetry, Brigham Young University 1984-2000): Autograph poem signed. Undated.

Item No. 14079

Titled: "Winter Song" and commencing: "Over the bluff hills / At the day's end / The diffident snow / Swirls before dropping..." 21-lines. 1 page 4to with two light fold marks.


Enquire Item No. 14079

NORRIS, [GEORGE] LESLIE (1921-2006; prize winning Welsh poet; Christiansen Professor of Poetry, Brigham Young University 1984-2000): Autograph poem signed. Undated.

Item No. 14080

Titled: "Clymping, Sussex" and commencing: "I wait on the wet beach and watch the sun / Lie in a long blood on the reflecting sand ...." 9-lines. 1 page folio with two light fold marks. Holed on blank lower margin


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--- O --- O --- O ---

O'CONNELL, DANIEL (1775 - 1847; 'The [Irish] Liberator'): Autograph address panel signed, addressed to Mrs. Capel, Bideford, postmarked 9th Feb. 1839.

Item No. 12471

With slight traces of corner mounting. With another address panel adhered to the reverse, this signed by Edward Denison, Bishop of Salisbury "E. Sarum"; this also 1839 & addressed to J. Harding, Bideford.


Enquire Item No. 12471

O'CONNELL, DANIEL (1775 - 1847; 'The [Irish] Liberator'): Autograph address panel signed, addressed to Thomas Brooke, Walhampton Park, Lymington. Dated Wexford, December seven, 1838.

IItem No. 9643

Inscribed vertically in paler ink on left hand margin, very slightly affecting the first three letters of Daniel, "Posted on the 8th". Laid down.


Enquire Item No. 9643

O'NEIL, PEGGY (b. 1898; Irish-American actress): Typed letter signed.

Item No. 10058

Lyceum Theatre, Strand, 14th May 1929. To a Mr. Berrey, "It was very charming of you to come into the theatre. I was delighted to see you again and hear all the nice things you said about 'Mercenary Mary'. I shall look forward to the judging ......." Signed also with subscription in her hand. 1-page 4to.

Interestingly Peggy O'Neil was the first person to be interviewed on television appearing on an experimental Baird Televisor at the Ideal Home Exhibition in Southampton in 1930. She is the subject of the famous Irish ballad, "Sweet Peggy O'Neil," first recorded in 1921 by lyricists Harry Pease, Edward Nelson, and Gilbert Dodge.


Enquire Item No. 10058

O’RELL, MAX (pseud. of Paul Blouet, 1848-1905; French author, lecturer and journalist): Autograph fragment ....

Item No. 3866

signed, cut from the end of a letter, with postscript: “Please also say whether I am to give ‘John Bull Junior’ or ‘The Scotch at Home’, I don’t mind which at all”. No place or date.


Enquire Item No. 3866

OBERON, MERLE (1911 - 1979; actress): A fine and attractive photograph, inscribed 'To Stella, best wishes' and signed, ca. 1938.

Item No. 10630

The photograph 9 1/2 x 6 7/8 inches, tipped onto an album leaf. A delightful portrait in excellent condition. Inscribed to the actress Stella Lang who doubled and stood in for Vivien Leigh in the production 'A Yank at Oxford' and for Mary Maguire in 'Piccadilly Circus'.


Enquire Item No. 10630

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--- P --- P --- P ---

PAGET, SIR JAMES, 1ST BARONET (1814-1899). Surgeon and pathologist: Autograph letter signed to "My dear Monro". 1-side 8vo. 1 Harewod Place, Hanover Square. Oct. 23 1871.

Item No. 16420

Arranging a meeting: " Any morning any time. But if I am to name one let me say tomorrow at 9 1/2 or 10 ........"

Integral blank removed, traces of mounting on reverse.


Enquire Item No.16420

PALMERSTON, HENRY TEMPLE, VISCOUNT (1784-1865). Prime Minister 1855-1858 and 1859-1865: Autograph letter signed, 3-sides 8vo, to the Earl of Lichfield. Carlton Terrace, 5 Jany. 1840.

Item No. 16366

"Pray allow me to recommend to your favourable consideration a memorial which you have received from the Town of Sligo, praying that the Winter speed of the Mail between that Town & Dublin may be made equal to its Summer speed, in order that the Sligo People may have a little more time for answering their Letters ......... Sligo is a thriving and improving Town, with an increasing commerce ....."

Glue marks and some paper adhesion to left hand margin where once mounted. The writer identified in an early hand on upper margin of first leaf.


Enquire Item No. 16366

PARK, ANDREW (1807-1863; Scottish poet): Autograph poem signed:

Item No. 9786

"Emmas Urn", two stanzas of 8-lines each commencing "Strewn with flowers of loveliest hue, / Bathed in morning's spangly dew …………" 1-page 8vo on pink paper; undated. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9786

PARK, ANDREW (1807-1863; Scottish poet): Autograph song signed, commencing:

Item No. 9743

" Lend me thine azure eyes / Beauty's fond dwelling ...." 2-stanzas, each of 8-lines. On a single sheet, mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9743

PARKER, SIR HORATIO GILBERT GEORGE PARKER (1862-1932). Canadian writer and politician.: Autograph signature and address.

His autograph signature, "Gilbert Parker" and address "20 Carlton House Terrace, SW1" on a slip of paper 3 x 1 inches. Light smudge on upper right blank margin; laid down on part of an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 16463

PARR, SAMUEL (1747-1825; pedagogue): Autograph letter signed to a Mrs. Brooke, written in his characteristic virtually illegible hand:

Item No. 4878

1-page oblong 8vo (3½ x 8 inches), address panel to the reverse. 10-lines with subscription. Nov. 24th, no place or year. Tipped onto an album leaf together with a contemporary engraved portrait of Parr; seven mounted free-fronts to the reverse including two signed by Reginald Heber (1783-1826; Bishop of Calcutta) - one being signed with initials.


Enquire Item No. 4878

PARTRIDGE, JOHN (1790-1872; "Portrait -painter Extraordinary to Her Majesty"): A group of 24 autograph letters signed .....

Item No. 7258

or in the third person, to Partridge from sitters, making arrangements for sittings and other matters as below, 11 with their original envelopes, mostly with traces of mounting to the reverse: Baron Ebury (1864); Lord Morpeth (1847); Lady Palmerston (n.d.); Baron Willoughby de Eresby ( 2 - 1847); Sir James Graham (3rd person, 1848); Charles Shaw Lefevre (5 - 1829, 1849 & n.d.); Lord Northampton (3rd person, 1828); Lord Guilford (1830); Lord Dartmouth (1833); Baron Stockman re pictures for the Queen (n.d.); Duke and Duchess of Sutherland (2 - 1849 & n.d.); Marquis of Westminster (3 - one in the 3rd person - 1858, 1865, & n.d.); Baron Ashburton (n.d.) Duke of Norfolk (1859); & Marquis of Lansdowne (2 - in the 3rd person - n.d.)


Enquire Item No. 7258

PEACOCK, GEORGE (1791-1858). Mathematician, founder, with Charles Babbage and John Herschel, of the Analytical Society: Autograph letter signed to the Rev. W. Pound. Deanery, Ely, April 21, 1856. 2-sides 8vo; integral blank removed.

Item No. 16384

He thanks the Rev. Pound for sending, "numbers of the Synodicon" and continues on other matters and the Discipline of the Clergy.

The writer identified in another early hand on lower margin.


Enquire Item No. 16384

PEEL, SIR ROBERT (1788-1850; Prime Minister): His signature on a free-front dated 1832.

Item No. 6316

Glue marks to reverse with faint show through.


Enquire Item No. 6316

PEEL, SIR ROBERT (1788-1850; Prime Minister): Autograph free-front signed.

Item No. 9642

Marked "Private" and addressed to Mrs. Southey*, Greta Hall, Keswick. The free-frank dated 23rd March 1843. Laid down.

* Caroline Southey, wife of the poet Robert Southey. Written two days after Southey's death; it was Peel who granted Southey a pension of £300 per annum in 1835. From an album compiled by Maria Burrard, a second cousin of Caroline Southey.


Enquire Item No. 9642

PORTAL [nee BUTLER], IRIS (1905 - 2002); biographer, author, as Iris Butler, of the acclaimed "The Eldest Brother: the Marquess Wellesley 1760-1842" (Hodder & Stoughton,1973).: Typed letter signed, Iris Portal, 2-sides 4to, to Prof. [Cyril] Philips.

Marshbanks Cottage, Morston Road, Blakeney, Norfolk, November 20th. 1972. She writes regarding a lecture, on Wellington, given by Philips which she had attended, "I had thought of founding a Society called 'Friends of Richard Wellesley', of whom there seemed to me to be only three possible members, myself, Hugh Farmar, and the Vice-Chancellor of London University. I was sad to find at your lecture that the membership might now have to be reduced to two!". She writes regarding her forthcoming biography of Wellesley, disagrees with much of what Philips said in his lecture, much on Wellesley's character and attitudes and concludes "I do see all of this does not come into a Wellington lecture, I just felt sad that you did not put Richard forward in the understanding way you talked about him to me last year ........ Please don't answer this, you probably won't read it but I had to write it !". Usual folds, some damage to blank margin.


Enquire Item No. 16515

PORTSMOUTH, ISAAC NEWTON FELLOWES-WALLOP, 5TH EARL OF (1825-1891): Autograph letter signed most likely to the Irish suffragist Helen Blackburn (1842-1903).

Item No. 15367

Eggersford House, N. Devon, 30th Jan. 1885. 2-sides 8vo with conjugate blank. "I am so sorry that It will not be possible for me to have the honour of opening the Exhibition .........." etc.

The exhibition to which he refers was the Exhibition of Women's Industries in Bristol; this exhibition, the first of its kind, i.e. entirely devoted to the arts and industries of women only, was organised by Helen Blackburn.


Enquire Item No. 15367

POULTON, SIR EDWARD BAGNALL (1856-1943; zoologist): Three autograph letters signed ......

Item No. 6148

6-pages 8vo, to Mrs. Norman Brodie thanking her for the gift of her late husband's collection of insects to the University of Oxford, and for his notebooks relating to the same. Together with a printed slip relating to a British specimen of Argynnis (Brenthis) dia,L. included in the collection upon which Mrs. Brodie has written, "Norman captured this on his walking thro the New Forest …" Wykeham House, Oxford, 9th March - 14th July, 1933.


Enquire Item No. 6148

PRIESTLY, J.B. (1894-1984; playwright and critic).

His signature and date, Aug. 21st 1944; central fold.


Enquire Item No. 1440

PRINGLE, THOMAS (1789-1834; Scottish poet, journalist, and philanthropist): Autograph inscription, unsigned, "To Archibald Constable Esq. With best Compliments from the Author. Edinburgh Jan. 23. 1819".

Item No. 9747

On a piece of paper 4 x 5 inches. With an early biographical note on Pringle on lower margin and provenance of this piece: "The above was extracted from his 'Autumnal Excursion and other poems' 1819 - his first poetical publication". Foxed. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9747

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--- R --- R --- R ---

RAIKES, 2ND LIEUTENANT JOHN WALTER JULIAN: ROYAL ENGINEERS – FOWKE MEDAL 1910: bound folio volume of the work of 2nd Lieutenant John Walter Julian Raikes (1888-1974) whilst undertaking the construction course at the School of Military Engineering.

Item No. 10070

The volume containing specifications of the work to be undertaken, manuscript notes, calculations and specifications and also, on stout paper, many fine large folding drawings in pen & ink and watercolour of the West Door of South School, Brompton Barracks, a drainage system, a floor design, house design, a hutment scheme, and a steel bridge design, etc. Many marked with the examiner’s notes and comments in red ink. Folio, contemporary full blue morocco lettered in gilt on upper cover, “Fowke Medal 1910. R.E. 2nd Lieutenant J.W.J. Raikes R.E.”


Enquire Item No. 10070

REYNOLDS, SIR JOHN RUSSEL (1828-1896). Physician and neurologist: Autograph letter signed to "My dear Sturge".

Item No. 15300

38 Grosvenor St. 23rd June 1874. 2-sides 8vo, tipped on to part of an album leaf. He writes regarding consultations concerning one of Sturge's patients. Reynolds was physician-in-ordinary to the Queen's household; wrote on nervous diseases and edited, "System of Medicine" 1866-1879.


Enquire Item No. 15300

RICARDO, DAVID (1772 - 1823; economist. The principal founder of the classical school of political economy): Autograph letter wrapper signed.

Item No. 8213

A letter wrapper, complete, addressed by Ricardo to W.W. Currie, St. George Street, Liverpool, dated London May eleven 1820 and signed in full lower left. Stamped free. Black wax seal to reverse. A rare signature. The recipient William Wallace Currie (1784-1840) was mayor of Liverpool 1833/36. He was the son of James Currie the campaigner for the abolition of the slave trade.


Enquire Item No.8213

RICHARDSON, LADY MARY (1802-1880). Widow of the Arctic explorer Sir John Richardson (1780-1864): Autograph letter signed, writing regarding the autobiography of her mother Eliza Fletcher of Edinburgh (1770-1858) Writer, literary patron and supporter of parliamentary reform.

Item No. 15363

Lancrigg, Grasmere, 26th November 1874. 3-sides 8vo, tipped on to part of an album page. "Sir, I opened a letter which came from you today addressed to my son who has been absent for some years. I regret that all the copies I printed for the use of relatives of my Mother's autobiography are appropriated and not for sale but as there is now an edition ...... for publication by Mr. Douglas in Edinburgh you will be able to procure it ......" etc.

She refers to the privately printed edition, Carlisle 1874 and the "Autobiography of Mrs. Fletcher, of Edinburgh, with selections from her letters and other family memorials. Compiled and arranged by the Survivor of her family, M.R." (i.e. Mary Richardson). Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas, 1875.


Enquire Item No. 15363

RIDLER, ANNE (1912 - 2001; poet & librettist): Typed letter signed, to Katharine Munday of the Salisbury Poetry Circle,

Item No. 4881

1-page 8vo, stating that she will be driving down with her husband and had been asked to lunch by Lord Moyne prior to her reading and concluding, "I can't for the life of me remember that I have written a poem called 'Rain', but I hope to clear this up when I come to Salisbury!" Usual fold marks. 14 Stanley Road, Oxford; 6th March, '80.


Enquire Item No. 4881

ROBERTSON, GEORGE CROOM (1842-1892). Philospher and psychologist: Autograph note signed.

Item No. 15310

University College, London, Saturday, 1879. 1-page 8vo, traces of mounting on left hand margin, right margin uneven. "Dear Mr. Sturge, Morning dress, tomorrow evening at 7". Annotated in another hand.


Enquire Item No. 15310

ROCK, DANIEL (1799-1871). Roman Catholic priest & antiquarian: Autograph letter signed 3-pages 4to. Alton Towers, Staffordshire, Eve of Feast of the Epiphany [1839].

Item No. 16404

He writes to Joseph Stevenson in London thanking him for, "the prompt attention which you have been so kind as to give to my literary wants" and continues regarding Anglo-Saxon literature at some length.

Inscribed at head in contemporary hand, "Daniel Rock, Ans. 8 Jany. 1839". Address panel holed, Mounting stub to margin of address panel.


Enquire Item No. 16404

RODGER, ALEXANDER (1784-1846; Scottish poet): Autograph Poem, "Maggie Howe", signed.

Item No. 9780

3-stanzas each of 8-lines commencing, "Maggie how I joy to see ……". 1-page 8vo, on green paper. Undated. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9780

ROGERS, SAMUEL (1763-1855; poet): Autograph quotation signed from William Cowper:

Item No. 9746

"The path of sorrow, & that path alone, leads to the land where sorrow is unknown". Dated April 30th, 1845. Oblong 8vo. Mounted to part of an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 9746

ROGERS, SAMUEL (1763-1855; poet): Autograph transcription, signed .......

Item No. 9726

of his poem, "Oh, if the selfish knew how much they lost /What would they not endeavour, not endure/ To imitate, as far as in them lay/ Him who his wisdom and his power employs/ In making others happy!" 1-page 8vo, 5-lines, signed and dated Sept. 30, 1845. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9726

ROZE MAPLESON, MARIE (1846-1926). French soprano: The end of a letter "With Kindest regards, Sincerely Yours, Marie Roze-Mapleson."

Smudge to "Yours". 4 1/2 x 2 inches. £12.00

Enquire Item No. 16484

RUSSELL, LORD JOHN, 1st Earl Russell (1792-1878); Prime Minister: Autograph letter signed, 1-page 4to. Tunbridge Wells, May 25th 1836.

Item No. 16364

He writes: "My dear Lord, I have received so satisfactory a letter in favour of Mr. Palmer, from Mr. Austin, to whom I had offered the Recordership of Yarmouth, that I shall now have great pleasure in complying with your wishes in favour of Mr. Palmer".

Inscribed in another hand, "Mr. Palmer written to 30 May 1836" and the writer identified in another early hand on lower margin. Mounting stub to left margin.


Enquire Item No. 16364

RYLE, HERBERT EDWARD (1856-1925). Dean of Westminster: Autograph letter signed to Mr. Sturge Goodbody.

The Deanery, Westminster, July 29th 1911. 1-page 8vo with conjugate blank. ".... On Tuesday next I am occupied in the old custom of Election at Westminster School" and continuing by say that he and the Sub-Dean Canon Duckworth will call on him on the Thursday.


Enquire Item No. 15361

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--- S --- S --- S ---

SALISBURY, ROBERT CECIL, 3RD MARQUESS OF (1830-1903). Prime Minister: Autograph envelope signed, "Salisbury" & addressed to Mrs. Blackburn*, 20 Park St. Bristol. Postmarked Official Paid, July 4th 1885.

Item No. 15358

*Helen Blackburn (1842-1903) the Irish Suffragist , one of the organisers of the Exhibition of Women's Industries at this address and date. This exhibition, the first of its kind, i.e. entirely devoted to the arts and industries of women only.


Enquire Item No. 15358

SAMOSA GARCIA, ANASTASIO (1896 - assassinated 1956; Nicaraguan dictator): Document signed, "A. Samosa" as El Presidente de la Republic, accepting Archibald Wallace Robertson as British Consul General to Nicaragua to reside at Managua. 29th July 1946.

Item No. 2103

Printed document filled-in by hand, 14 x 18 inches, countersigned by El Secretario de Estabo en el Despacho de Relaciones Exteriores and with two blindstamp seals. A few short marginal tears, at one time folded into four, some creasing and surface soiling.


Enquire Item No. 2103

SARTORIS, ADELAIDE (1814-1879; singer and author; born Adelaide Kemble): Her signature .....

with subscription cut from a letter; vertical fold marks, laid down.


Enquire Item No. 9659

SAUNDERS, THOMAS BAILEY (1860-1928). The translator of Schopenhauer & Hamack: Autograph letter signed.

Item No. 15326

Fern Lodge, Eastbourne, 3rd August 1911. 2-sides 8vo with conjugate blank. A letter of condolence to Miss Sturge on the loss of her brother "The loss of his friendship is great. He was one of the Oxford Comrades who never changed in his friendship the last thirty years ......"


Enquire Item No. 15326


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SCOTT, JOHN, 1ST EARL OF ELDON (1751-1838). Lord Chancellor: Letter signed"Eldon", one page 4to with integral blank. House of Lords, 3rd Nov. 1810.

Item No. 16419

He writes: "Sir, I am commanded by The House of Lords to acquaint your Royal Highness, that your Presence is desired at The House on Thursday the 15th Day of this Instant November, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon".

Traces of mounting to margin of blank.


Enquire Item No. 16419

SCOTT, SIR WALTER (1771-1832). Novelist & poet: Autograph letter wrapper addressed in Scott's hand to, "The Lady Shelley, Belgrave Street, Belgrave Square".

Item No. 16412

Postal markings and red wax seal. Usual fold marks, partly laid down on part of an album leaf. Inscribed in ink in an early hand, "Handwriting of Sir Walter Scott".


Enquire Item No. 16412

SHAFTESBURY, ANTHONY ASHLEY COOPER, 7TH EARL OF (1801-1885). Philanthropist: Autograph note signed.

Item No. 15282

St. Giles House, Cranborne, Nov. 10th 1882. 1-page 8vo, mounting stub to reverse. He wries to E.H. Allen "Is the 'Egyptians' Meeting put off? I have heard nothing of it today".


Enquire Item No. 15282

SIMON, ERNEST EMIL DARWIN, first Baron Simon of Wythenshawe (1879–1960; industrialist, politician, and public servant,): Typed letter signed to D. Percy Davies.

House of Lords, 29th April 1941. Regarding a luncheon to Sir Emsley Carr regetting that he is unable to attend as: "... the Lords must sit to hear an important appeal on that day ....." 1-page 8vo.


Enquire Item No. 10059

SMYTH, WILLIAM (1765-1849; professor of modern history at Cambridge): Autograph note signed, 1-page 12mo, to [the Rev. Edwin Sidney]:

"I have read over yr. Sermon twice with great Pleasure - learned, reasonable and pius - but it will not come to a second edition, as it abuses no one......" 9th June [18]33. Usual fold marks, sealing wax mounting spots with paper adhesion to corners of the reverse; Sidney's note as to identity ofwriter attached to verso.


Enquire Item No. 2504

SOPHIA, PRINCESS (1777-1848); the 12th child of King George III and Queen Charlotte: Autograph letter in the third person. 1-page 12mo (12-lines). April 17th n.d. (paper watermarked 1813); integral blank removed, a little creased.

Item No. 16538

"Princess Sophia will be much obliged to Mr Dighton if he will still further take the trouble of disbursing the enclosed bills for which purpose Her Royal Highness orders the sum of £400 ....." etc.


Enquire Item No. 16358

SPENDER, SIR STEPHEN (1909-1995; poet):

Item No. 1495

Autograph letter signed to Mr Morton stating that he will be glad to give,"my contribution to the exhibition". 1-page 4to, folded and with file punch holes to left margin and with printed slip pasted to lower blank margin. 15 London Road, St. John's Wood, April 25th 1950.


Enquire Item No. 1495

SPRIGGS, SIR EDMUND IVENS (1871-1949). Physician: His autograph signature and typed subscription cut from a letter.

On a slip of paper 4 1/4 x 1 1/4 inches; laid down on part of an album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 16464

SPRING-RICE, SIR CECIL ARTHUR (1859-1918; diplomatist):

Autograph letter, 1-page small 8vo, to, "My dear Lionel" [Cust] "Blessings on you! I enclose a piece of Chinese embroidery ...." Bryanston Square, n.d.


Enquire Item No. 1550

STANLEY, ARTHUR PENRHYN (1815-1881). Dean of Westminster: Autograph letter signed 1-side 8vo (5-lines) in his execrable hand. 1868.

Item No. 13679

On mourning paper, one short blank corner torn away, usual folds. Identified in another early hand on lower margin, "Dean Stanley".


Enquire Item No. 16379

STRALIA, ELSA (1881-1945; Australian soprano): Photographic postcard signed, showing Madame Stralia as Australia.

Item No. 12575

Laid-down on an album leaf, glue mark to lower margin. n.d. With to the reverse musical notation and signed inscription by the singer Ethel Lister.


Enquire Item No. 12575

STRICKLAND, AGNES (1796-1874). Historian & novelist: Autograph letter signed, 4-sides 8vo. Reydon Hall, Wangford, Suffolk, 8th Nov. 1860 to "Dear Mr. Leary".

Item No. 16405

She writes about sending, " a volume of my poetry, of course a youthful production, having been written seven years before the publication of the first volume of the 'Lives of the Queens of England', a very small impression was printed, and I believe it would be very difficult to obtain a copy anywhere ............ I have got a first rate sketch of William Rufus for my frontispiece ......" and continues regarding illustrations.

Indentified as "Miss Strickland" in a contemporary hand at head of first page, 2 small ink smudges. Mounting stub and some paper adhesion to margin of last page obscuring a few letters of text.


Enquire Item No. 16405

STRUTHERS, JOHN (1776-1853; Scottish poet & anthologist): Autograph letter signed to Charles G. Kincaid, 1-page 8vo incorporating a 12-line poem commencing:

Item No. 9730

"Woman, thy hallowed name inspires / Heaven breathing thoughts, with soft desires / Formed every stage of life to please / Childhood is sooth'd upon thy knees......." Gorbals, Glasgow, Nov. 23rd 1847. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9730

STUART-WORTLEY, LADY EMMELINE (1806-1855). Poet & author of 'Travels in the United States, during 1849 and 1850': Autograph verse, 8-lines, commencing, "Whither the sun illumes thy laughing bowers"; unsigned but inscribed in another early hand, "Lady Emmeline Stuart-Wortley her own writing".

Item No. 16369

With pasted on below another piece signed, "Emmelina ....." [not legible] & dated Belvoir Castle April 26th 1827.

Laid down on part of an album leaf with numerous cut signatures of the nobility pasted to the reverse.


Enquire Item No. 16369

STURGE, JOSEPH (1793-1859). Quaker philanthropist; one of the founders of the agency committee of the Anti Slavery Society: Autograph letter signed to "My dear Cousin" (Jacob P. Sturge).

Item No. 15313

Birmingham 3/13 1852. 1-page 8vo, tipped on to part of an album page. He regrets that he is unable, "to lodge at your home at the Quarterly Meeting" as "My dear Hannah is expecting to be confined almost daily and I cannot .... leave home at all ........"


Enquire Item No. 15313

SUMNER, CHARLES (1811-1874; United States Senator): A curious autograph note signed, 2-sides oblong 8vo.

Item No. 5947

On the first side Sumner has written: “And the undersigned now appeal to Congress for the full payment of their just claim, & for such further legislation as may be suggested by the premises”. On the reverse he has written: “ I know nothing about the within scrap”. Signed and dated Boston, 31 May, ’65. In the original autograph envelope address to Messrs. John Pilkington & Son, Philadelphia; the envelope also signed. Conjugate blank removed.


Enquire Item No.5947

SWAIN, CHARLES (1801-1874; poet and engraver): Autograph poem, "Forgive to Forget", signed.

Item No. 9777

Two stanzas, each of 4-lines commencing: "Forgive and forget! Why the world would be lonely, / The garden a wilderness left to deform ………" 1-page 8vo, on blue paper; mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


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SWINNERTON, FRANK (1884-1982). Novelist.: Autograph letter signed, 1 1/4-pages 8vo, 34-lines in his miniscule hand, to "Dear Miss Barton" [Vivien Barton working for James P. Pinker & Son, Literary Agents, London]. Old Tokefield, Cranleigh, Surrey, October 26th 1930.

Item No. 16557

"..... Miles Malleson, I am sure, should make a splendid job of 'The Two Wives' especially as he has so much first-hand experience of the theatre, which would enable him to correct my mistakes and probably to heighten the theatrical effects. The only qualm I have about him is the thought that although we made an arrangement for him to dramatise 'Nocturn' and 'September' several years ago he has never, as far as I know, begun either play ........" etc.


Enquire Item No. 16557

--- T --- T --- T ---

TAYLOR, SIR HENRY (1800-1886; poet): Autograph letter signed, 1-side 8vo, and autograph verse. In the letter, addressed to a Mr. Lucas, he writes:

Item No. 9647

".... you wish for my autograph, which you will find within in the shape of a song, taken out of a play of mine called 'A Sicilian Summer". On the conjugate leaf Taylor has written the two stanzas of six lines each; The Roost [Bournemouth] 7th May, 1875. Laid down on a Victorian album leaf.


Enquire Item No. 9647

TEDDER, ARTHUR WILLIAM, 1ST BARON (1890-1967).: Autograph letter signed, as Deputy Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force. 1-page 8vo.

Item No 15401

1944. He writes to "Dear Rosalind" apologising for having taken so long to answer her note & wishing he "could have been down in our old haunts" etc. On the printed letterhead of "Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionar Force, Office of the Deputy Supreme Commander", 26 September 1944. Stamp hinges to upper blank margin where once mounted.


Enquire Item No. 15401

TENNANT, WILLIAM (1784-1848; Scottish scholar of oriental languages and poet): Autograph poem, signed, 2-stanzas of 6-lines each, commencing:

Item No. 9754

"The Almighty Lord in his hand doth hold …" Dated Villa of Devongrove, Dollar [Clackmannanshire], 7th October, 1845. 1-page 8vo on pale pink paper mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9754

TENNANT, WILLIAM (1784-1848; Scottish scholar of oriental languages and poet): Autograph poem, signed.

Item No. 9790

9-lines , commencing: "Where is thy dwelling, life repairing sleep / Hast thou a temple ……" dated Devongrove, Dollar [Clackmannanshire] 20th Sept. 1845. 1-page 4to, on green paper. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9790

TENNYSON, ALFRED, LORD (1809-1892). Poet Laureate: A good autograph letter signed to "Dear Sir", 2-pages 8vo, Farringford, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, Oct. 3rd 1875.

Item No. 16394

He writes regarding his, "Queen Mary, a Drama" published that year: "Pray accept my thanks for the critique which you have so kindly sent me. The Quarterly abuses me ...... & would not carp less at me had I written a Lear or an Othello. I never read it. You are right I think in most that you say but wrong where you talk of the [?] coincidence of Cranmer's speech ......... I have only put into verse what Cranmer is reported to have said on the occasion - & the same with the Queen's address to the Lord Mayor".

Tipped on to part of an album leaf. Inscribed in ink at head in a contemporary hand, "Tennyson. Poet Laureate". Good.


Enquire Item No. 16394

THOMPSON, THOMAS PERRONET (1783 - 1869; General, captured by the Spaniards at Buenos Ayres, 1807, Governor of Sierra Leone): His signature on an envelope front.

Item No. 6317

Postmarked 20th August 1857.


Enquire Item No. 6317

TITE, SIR WILLIAM (1798-1873). Architect: Autograph note signed to the geologist William Pengelly (1812-1894).

Item No. 15309

1-page 8vo. Tursday, no place or date. A dinner invitation.


Enquire Item No. 15309

TORRENS, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR HENRY (1779-1828). Adjutant-General to the Forces: Autograph letter signed 1-page 8vo with integral blank. H. Guards, Jan. 10th 1822.

Item No. 16417

He writes: "Sir, Should yr R.H. not go to the play on Saturday may I request that your box at Covent Garden for Lady Torrens."

The writer identified in ink in an early hand at upper margin, traces of mounting to blank.


Enquire Item No. 16417

TOULMIN, CAMILLA (1812-1895; writer): Autograph, "Song of Old Time", signed.

Item No. 9771

10-lines commencing: "Best ye all forget, while ye rail at your doom ………" 1-page 4to, undated. Mounted to a leaf from a Victorian album.


Enquire Item No. 9771

TREBELLI, ZELIA (1838-1892). French opera singer: Autograph postcard in the 3rd person.

Postmarked 7th May 1885. "Mme Trebelli received her portraits quite safe". Addressed in another hand, to the Hon. Secretary, Exhibition of Women's Industries, 20 Park St. Bristol.

This exhibition, the first of its kind, i.e. entirely devoted to the arts and industries of women only, was organised by the Irish suffragist Helen Blackburn (1842-1903).


Enquire Item No. 15338

TUPPER, MARTIN F. (1810-1889). Writer and poet, the author of "Proverbial Philosophy": Autograph letter signed, 3-sides 8vo, Albury, Guildford, 8th Jan. 1870 to "My dear Dr. Leary" .

Item No. 16406

He writes: "I made a blunder as to Aaron's Calf, - which I here correct: Let the first line stand. When Israel after many days not 'forty' ......... the Aaron's calf incident occurred before the 2nd ascent & return as I now remember......" etc. etc.

The writer indentified in a contemporary hand at head of first leaf. Tipped on to part of an album leaf by the final blank. Very good.


Enquire Item No. 16406

TUPPER, MARTIN F. (1810-1889; author of Proverbial Philosophy): His bold signature and subscription cut from a letter.

Item No. 3870

4½ x 3½ inches.


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--- V --- V --- V ---

VICTORIA MARY LOUISA, DUCHESS OF KENT (1786-1861); mother of Queen Victoria: Autograph letter signed, "Victoria" to "My dear Lady Harcourt". Kensington Palace, 21st May, 1829.

Item No. 16360

1 1/2 sides 8vo (11-lines). On embossed green paper with integral blank. Fold marks, mounting stub to margin of blank. The writer identified in another, early hand, at base of first leaf and further inscribed on the second side, again in an early hand, "Handwriting of the Duchess of Kent. The Mother of Queen Victoria - Given by the Rev. Griesbach". The Duchess writes: "Hearing that you called here yesterday, I cannot allow your vicinity to me to pass away, without expressing my anxiety to have the pleasure of seeing you" and continues by suggesting they meet at another time.


Enquire Item No. 16360

--- W --- W --- W ---

WALKER, TED (1934 - 2004; poet): Autograph letter signed, 1½-pages 4to, to Kit Parry of the Salisbury Poetry Circle making arrangements for his intended talk to its members and amusingly reminiscing:

"I was interested to hear about the old Diocesan College … I have very vivid memories of the place as it was in 1953 when I went to a dance there one summer's evening. Terrifying! The Principal obviously disapproved of all males (can't blame her for that!). We danced to gramophone records. I think all of us chaps had to be vetted. A contingent of what were called 'Y.O's' (young officers) had been brought in by bus from somewhere: They were O.K. because they were 'gentlemen' who held the King's Commission - or was it the Queen's by then? I was okay because I was an undergraduate at Cambridge. Young theological students from across the Close were okay because they were Men of God. After it was dark outside, suddenly a huge stag beetle got into the hall, terrifying the young ladies. The Principal immediately turned off all the lights (which the Y.O's took as an unexpectedly propitious sign inviting dalliance); but then she switched them on again, to show how the stag beetle had fallen helpless to the floor. Which is what I wanted to do ……" Annotated by the recipient at end, usual fold marks. Argyll House, Chichester; 24th Sept., '93.


Enquire Item No. 4916

WARD, CHARLOTTE BICKERSTETH (1822-1896; writer for children): Autograph letter signed, 2-sides 8vo, to Miss [Maria] Burrard:

Item No. 9705

"I read your little poem to Mr. Ward on our journey and we both liked it much, it is so simple and tender, producing an effect because it aims at none. I have sent by this post my little book 'Doing and Suffering'...." Blendworth Rectory, Horndean, June 8th 1871. Inscribed in another, contemporary, hand at head, "Charlotte Bickersteth Ward".


Enquire Item No. 9705

WARING, ANNA LETITIA (1823-1910). Poet: Autograph letter signed "A. L. Waring" to Mrs Sturge.

Item No. 15362

Wednesday 29th January, n.y. 1-page 8vo; laid down by the conjugate leaf to part of an album page. She declines an invitation as her sister is due to arrive that evening.


Enquire Item No. 15362

WARREN, SAMUEL (1807-1877; novelist): His signature on an envelope front.

Item No. 6312

Penny red. Postmarked 1853.


Enquire Item No. 6312

WARREN, SAMUEL (1807-1877; lawyer and writer): Autograph transcript, signed, from his novel 'Ten Thousand a Year' (Volume 1, pp. 115 & 116), commencing:

Item No. 9741

"Hush ! hush! Now she sleeps!..." Dated Inner Temple, London, 24th December; year indistinct. 7-lines, on a single sheet, oblong 8vo; mounted to part of a leaf from a Victorian album. 'Ten Thousand a Year' was first published in 1841.


Enquire Item No. 9741

WEBB, ALLAN (1839-1907; Bishop of Bloemfontein): Autograph letter signed, 4-sides 8vo, to Miss Burrard ....

Item No. 9698

thanking her for a gift and giving instructions for its safe shipment to South Africa: "it will require great care in packing so as to bear the up country journey...." 14 Eaton Place, London, Dec. 17th n.y. Inscribed in another, contemporary hand, at head of first leaf, "Bishop Allan Webb Bloemfontein".


Enquire Item No. 9698

WEBSTER, NOAH (1758-1843; American Lexicographer): Signature, "N. Webster", cut from the end of a letter with subscription.

Item No. 5953

4¾ x 2 inches. Light fold mark.


Enquire Item No. 5953

WELLINGTON, ARTHUR WELLESLEY, DUKE OF (1769-1852); victor of Waterloo: Autograph letter signed, 2 sides 8vo with integral blank. London June 18th 1830.

Item No. 16363

Item No. 16363

Without doubt addressed to Lady Harcourt whose husband, the 3rd Earl Harcourt, had died the previous day. He writes: "I have received your Ladyship's Note; and beg return you my thanks for having been so kind as to write to me at such a moment. I heard yesterday of the loss which you, His Majesty, and we all have sustained. I condole with you most sincerely; and I beg you to believe me your most faithful servant, Wellington"

The writer identified in an early hand on the blank leaf; mounting stub on left hand margin, half inch clean edge tear on one fold.


Enquire Item No. 16363

WILLIAMS, GEORGE (1814-1878; divine & topographer): Autograph letter signed in his very small hand on 2-sides 8vo, to, "My dear Lucas":

Item No. 9712

"..... I had a letter from Bishop McDougal which made it somewhat doubtful whether he would be able to take my place at Ringwood ..... if he does, and you have occasion to write to him, I will send you a short treatise on the titles of Dowager Bishops, who are actual Archdeacons; which, you will see, further complicates the question ...." The College, Isle of Cumbrae, Greenock, Aug. 28th 1870. Laid down by the blank conjugate leaf to a page from a Victorian album. With, mounted below, the signature and subscription of Canon Bright, 1871.


Enquire Item No. 9712

WILLIAMS, ISAAC (1802-1865).Theologian & Poet; a prominent member of the Oxford Movement: Autograph letter signed, 2 1/4 pages 12mo.

Item No. 16399

To: "My dear Sir" "I return you by this post your Book with many thanks for all the interesting occupation it has afforded me. I think I have seen a long time since that Book of Drexelius which you mention and perhaps at some future time I should be glad to avail myself of your kind offer to let me see it again, but just at present I happen to have a good deal on hand ......." etc. Stinchcombe, March 17th 1847.

Identified on last page in an early hand, "Divine & Poet Isaac Williams". Mounting stub on margin of last blank. Very good. An uncommon autograph.


Enquire Item No. 16399

WINGATE, SIR [FRANCIS] REGINALD (1861-1953; soldier, Governor General of the Sudan): Typed letter signed.

Item No. 1535

1-page 4to, to R.E.H. Baily, Secretary, Royal Empire Society, stating that he will accept the invitation, "to be present at the Ceremony on November 12th when T.R.H. the Duke and Duchess of York graciously consented to open the Society's new building ...." Queen Anne's Mansions, St James's Park 24th, Sept. 1936. File hole upper left.


Enquire Item No. 1535

WINGATE, SIR [FRANCIS] REGINALD (1861-1953; soldier, Governor General of the Sudan): Autograph letter signed.

Item No. 1534

2-pages 8vo, to Sir Frederick Sykes accepting an invitation, "... I shall be in the City that morning, so we may arrive independently. We are much looking forward to seeing you both again ..... Splendid news about Addis Ababa!" Goring Hotel, Belgravia, 6.4.'41.


Enquire Item No. 1534

WOLF, JOSEPH (1795-1862). Missionary & Traveller: An extraordinary autograph letter signed, 15-sides 8vo, to "My dear Skelton". East Brent, near Weston Super Mare, Sept. 7th 1857.

Item No. 16375

An extraordinary autograph letter signed, 15-sides 8vo, to "My dear Skelton". East Brent, near Weston Super Mare, Sept. 7th 1857. Descriptive of his travels round England (the first six sides) "with our beloved friends Archdeacon & Mrs. Denison .... a few months with Captain Drake R.N. & Mrs Drake .... but as neither Archd. Denison nor Drake are rich we paid £2 every week our board and lodging".

He then launches into a lengthy diatribe against the British Government: "The infamous conduct of England against the Emperor Nikolas who is now certainly in heaven - has provoked the wrath of God against England and the moment a part of Sebastopol was taken I wrote to Lord Grey that this will be the downfall of England and that England will lose India not by invasion but by internal commotions! .............. England has joined France or rather allied herself to that crafty Napoleon who shall soon appear with an army in Great Britain! and I would the Ministers of Her Majesty would advise Her Majesty not to reside now at Osborne nor near any sea coast for on one fine summer's day she may be carried off to France!......." and much else of a similar nature.


Enquire Item No. 16375

WOLFF, JOSEPH (1795-1862; missionary to Mesopotamia, Persia etc.): His signature and subscription .....

Item No. 4922

cut from the end of a letter, 2½ x 1¼ inches, laid-down on part of an album leaf, no date.


Enquire Item No. 4922

WOLFF, JOSEPH (1795-1862; missionary to Mesopotamia, Persia, etc.): Cut signature, laid down, vertical crease.

Item No. 9657

With the signature of John Kaye (1783-1853; Bishop of Lincoln) mounted to the reverse.


Enquire Item No. 9657

WOOLLCOTT, ALEXANDER (1887-1943): American writer and actor.

Item No. 1433

His signature and "Christmas Day 1942 (1941) (a Mistake)".


Enquire Item No. 1433

The Exhibition of Women's Industries 1885 & Women's Suffrage

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WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM (1770-1850). Poet: Autograph letter signed. 1-side 8vo (14-lines) with postscript (4-lines). Rydal Mount, Oct. 2nd 1833.

Item No. 16370

To "My dear Sir". He writes: "Accept my sincere thanks united with those of Mrs. Wordsworth for the trouble you have taken upon our Nephew's account and for your two kind letters. We are truly grateful for your zealous exertions on his behalf ........... With kind remembrance to Mrs Dixon in which this we cordially unite. I remain my dear sir faithfully your much obliged Wm Wordsworth".

With 4-line postscript to the reverse. Tipped, by the bottom corners, to part of an album leaf; split on lower right corner just affecting the end of the signature but with no loss. Inscribed in ink on lower margin in an early hand "(Poet)" to the left of the signature.

We have been unable to establish exactly what Dixon's " zealous exertions" on behalf of Wordsworth's nephew were.


Enquire Item No. 16370

WWI - NAVAL ENGAGEMENT: [EVANS, SIR E.R.G.R; 'Evans of the Broke']: Retained carbon copy report, with autograph corrections, unsigned, from the Commander of H.M.S. Swift regarding the celebrated action of 21st April, 1917 .....

when the Swift in company with H.M.S. Broke commanded by Evans mounted a remarkable attack, engaging five German destroyers in darkness off the Dutch coast. During the encounter Evans sunk one destroyer by ramming it and another following hand-to-hand fighting on the deck of H.M.S Broke, a third was also sunk. £200.00

Enquire Item No. 4924
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WWI - JAPAN: Autograph letter signed from W. Tyrrell at the Foreign Office to Lord Inchcape , marked "Private", 3-sides 8vo. January 23, 1915:

Item No. 12673

"Very many thanks for letting me see the letter from one of your colleagues in Paris on the desirability of Japanese cooperation in Europe. Nobody is more convinced of that than we are; nobody has made more strenuous efforts than we have; but short of getting a direct negative the Japs have made it quite clear that they do not desire it. It seems most difficult to convince the French of this. They can however find out for themselves at Tokio". File-punched.


Enquire Item No.12673

WWI - COCKFIGHTING: Autograph letter signed from J. Gage Williams on the Belgian Frontier to T.H. Barnard.

Item No. 16772

December 15th 1914. "Thank you for sending me out the cockspurs ...... used one pair with great succes on one of my English birds last Sunday. These birds out here are never under 7 lb and go up to 12 lb. They don't fight to weight and probably never train them at all, always feeding them on wheat and maize and allowing them to run with the hens. It is more or less their national sport here and in Belgium. The situation at present is very stationary ..... the weather is awful but the troops seem to be standing it well ........ I think things seem very satisfactory especially the Servian victory".

Usual folds, red passed by censor stamp, some spotting and short edge tear.


Enquire Item No. 16772

WWI: A bitter autograph letter signed, 3-pages 4to, from a Frank Cummings somewhere at the front, to T.H. Barnard, dated 9-1-16.

"I have been expecting to be home for a short leave but now all leave from here is stopped only those actually in the trenches are getting it .......... we happen to have got a third rate solicitor's clerk for a Squadron-Major, who does not know which end is which of a horse. and is the proud possessor of the most useless lout in the regt for his personal servant .... he happens to come from the same village as the Major ............... most of the officers have been home twice, but of course they want it, they have had such a terrible time, the men don't want anything better than life here, if it is true what they stuff you with in the English papers, it is quite amusing to read about the splendid food, the tons of warm clothes, and the splendid brands of cigarettes our grateful countrymen send us. We are having a delightful time here, have got a stud of about 200 horses between about 25 of us, we are never short of a mount, and have the most amusing time exercising, grooming, watering and feeding, under the eyes of a very kind Sergt.-Major, who sees that by any chance no-one works too hard, we get this morning, noon and night, the next day ditto, the next and next encore, encore, encore, oh it is great fun ...................... We are quite proud of the splendid body of men who preach economy to a nation of children, and hold out their hand for a fat salary for giving the advice, headed by a Prime Minister who with true British Pluck says he is taking his salary and will continue to do so, I will follow his example and continue to take my 8d per day .......................... We think it disgusting that some of our misguided Ministers should even hint at conscrption, after only 17 months of this simply because there are a paltry million or so conscientious objectors objecting to taking part, what they object to is not made quite clear, but we give a rough guess that it must be their precious skins they object to getting damaged. If it were not for my wife and children I for one should never want to put my foot in the country again".


Enquire Item No. 16774

WWI: A charming letter from a young lady pupil, Clois, at Abbot's Hill School, Hemel Hemstead descriptive of the pupils' reaction upon hearing of the signing of the armistice.

Item No. 16770

Hemel Hemstead, November 11th 1918. "Darling Mummy and Daddy, What an extraordinary day this is in the history of the World! ............ I came from practising and went into chapel .... Miss Mary came up suddenly and said we were to sing hymn 379! I thought she was rather mad, but we began to yell the hymn ...... Then I heard the church bells ringing and I realised that the armistice must have been signed .........

Miss K. told us the Exchange had rung up to say it had been signed! All the younger ones yelled and shrieked with joy; in vain we tried to calm them, but they were like a mad mob ...... we had a holiday for the rest of the day, not so as we could scream for joy, but as Miss K. said so as that we should remember the day ......... Freda Weston who is in my room heard this morning that her brother-in-law had died of wounds, I felt so very sorry for her ..... her sister is quite young with two small children. It is very hard for her when everyone is inclined to be happy ......... I wonder what Ireland said; hung their heads and were ashamed I hope! ............ To amuse the excited infants we are having a fancy dress dance now 6 o'clock. Everyone has to be the title of a book. I am going as the Lunatic at Large ............."

4-sides 8vo, usual fold.


Enquire Item No. 16770

WWI - BEDFORDSHIRE YEOMANRY: Autograph letter signed from 1019 Trooper S. Cowley, M.G.S. Bedfordshire Yeomanry B.E.F. 2-sides 8vo, fold marks, some browning. Undated.

Item No. 16773

"Sir I am writing to thank you for parcels which i have received quite safe we have not had the chance of killing any germans but we was nearly having a go at them a week ago for we took nearly up to the line and layed four miles behind it at half hours notice to go up if we was wanted one morning at three o'clock we got the order to saddle up at once but when all was ready we did not have to go rather disappointing .......... ...........

they talk of going in the trenches as infantry so I expect we shall be able to have a go before long Bedford and Bookmaker are looking well but Blueberry was shot last week he was out with the gun team firing and fell down he did not cut himself badly but they shot him as soon as he got home ............"


Enquire Item No. 16773

WRANGEL, FRIEDRICH GRAF VON (1784-1877). Generalfeldmarschall in the Prussian army: His signature, "GrWrangel" & "feldmarschall" on a card, 3 3/4 x 1 3/4 inches, laid down on part of an album leaf.

Item No. 16446

Identified, and dated 1870, in another early hand on lower margin.


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YONGE, CHARLOTTE MARY (1823-1901). Novelist and writer for children: Autograph letter signed to "Dear Madam". 3-sides 8vo. Elderfield, July 30th 1885.

Item No. 16416

She writes: "I am much obliged for the Outline - I do not think the figure can possibly be Mary of Scotland ..... Zucchero did paint Queen Mary while she was in France. I should think most likely she was the child in the picture ........ I have not the last edition of Miss Strickland's life of Mary, where I think it would almost certainly be mentioned".

Tipped on to part of an album leaf by final blank. Inscrbed in an early hand "Miss Yonge Novelist" at head of first page. Good.


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YONGE, CHARLOTTE MARY (1823-1901). Novelist and writer for children: Autograph letter signed, 4-sides 12mo, to "My dear Mrs Harrison". Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester, July 27th 1868.

Item No. 16377

On blue paper, she writes: " If you will accept of a proxy, I shall have great pleasure in considering myself your new little daughter's godmother, and will think of her with all my heart on her Christening day ....." etc.

Some paper adhesion to right hand margin of last side where once mounted obscuring just a few letters of text. Usual folds marks.


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